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A Statement of Policy
Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program
Class Notetakers

Read this carefully and ask for clarification on anything you do not understand.

  1. Each semester you must meet with the DHH Program Manager to discuss support services you will be requesting for the semester.

  1. Share you Verified Individual Services and Accommodation (VISA) form and discuss your notetaking needs.  At this time also, you  and s/he should discuss any special requests as to how you want the instructor to handle your notetaker request. (A general announcement, private requests of known students, a written handout, etc.)
  1. Professors or their T.A.'s should be able to assist you in finding a competent notetaker.  If problems arise, try to work them out with your notetaker first; failing the, talk with your T.A. or professor.  Do not wait.
  1. It is your responsibility to provide your notetaker with carbon or carbonless paper, which can be picked up at SAC. If you wish to have the notes xeroxed, you will need to pay for this.
  1. Your notetaker is to give you the notes at the end of each class period.
  1. Your notetakers are being paid to take notes when you attend class. If you are NOT in class do not expect them to take notes for you.
  1. Notetakers are paid, however, they MUST complete a contract form and attend a 20 minute in-service at the DHH office in order to receive payment for their notes.  It is your responsibility to give a copy of the DHH Notetaker Contract and to relay this information to the notetaker. Contracts are available in the Mitchell 120 DHH office on the first day of the semester.
  1. It is the notetaker’s responsibility to bring the signed contracts with them when they attend the orientation meeting in DHH. We cannot pay them without this information. Please check with your notetakers to make sure they have taken care of this.
  1. Get to know your notetakers. Be clear about what you expect, what times that are required, how you can get in touch with them in case of class cancellations or illness. Establish the habit of discussing any questions or misunderstandings when they happen. All questions regarding notetakers should be directed to the Staff Interpreter Office at 229-4408 (v/tty)
  1. Notetakers may leave your classroom notes or messages in the DHH Office in Mitchell 120. Please check this file regularly.

I have read the above document and agree to follow the policy as a student receiving support services from the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Support Services Program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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