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Speech-to-Text Services Associate Mentoring Program

This is a new program developed by the D/HH program to satisfy two aims:
  1. To provide support to new DHH Staff members who are learning C-Print
  2. To increase the pool of available freelance/LTEs by supervising the training and skill development of those interested service providers outside of our staff.

The STAMP Program would operate on three levels:
  1. Observation only
    1. As we do for interpreting students, Speech-to-Text Service Providers (STSPs) would offer a list of classes they have available for observation.
    2. This list is provided to the UWM ITP and/or to students in the ASL Studies Program.
    3. The list could also be provided through a web link on the DHH home page for other interested parties.
  1. D/HH Staff
    1. New DHH staff members would intern in the Fall semester.
  1. Non-D/HH interns
  1. The Spring semester would be open to non-DHH staff members. The number of interns accepted would depend on staff availability for mentoring.
  2. This mentoring would be provided free of charge to the intern.  The intern would not be compensated for their time.  The intern would need to invest their own money into the C-Print online training (approximately $250).
  3. The mentorship would conclude with the DHH mentor recommending the intern into the UWM DHH LTE C-Print service provider pool.
Expectations of the intern:
  • The ability to type 60+ words per minute.
  • The ability to hear words phonetically.
  • Good English skills.
  • Commitment to completion of the C-Print online training modules.
  • Commitment to the internship process which lasts all of Spring semester.
    • Active participation outside of UWM to develop skills
    • Weekly meetings with the UWM Mentor
  • Willingness to be part of the UWM freelance/LTE pool of C-Print STSPs if so recommended.

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