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The Student Accessibility Center (SAC) coordinates a notetaker program for qualified students who have requested and been approved for this support service, (i.e. students with hearing loss, learning disabilities, attentional disorders, physical limitations, etc.).  Notetaking services are an academic accommodation to ensure students have equal access to your class, and designed to assure that students are not at an academic disadvantage because of disability. Notetaking services also meet the requirements of both state and federal law and UW system policy.

We may request your assistance in helping a student identify an in-class notetaker.  If you already know someone in your class who would be a good candidate for notetaking or a teaching assistant who can assist, that would be great.  However, if this is not the case, we would appreciate your willingness to read the announcement b on the first day of class, and/or send it in an email to the class list.  SAC can offer a small stipend for notetakers, but is encouraging students to view this as an opportunity to gain volunteer service.  SAC will provide online training for interested students and distribute Certificates of Volunteer Service for those who choose to volunteer.  If the semester has already started, please make this announcement as soon as possible.

To protect the student’s confidentiality, we request that you do not mention the student’s name or point out the individual when making an announcement.  Using the scripted announcement helps assure that confidentiality is maintained.  Interested candidates can be referred directly to the student or channeled through you.  Your assistance in screening out inappropriate applicants and providing feedback throughout the semester on the quality of the notes is greatly appreciated.

We would also appreciate your assisting the student in obtaining notes for classes until a permanent notetaker can be identified.  If you have a teaching assistant who routinely takes complete and legible notes, these notes could be photocopied and given to the student.

Thank you for your assistance.  Without your help, we would be unable to effectively provide this critical support service.

Laurie Petersen
Interim Director, SAC

Below is a suggested script that may assist you in composing the email or making the announcement in class.

If no one comes forward the first day, please make another announcement to ensure this student receives the notes needed for equal access.

To accommodate a classmate with a disability, the Student Accessibility Center and I are looking for a notetaker. By making a copy of your notes available, you will assist us in making equal learning available.  No additional time outside of class is required.

The Student Accessibility Center can offer a small stipend for this position.  However, it is a great opportunity for you to volunteer your services and receive a Certificate of Volunteer Service.  You will not be responsible for any copying costs; the copying costs will be paid by the student receiving your notes.  The Student Accessibility Center can also provide carbonless paper that creates a copy as you write.

If you are interested in being a notetaker, please see me after class to meet with the student.

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