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Psychiatric & Medical  Disabilities Program

Mobility/Physical Disabilities Services

Alternative Textbook Coordination (audio, Braille, enlarged, etc.)

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Mobility/Physical Disabilities Services

Physical Disabilities Counselor

Jason Altmann
Mitchell Hall 116C
866-552-0430 (voice) or 414-937-5875 (VP)
414-229-3871  (TTY)

Prospective and New Students

You will need to meet with Jason at least once, but not until you have been admitted to the University. Being registered with SAC does not admit you to the University; that is a separate process. To enroll, you need to contact the UWM Admissions Office.  SAC also does not  provide in-depth academic advising (i.e. choosing majors, selecting courses, choosing instructors, etc.)  Please review our What We Do and Who We Serve page to see how SAC services may benefit you.

Once you are admitted, you may choose to register with SAC. If there is any possibility that you will need accommodations, you should register with us; UWM cannot provide accommodations until you do.  To  get started, you will need to provide Jason with current (1 year old or less) documentation. You can find the appropriate Disability Certification form here.  This form must be completed by the health care professional who is most familiar with your condition.  You will also need to complete our Intake Form.  Once you have the Disability Certification and Intake forms completed, you should contact Jason for an appointment.

Please check out our Main Office, our policies page, and look over the questions and answers on our FAQ page. This way, Jason can answer any further questions you may have when you meet.  If you have any questions about the process outlined above, feel free to contact Jason at  There is also additional information for prospective students at the UWM Prospective Students page.

Mobility/Physical Disabilities Services Home Page
  • Documentation for physical disabilities and functional limitations due to medical condition:
  • Campus maps with accessibility features marked - both are in pdf format

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