The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student Accessibility Center (SAC) provides notetaking services to students with disabilities who qualify for this accommodation. SAC assists students with identifying volunteer or paid notetakers, who are typically recruited from the student’s classes during the first week of school. All notetakers are required to participate in the online notetaker training at

SAC encourages notetakers to use notetaking as a volunteer opportunity and will provide a certificate of volunteer hours at the completion of the semester. For those notetakers who wish to be paid, a stipend will be given based on the number of credit hours of the class for which they are taking notes. Notetakers who are paid and taking notes for more than one student in a class receive payment for one extra credit hour. In unique circumstances when notetakers are not enrolled in the class, they are paid an hourly rate rather than a stipend. SAC provides special carbonless paper for notetaking at no cost to the student.

In keeping with SAC’s philosophy of encouraging independence, students are expected to participate in managing their notetaking services.

Notetaking Procedures
  1. Approval of Services: Each semester or academic year you must meet with your Program Advisor to discuss support services you are requesting and to update your VISA. Share your Verified Individual Services and Accommodations (VISA) form and discuss your notetaking needs with your instructor.

  2. Finding a Notetaker: Professors or their TA’s will assist you in finding a competent notetaker. If you are not able to secure a notetaker after several announcements have been made, please contact your SAC Program Advisor. Additional information on how to find a notetaker is inside the Notetaker Packet.

  3. Notetaker Contract: It is your responsibility to provide your notetaker with carbonless paper, which is available from SAC. If you wish to have notes photocopied, you and your notetaker are responsible for making your own arrangements. SAC will only photocopy notes if the notetaker takes notes for more than one SAC student in the class or if you need copies of the notes you have missed before you obtained a notetaker. 

  4. Getting the Notes: Your notetaker is to give you the notes at the end of each class period (or by an agreed-upon arrangement). It is your responsibility to follow up with your notetaker if you do not receive notes in a timely manner.

  5. Notetaker Payment: Notetakers are encouraged to provide the service on a volunteer basis, but can be paid if they prefer. Whether they volunteer or will be paid, they MUST complete the Notetaker Contract form and online training. Their Contract will not be valid and they will not be paid if they do not complete the online training. It is your responsibility to give the notetaker a copy of the Notetaker Contract and discuss this information with them. Contracts are available from your Program Advisor on the first day of the semester.

  6. Notetaker Responsibility: It is the notetaker’s responsibility to return the signed contract and Certificate of Completion (which proves they have completed the online training) to the SAC office in Mitchell 112. We cannot pay them without both of these being turned in. Please check with your notetakers to make sure they have taken care of this.

  7. If You Are Absent: Please contact your notetaker is you are unable to attend class. Notetakers will provide notes during your absence for occasional, unanticipated and disability related absences. However, notes will not be provided for planned, chronic or non-disability related absences. Having a notetaker does not take the place of attending class. If there are excessive, non-disability related absences, notetaking services will be discontinued.

  8. If Your Notetaker is Absent: It is your notetaker’s responsibility to secure a back-up notetaker in case he/she is absent from class. Be sure to ask your regular notetaker who the back-up is and exchange contact information. If your notetaker has dropped the class, please inform the Notetaker Coordinator at immediately and contact your professor or TA to find a new notetaker.

  9. Providing Feedback: Get to know your notetakers. Be clear about what you expect, provide feedback on the quality and consistency of their notes, and share your contact information in case of class cancellations or illness. Communicate frequently with your notetakers and try to resolve issues in a timely manner. The longer you wait to resolve an issue, the more difficult it will be to keep up in the class. The professor or TA are valuable resources in assisting you with resolving potential issues (such as how to improve the quality of the notes, emphasize main points, etc.)

  10. Questions: All questions regarding notetakers should be directed to the Notetaker Coordinator at or your Program Advisor.

I have read the above document and agree to follow the procedures as a student receiving support services from the Student Accessibility Center at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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Revised 10/13/05

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