List of Student Organizations

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Looking for an Org? Search for, and connect with UWM Organizations on PantherSync.


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PantherSync is the new online environment for UWM student organizations. Any UWM student, faculty or staff member with a valid ePanther ID can create a user account and take advantage of the many tools and features in the system. Students can browse student organization profiles, submit join requests and event start new organizations in the system. Individuals users also have access to co-curricular transcript tools and other features for the individuals.

To enter PantherSync go to and choose the custom login feature. Select the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee from the list of custom login institutions and click on “sign in.” New users will be prompted to create a user profile. Returning users will arrive at their personal page. New users, after completing their profile, will find a “join an org” tab at the top of the page. This will display all the organizations at UWM. Once you join an organization, the tab changes to “My orgs” and shows a pull down list of the organization the user is a member of with the “join an org” option appearing at the end of the list.

Login in now and take advantage of all the features in PantherSync!

To search through this page, press 'Ctrl + F' on a PC, or '⌘ + F' on a Mac.

**If you would like your organization's name to link to a different website, please e-mail with a link change request.**