Financial Forms and Information.

Spending State Funds
If your organization received money from the Student Association or if you have revenue, you need to make sure you understand all the rules prior to making any purchase or expenditure arrangements. Failure to do so may result in you not being reimbursed for a purchase or allowed to proceed with an expenditure. For instructions on spending segregated fee funds please contact the Center for Student Involvement at

Zeta Phi Beta
Zeta Phi Beta

Paid Contract Timeline
In order to pay a person with State funds, a UWM contract or a speaker/performer’s contract with a UWM contract rider must be submitted to the Center for Student Involvement.

Students, faculty, and staff may NOT sign the “Accepted By” block on the contract form as this may only be completed by a designee appointed on behalf of the Board of Regents.  Failure to submit contracts within the deadline could result in event cancellations.  Schedule a meeting with Tom Dake by calling 229-5780.  The appointment should be no later than five to six weeks prior to your event to insure proper contracting procedures are followed.

Contracts and Bids
Student organizations are not authorized to enter into verbal commitments or contracts. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN TALKING TO A BUSINESS, MAKE SURE THEY UNDERSTAND YOU ARE NOT MAKING A COMMITMENT, JUST GETTING A PRICE QUOTE. The university is not liable for commitments you make with vendors. If proper procedures are not followed, you could be held responsible for the cost out of your own pocket.

Office Supplies
The State has issued and awarded a new contract for office supplies and new toner to Corporate Express. Since there are no retail stores for Corporate Express, all office supply purchases must be made through the Center for Student Involvement. If you would like to view pricing for Corporate Express, you can go to the Materials Distribution Services in Madison website. Click the "Been Here" button and log in as the MD Number "GUEST" with the password "GUEST1." Click on the link “Shop at our office supplies prime vendor, Corporate Express” to view the catalog. You can also view other contract vendors, such as Dell or Grainger for pricing information. We have been told that the delivery time for orders should be 24-48 hours for in-stock items. Specialty or out-stock items will take longer.

Program/Event Planning
Meet with Tom Dake, 229-5780, at least 5 to 6 weeks prior to the event date. Any person being paid for a service, performance or to speak, must be paid by a contract (Contracts take 30 days to process).Students contacting the CSI to arrange an event inside this deadline will be told to change their event date so the contract can be processed. (see contracting timeline above)

The Center for Student Involvement should be consulted prior to any expenditure to make sure no mandatory contracts or vendors are required. Occasionally reimbursements are allowed as long as the original receipt and all the necessary documentation is provided for the reimbursement.  If you decide to purchase items or make your own travel arrangements, please notify the CSI prior to the expense in order to verify that no mandatory contracts or vendors are required. Not following the proper purchasing procedures could result in denial of a reimbursement. SAVE ALL ORIGINAL RECIEPTS.

Coso meeting - photo by Samual HogertonCOSO Meeting - Photo by Samual Hogerton

Travel Expenses
Meet with the CSI at least 21 days prior to departure. Students may need to meet earlier depending on due dates for registration, availability of hotels for conferences or large tournaments, cheaper plane tickets and the submission of driver authorizations forms. Each vehicle must have a minimum of two authorized drivers when two or more students are traveling.  If traveling over six hours one way, there should be at least three authorized drivers per vehicle.  Driver Authorizations forms are approved by UWM Risk Management and take a minimum of 1 week to get accepted. Driver Authorization forms cannot be done the same week as the trip. You will need a copy of the conference brochure and a complete list of students that will be traveling.

General Request Minimum Processing Time in Days:

Note: The times listed below are estimates.  Processing times are subject to change due to staffing and workloads in the Center for Student Involvement and our supporting offices.