Robyn Ridley

Robyn Ridley is an Associate Professor in the College of Letters & Science’s Psychology Department. She teaches both undergraduate and grad courses in child development and psychopathology; as well as ethics and clinicals for doctoral students. Dr. Ridley received her BS from the University of Minnesota and both her MA and PhD from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She has taught at UW-Milwaukee since 1986.

Her student nominator states, “I have viewed Dr. Ridley as having consistently demonstrated concern and compassion for her students, as well as genuine flexibility without ever appearing or acting in any way charitably, condescendingly or most certainly not in any way begrudgingly. She is not only willing to think ‘outside-the-box’ but she actually embraces the practice. This makes for a superior learning experience, a collegial environment, and provides a level playing field for every student without being obvious and formulaic about the accommodation given, which can often cause embarrassment and shame to the student seeking the assistance.”

Professor Ridley’s nominator also expressed sadness that he will have to move on with his graduate coursework, and not be able to take any more classes with her.

Professor Ridley states: “The teaching/learning process must of course embrace our individual differences and uniqueness, as well as our commonalities. Teachers then, must be able to follow their students, as well as lead. Our attitudes toward our students and our work can foster such an active engagement in communicating. Cultivating an atmosphere of goodwill and advocacy is an invitation to students to participate in active learning. Teachers’ willingness to display their own intellectual curiosity and emotional involvement in their work, models this active engagement and also demonstrates that we care enough about our students and the importance of our message to invest ourselves personally in our teaching. These cooperative attitudes help to energize and facilitate active teaching and learning.