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Attendance Policy:

Students Using Sign Language Interpreting and Captioning Services

UWM Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program

Revised: 8/3/07

Because interpreting and captioning services are costly services, it is very important that students assist the D/HH office in using these services wisely.  When the D/HH office knows in advance that a student using captioning/interpreting services will not be attending a class, the office is often able reassign the interpreter or captioner.  

UWM D/HH “No-Show” Policy

After 2nd No-Show/No Call –per class/per semester:
Interpreting/captioning services suspended for that class.  It is the student’s responsibility to arrange a meeting with the D/HH Student Advisor to discuss.  After this meeting, interpreting/captioning services for that class will resume.

After 3rd No-Show/No Call –per class/per semester:
Interpreting/captioning services cancelled for that class.  It is the student’s responsibility to arrange a meeting with the D/HH Student Advisor to discuss attendance of interpreting/captioning service.  After this meeting, services may or may not be reinstated, depending on the availability of interpreters/captioners.

Interpreters/captioners will report student “no-shows/no calls” to the D/HH student advisor and the D/HH Interpreter/Captioner scheduler in accordance with the policy stated above.

The student is still responsible to notify the D/HH office of his/her absence even if there is more than one D/HH student in the same class.

Guidelines for Notifying the D/HH Office

It is important that you email as soon as possible but absolutely no later than 15 minutes before the class.  To notify about an absence:

For students using Interpreting and/or speech-to-text services:

Please do not contact Amy and Shannon using their individual e-mail addresses or phone numbers.  Please use the email provided above!

I have read the above document and agree to follow the guidelines that delineate my responsibilities a student receiving support services from the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Support Service Program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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