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Property Safety
UWM is located in a quiet, East Side neighborhood where the crime rate is low. However, no neighborhood is completely safe from crime. Areas where residents are complacent or careless may become easy targets for opportunistic criminals. Property theft is the most common crime on and around most campuses and UWM is no exception.

Keep your home and property locked up any time you are away — even for a few minutes. Apartments and houses should also have secure door locks and window latches. Check out the specific tips for home security for tenants and landlords on UWM's Neighborhood Relations Web site.

  • If you're away from your home or apartment, leave a light on so the place looks occupied.
  • Be aware of who is in your house or apartment, especially during parties. Again, see the Neighborhood Relations Web site for information on how to keep a party safe and legal.
  • While off-campus housing should have smoke detectors, fire is always a threat, especially if students are sleeping soundly after studying for finals-or drinking. Make sure all smoke detectors are in working order and change batteries twice a year.

For more information, visit the Keeping Your Stuff Safe and Fire Safety section on this site.