Deborah Renard
Debbie Renard is an Assistant Professor in Educational Psychology with a focus on Counseling. She teaches for the Rehabilitation Counseling program, including such specialized courses as Psychosocial Aspects of Disability, Vocational Aspects of Disability, and Human Development: Adulthood and Aging. Professor Renard received her PhD in Counseling Psychology, as well as an MA in Counseling Psychology from Western Michigan University; her BA in Psychology from Kalamazoo College. She spent approximately 20 years providing counseling to individuals at mental health agencies and non-profit organizations.

Professor Renard’s nominator stated, “Dr. Renard is an excellent professor that is willing to take the extra time that I needed to fully understand what she expected for different assignments. [She] is a professor that is very sensitive to the needs of students with disabilities. Debbie is the most thoughtful and understanding professor that I have ever had.”

When asked about her thoughts on teaching, Professor Renard stated, “I love teaching and teaching at UWM is especially interesting because of the diverse community and student body here. It’s rewarding to work with and (I hope) facilitate individuals’ Achievement of their personal goals … It’s especially encouraging to see people with disabilities moving more and more into mainstream activities … watching students who have disabilities attain higher education and move into careers where few people with disabilities have been able to go in the past gives me hope that we are, together, making the changes [that] will bring about full participation, civil rights, and equal opportunities for people with disabilities.”