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The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee provides advance guaranteed registration and entry to classes for any student whose disability makes this service necessary.  Provision of this service is contingent upon the Student Accessibility Center's (SAC) approval prior to campus registration periods.

Each individual student request for this service will be evaluated as to reason for the need; a completed application plus appropriate documentation, to be provided by the student, will be required, as well as a meeting with the appropriate Program Manager.


The Student Accessibility Center will provide limited assistance with registration for those students with severe mobility or sensory disabilities which prevent them from registering independently.


What is the purpose of priority registration?

Priority registration enables a student to register earlier than their usual registration time in order to provide equal access to the classroom.

Who is eligible for priority registration?

Priority registration is available to students who:
1.    Use audio books or Braille textbooks
2.    Need to schedule classes at specific times or locations to accommodate their disabilities

Are special students eligible for priority registration?

Special students who use audio books or Braille textbooks or have other approved needs may be eligible for priority registration.

What do I need to do to insure that I receive priority registration each semester?

Students must meet with their Program Manager and be approved for priority registration prior to the campus registration period. All approved students will receive an email from Enrollment Services indicating when they can begin to register.

Could I lose the priority registration service?

Yes. Students who do not submit timely requests for audio books or Braille textbooks may lose the priority registration service. Priority registration is authorized for students who use these services because advance preparation is required to provide the services.

Will priority registration exempt me from other registration requirements?

No. Priority registration does not exempt students from meeting general registration requirements for their school or college (e.g., prerequisites, academic holds, etc.). Please review your registration instructions carefully.

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