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Campus Safety

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What to Report
Staying safe means everyone in the campus community has to play a part in keeping a watch on the neighborhood.

Sometimes though, students, faculty and staff aren't sure if an incident is worth reporting to University or Milwaukee Police. As a general guideline, police officers suggest that if something "doesn't seem quite right" or makes you uncomfortable, take the time to report it.

To report incidents on campus, call 9-911 or go to any S.A.F.E. phone (on a pole with blue light on top) and press the button to summon University Police. Off campus, call 911.

  • An accident, theft, vandalism or violations of the law
  • Unusual noises or screams
  • Anyone hanging around parking lots looking into car windows
  • A broken window or door on a house or residence hall
  • Tense situations that appear to be escalating
  • A person appearing to be forced into a car
  • Elevators stuck or other potentially hazardous situations
  • Vehicles driving slowly or aimlessly around campus neighborhoods
  • People carrying large amounts of property out of a residence hall, house or car (other than during move-in week, of course)
  • Door-to-door solicitors without proper licenses
  • People hanging around residence halls with no clear purpose

Be a Good WitnessIf you see something suspicious, try to be a good witness. Do not attempt to detain a suspicious person or intervene in a situation. Call the police. If you can do so without endangering yourself, note:

  • The nature of the problem
  • Time and location
  • A detailed description of the individual(s) involved: age, race, sex, height, weight, build, hair color and style
  • If the suspects leave, note the direction they go

Even if you think you overreacted or dialed University or Milwaukee Police by mistake, wait until an officer arrives and explain the situation.