Fraternities and Sororities at UWM

Membership in a fraternity or sorority can be a great opportunity for getting involved on campus. Fraternal organizations are founded on the principles of leadership, service, philanthropy, lifelong learning, and brotherhood/sisterhood. Exploring fraternity/sorority membership can be a great experience and a wonderful way to make new friends. Fraternities and sororities are slightly different from other student organization due to the support the chapters receive from their national headquarters and the connection they have with other chapters on campus. Your involvement as an undergraduate student is just a very small part of your time in a fraternity/sorority, as involvement lasts well beyond college.

At UWM, our fraternity and sorority community includes members in the following chapters:

You can learn more about each of our chapters and find contact information through PantherSync

Fraternity & Sorority Community Mission and Values

Mission: It is the mission of the Greek Community at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to foster an unwavering bond of brotherhood and sisterhood, to strive for scholastic excellence, to uphold the highest standards of moral conduct, and to develop men and women who are committed to the betterment of their community and alma mater.

Values: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Meaningful Relationships, Lifelong Commitment, Character


Greek Council and the National Pan-Hellenic Council are coordinating bodies for fraternities and sororities on campus. These Councils plan and coordinate big events on campus, such as Greek Week, Greek Olympics, and the Fraternity/Sorority 101 sessions held each year.

Explore Membership

UWM does not utilize a formal or coordinated recruitment process for fraternities and sororities at this time. Each organization manages their own recruitment and decides which semesters they will bring in new members. This can provide great flexibility for you to decide which chapter you would like to join and when you are ready to pursue membership. Meet chapters at information tables and information sessions throughout the year.

To support you in learning as much as you can about our chapters, we offer Fraternity/Sorority 101 Sessions at the beginning of each semester. These are an opportunity to meet the different chapters and get your questions answered about what joining a fraternity or sorority can offer you.

You can also connect with our organizations by sharing your contact information here.

Learn More

For more information about fraternities and sororities at UWM, send an email to

There are also some excellent resources at the following web sites:

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