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Notetaker Orientation

Thank you for agreeing to be a notetaker for a student registered with the Student Accessibility Center (SAC).  Your service is greatly appreciated by both the student receiving the notes as well as the Student Accessibility Center.

SAC coordinates a notetaker program for qualified students who have requested and been approved for this support service (i.e. students with hearing loss, learning disabilities, attention disorders, physical limitations, etc.) The notetaking program is designed to ensure that students have equal access and are not at an academic disadvantage.  Notetaking services also meet the requirements of both federal law and the University of Wisconsin System policy for qualified students.

Serving as a notetaker for a student can be a great opportunity for you to gain volunteer experience for an academic program or major, and to add to your resume. Please consider volunteering your time! SAC will distribute Certificates of Volunteer Service for those who choose to volunteer instead of being paid.

To be a SAC notetaker,
you must be enrolled in the class, be responding to a request in class for a notetaker, and have received a notetaker instruction sheet and Contract from the student. You will also need to complete a brief online training. This is a three step process; 1) Read the training material; 2) Take the online quiz; 3) Upon successful completion of the quiz, print out the Certificate of Completion and bring it along with your completed contract to the main SAC office in Mitchell Hall room 112 by the tenth week of class.

You only need to take the training once!  If we already have a Certificate from a past semester, you don't need to bring us a new one.

If you are the class T.A., you will not be paid for sharing your notes, but you may be a volunteer notetaker.

Contract and Certificate Due Dates:

Spring 2012: April 6, 2012

Fall 2011-2012:

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