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Campus Safety

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Keeping Your Stuff Secure
At UWM, as on most college campuses, thefts are the most common crime reported. Nationally more than 80 percent of campus crimes are property crimes. Here are a few tips to keep your possessions safe:

Lock the Door
  • Always lock the door — whether it's your residence hall room or an off-campus residence. Even if you're running a quick errand or walking down the hall, lock up.
  • Remind your roommates to lock the doors. Don't be shy, be assertive. Their belongings are at risk but so are yours.
  • If you leave your room and your roommate is still asleep or napping, lock the door.

Keep Possessions Secure
  • When moving into a new residence, unpack your vehicle as quickly as possible and/or have someone keep an eye on it.
  • When moving, keep your car and room or apartment locked as you move between the two.
  • Don't leave belongings where someone could easily pick them up.
  • Don't flash cash or valuables.
  • If possible, mark belongings so they can be identified.
  • Lock your car and try not to leave property in your vehicle for long periods of time or overnight.
  • Secure laptop computers with a lock. These are more likely to "walk away" than desktop computers. Set up a password and put on a label indicating that the computer is password protected.
  • Lock your car and lock up your bike with a secure lock on one of the bike racks on campus. Don't lock a $500 bike with a $5 lock.
  • Fifty Cycle-Safe bike lockers are available to residents of University Housing. Each unit is keyed separately and weatherproof. The lockers are located next to the South Tower in Sandburg Halls on a first-come, first-serve basis. Rental is $125 per semester. To request a bike locker, download and print the bike locker agreement and return it with payment to University Housing.
  • Meet your neighbors, both on and off campus. Watch out for each other and get to know who belongs and who doesn't in an area. If you see someone acting suspiciously in the residence hall or the neighborhood, alert the police. Try to get a good description of the person to give the officers.
  • Be careful who you allow into your residence. Don't admit people you don't know or don't know well and don't help anyone bypass residence hall security. Don't prop open doors.
  • Report any thefts to University Police or Milwaukee Police.