Richard Marcus
Dick Marcus is an Associate Professor of Business, teaching both Managerial and Corporate Economics. He has been at UW-Milwaukee since 1985, and before that, taught in the Department of Economics at Cleveland State University. Professor Marcus received his PhD in Economics from the University of Chicago, and MS in Finance from UW-Madison, an MA in Economics from University of Chicago, and his BA in Economics from the University of Michigan.

Professor Marcus’ nominator wrote he is an “excellent professor and a wonderful person. Always helpful with whatever accommodations and additional help I needed. [He] provided alternative times and testing rooms for me. I did not have to use the SAC.” In addition, “he always asked whether we had further questions and whether we had everything we needed during the exam.”

Professor Marcus commented, “I have had seventeen years adapting to structural barriers and physical restrictions through aiding my wife, who uses a wheelchair. Helping her negotiate barriers, I appreciate the challenges of those students who face restrictions in accessibility, be it from vision, hearing, mobility or social anxiety. For this reason, I fully appreciate the work of those in the Student Accessibility Center … UWM is proactive in addressing the aspirations and goals of students with accessibility needs. I feel honored to be one of the Above and Beyond Award winners. To our University’s motto, Learn More, we could add two inclusive words, May All Learn More.”