UWM Bucket List

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Bucket List – 56 Things To Do Before You Graduate

Your UWM experience should be an adventure. Get out and explore all that UWM and Milwaukee has to offer, from campus life to local favorites. Finish the list? Receive a free T-shirt. What will you check off first?

  1. Attend a Fall Welcome event to kick off the academic year.
  2. Stargaze at the UWM Manfred Olson Planetarium.
  3. Volunteer at RAK-A-Thon, MLK Jr. Day of Service, or the Hunger Clean Up.
  4. Get your photo taken with Pounce.
  5. Join one of UWM's 300+ student organizations.
  6. Attend the Distinguished Lecture Series.
  7. Visit the Milwaukee County Zoo and its 2,500 animals.
  8. Soak up the sun on Spaights Plaza.
  9. Vote for your student leaders in the Student Association election.
  10. Check out the Milwaukee Art Museum, it's free the first Thursday of the month.
  11. Take a trip with Outdoor Pursuits.
  12. Eat at Oakland Gyros, an East Side landmark.
  13. Participate in or volunteer at the Panther Prowl, UWM's annual 5K run/walk.
  14. Sit in a sunburst chair and enjoy the view at Colectivo Coffee Lakefront.
  15. Close your eyes in the Fireside Lounge, known as UWM's quietest nap spot.
  16. Attend PANTHERFEST.
  17. Enroll in a fitness class, or use the facilities at the Klotsche Center.
  18. Witness the cross-town rivalry at a UWM vs. Marquette soccer or basketball game.
  19. Attend the annual UWM Drag Show.
  20. Eat at the Kenwood Inn, located on the third floor of the Student Union.
  21. Grab a slice at Ian's Pizza on North Avenue.
  22. Play a game of volleyball or catch some rays at Bradford Beach, Milwaukee's largest public beach.
  23. Cheer on the Milwaukee Panthers men's basketball team at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena.
  24. Attend a competition for one of the 14 other Panther varsity athletic teams.
  25. Eat some popcorn and catch a movie at the Union Theatre.
  26. Attend one of the 300+ performances at the Peck School of the Arts.
  27. Wear UWM apparel to class and show your Panther Pride.
  28. Attend one of Milwaukee's many festivals.
  29. Check out the student artwork at the Union Art Gallery's Annual Juried Exhibition.
  30. Challenge friends to bowling, billiards, or ping pong at the Union Rec Center.
  31. Attend Jazz in the Park, Milwaukee's favorite free outdoor, summer music series.
  32. Eat lunch by the fountain outside of Curtin Hall.
  33. Root for the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park.
  34. Take a ride with Be On the Safe Side (BOSS).
  35. Enjoy a meal and check out Team Night Trivia or a performer in the Gasthaus.
  36. Listen to our share your own spoken word poetry at Lyrical Sanctuary, UWM's monthly open mic night
  37. Visit the Milwaukee Public Market in the Historic Third Ward.
  38. Find the North Point Light Station in Lake Park.
  39. Find your favorite Milwaukee Friday Fish Fry. (Most offer non-fish options too!)
  40. Meet the Chancellor.
  41. Try some of Milwaukee's famous frozen custard.
  42. Walk through Downer Woods, UWM's 11.1 acre preserved nature area.
  43. Attend a UWM graduation ceremony (other than your own).
  44. Visit the Career Development Center or attend one of the many career fairs.
  45. Attend a Bike-Powered Concert.
  46. Donate blood or volunteer at a Campus Blood Drive.
  47. Make something in the Studio Arts and Crafts Centre.
  48. See an outdoor movie under the stars. (We recommend Fish Fry and a Flick)
  49. Head down to the Milwaukee River Walk and take a photo with the Bronze Fonz.
  50. Run, walk, or bike the Oak Leaf or Hank Aaron State Trails.
  51. Get a cup of coffee or tea at the student-run 8th Note Coffeehouse.
  52. Take a class that interests you and has nothing to do with your major.
  53. Find the perfect study spot at the Golda Meir Library.
  54. Make snow angels on campus.
  55. See the city of Milwaukee by boat.
  56. Choose your own adventure.

**Choose Your Own Adventure Option – Don't feel like doing something on the list? You may opt to substitute up to three UWM bucket list items with a UWM campus or Milwaukee challenge of your choice. (As long as it is legal/ethical, of course).**

Complete all 56 items on this list, and bring your pictures, ticket stubs, etc. to Student Involvement (Union 363) for an "I Completed the UWM Bucket List" T-shirt!

Bucket List Bonus!

*Take the Bucket List Abroad! Send us your picture with Pounce at a must-visit place at your study abroad locale and we will post it on our web site!

*Graduate! – Show us your completed Bucket List and your graduation announcement and we will give you a sticker to wear on your cap at commencement.

Why 56 Things?

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was created in 1956. The UWM Bucket List was developed in 2012, 56 years from UWM's founding date. 56 things seems appropriate, don't you think?

Click here for a downloadable version.

UWM Bucket List FAQs 

  1. How should I be tracking items and sharing my progress with Student Involvement?
  2. Answer: We encourage you to keep a photo album on Facebook, Flickr, etc. When you finish the list, you can show us the completed pictures to get your t-shirt. Please note that we will not be tracking each person's progress as they go, just at the end. But if you are interested in sharing some of your pictures as you complete items, we would LOVE to put them in our Facebook Album to help promote the list and show UWM students having fun!

  3. What if I have already done a lot of these things on the list?
    Answer: Awesome! We hope that you have. To get your t-shirt, we would like for you to still have a photo, ticket stub, etc. for at least 90% of the items on the list (to be fair/consistent with everyone). You are welcome to repeat an item again - take some friends with you who haven't done that one yet, so that they can check it off too!

  4. Can we create our own contests/challenges between residence hall floors, fraternities/sororities, etc.?
    Answer: Sure! We would love that! We can help track individuals' completion - you can determine and provide your own prizes. Keep it safe and legal!  

  5. Can we do items in groups/make events out of it?
    Answer: Of course! We hope you are doing that. The list is meant to be something fun to do with others. Many of the items would make a great residence hall floor program, student organization outing, or fun evening out with friends!

  6. I have another question about the UWM Bucket List that isn't answered here?
    Answer: Feel free to contact Kirstin DeMartino, Asst. Director for Student Involvement at leih@uwm.edu.

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