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Campus Safety

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Emergency Procedures
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Call 229-4444 for weather notifications
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S.A.F.E Line
Harsh weather can occasionally force the cancellation of classes and public events. The university community can learn about cancellations by calling the S.A.F.E. Line (formerly the ‘Sno Joke line), 414-229-4444, as well as tuning in to local radio and TV broadcasts. Cancellations also will be reported on the UWM home page.

Note that the university remains open to faculty and staff even when classes are canceled. If you are unable to make it to work because of bad weather conditions, check with your supervisor to learn about the policy for making up your time.

In addition to cancellations due to weather, the S.A.F.E. Line is one more place you can turn to for announcements in the event of any emergency on campus.