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Pre-Certified Associate Mentoring Program


The UWM Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program ascribes to a philosophy of continual professional development.  We believe that the way to get better is to get everyone better, together.  In a phrase: lifting as we climb.

The Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program supports an in-house mentoring program, called Pre-certified Associate Mentoring Program (PreCAMP).   Newly hired, pre-certified interpreter/captionist staff will have access to support and skill development as she or he actively works toward an eventual goal of NAD-RID National Interpreter Certification (NIC) and/or a certificate of proficiency as awarded by the C-Print Development and Training office.

This mentoring program enables the new interpreter/captionist to grow their skills, enhancing their value to the program as she/he becomes easier to place in a wider variety of classroom settings.

Expectations of the associate:
  • Commitment to the goal of RID NIC certification and/or
  • Commitment to the goal of a certificate of proficiency as awarded by the C-Print Development and Training Office. 
  • Early in each semester, weekly meetings with a member of the Mentoring Staff will be established.
  • Outside-the-classroom targeted skills practice as assigned by Mentoring Staff member. 
  • Active engagement in this process.

Internship Opportunities for ITP Students

The DHH Program provides opportunities for Interpreter Technician Program (ITP) students to fulfill their program internship requirement in the post-secondary environment.  A DHH Program intern will work with our staff to:
  • Have clear expectations of the internship
  • Develop individual goals
  • Be in the classroom environment 16-20 hours each week
  • Meet and work with a variety of staff members
  • Evaluate your progress

PS2 (Post-Secondary Practicum Student) Program

Every year the PS² Program provides a concentrated post-secondary fieldwork experience for second-year ITP students from Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) and UWM. It also exposes students to the post-secondary environment prior to their formal internship as well as determining their suitability for a post-secondary environment.

Representatives from the DHH Program will visit the MATC and UWM ITP programs at the beginning of each semester to explain the application process.

The following are the
PS² commitment and expectations:
  • The chosen student(s) will commit to 4-5 hours per week at UWM, observing the work of one of our professional staff interpreters or captionists in one dedicated class for the full semester.
  • The observations will be followed by a discussion and debriefing session between the interpreter/captionist and the PS² student.
  • Participation will commence on the 4th week of the semester and continue to the end of the semester.
  • PS² participant will learn techniques for and engage in prep work prior to class observation.
  • PS² participant will actively engage in a debriefing session with the working interpreter/captionist after each class session.

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