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Student Organization News: March 1, 2013


  1. SAC Grant Training Dates
  2. Fundrai$ing Workshop
  3. Involvement Video Series
  4. 11th Annual Student Achievement Awards
  5. Guidance for UW Students and Recognized Student Groups Regarding Political Activities (including Student Association election campaigning)

SAC Grant Training Dates

SAC Grant training sessions start today. See below for the full list of sessions that will be held. Registered Student Organizations must have an officer attend one of these training sessions to be eligible for the upcoming Fall 2013 Grants. Please contact the Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC) at or 414-229-2930, if you have any questions regarding grant training or the upcoming grant application process.

SAC Grant Training Dates:

Monday, February 25, 1pm-3pm, Union room 260
Thursday, February 28, 2pm-4pm, Union room 143
Tuesday, March 5, 9am-11am, Union room 240
Wednesday, March 6, 3pm-5pm, Union room 344
Friday, March 8, 11am-1pm, Union room 240
Friday, March 8, 2pm-4pm, Union room 240

Fundrai$ing Workshop

Tired of the same old bake sale? Not making as much money with your brat sales?
Come to the CODE Program’s Fundrai$ing Workshop on Tuesday March 5th from 2PM – 3PM in Union Rm. 181, sponsored by the Center for Student Involvement and the Student Association.
Learn more about different type of fundraisers and how to determine which will be best for your organizational goals. Prepare your group and develop your resources for proper fundraising strategies.

Make your next fundraiser a successful one by coming to the Fundrai$ing Workshop on March 5th! RSVP here:

Involvement Video Series

The CODE Program, housed under the Center for Student Involvement, is comprising a new Involvement Video Series. The involvement series will be spotlighting students who are leaders on campus and actively involved in their campus community. The series will be a composite of multiple 30 second to 1 min videos posted online about involvement here at UWM.
We are looking for students who are strong communicators, are actively involved on campus, and are positive role models to the UWM student body. Feel free to nominate a student to feature in our new video series by emailing your name, the student’s name you’re nominating, and the reason why you think they would be good person to highlight in the series to

11th Annual Student Achievement Awards

Reminder! The applications for the 11th Annual Student Achievement Awards is fast approaching. Thedeadline to complete and return applications with supporting documents is March 9, 2013 by 2:30 PM. Applications can be found on PantherSync; click on files in the left margin; click on 11th Annual Student Achievement Awards; select award, complete, print copy and turn in to the CSI office by deadline for each category. Winners will be recognized at an awards ceremony on April 12, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. in the Student Union Art Gallery. Awards will be presented by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs with pictures to follow.
Rick Clark


Guidance for UW Students and Recognized Student Groups Regarding Political Activities (including Student Association election campaigning)

1Q. As a university student or university-recognized student group, may I organize a political event to be hosted on my campus?
1A. Yes. Political events may be sponsored by either recognized or independent student organizations under certain circumstances. In fact, institutions and student groups are particularly encouraged to arrange non-partisan events such as campus tours for legislators and candidates, as well as to sponsor forums in which political figures or candidates may debate one another. Student groups wishing to organize such events should contact the appropriate facilities administrator to ensure compliance with UW System policies on use of university facilities (Wis. Admin. Code § UWS 21.03) and applicable institutional policies.
Please note, however, that state law strictly prohibits the use of state-owned buildings for political fundraising. In addition, student organizations that have federal tax-exempt status may be subject to additional restrictions on political activity.

2Q. Can student groups utilize segregated fees or university resources to contribute to a political campaign?
2A. No. In accordance with UW System Financial and Administrative Policies (F50) and consistent with campaign finance law, student groups may not use segregated fees to make direct gifts, contributions, or donations to political campaigns or candidates.

3Q. May segregated fees be used to fund the printing of posters, political advertisements, or t-shirts indicating our group’s support of a candidate or political party?
3A. As discussed above, student organizations may not use segregated fees in a manner which would constitute making a direct gift, contribution, or donation to a particular candidate or political party. Accordingly, if the funding of these materials constitutes a gift, contribution or donation to a candidate or party, it would not be permitted. Student organizations may, however, use segregated fees to support their own expressive activities and views on public policy issues and other interests.
Questions about appropriate uses of segregated fees should be referred to campus student affairs officers and/or legal counsel.

4Q. Can student organizations urge students to vote? What about voting for a particular party or for a particular candidate?
4A. Yes. Student organizations are encouraged to help educate and inform students about upcoming elections, including urging students to exercise their right to vote. Student organizations are also free to express their views about the parties and candidates, and to urge voting for particular parties or candidates, and--as noted above--to sponsor events for candidates so long as they comply with rules governing the use of university facilities.

5Q. As a university student, may I display a partisan political sign in my residence hall room?
5A. Yes. As long as you comply with university and residence hall policies governing the posting of signs in dormitory rooms, and any other applicable time, place, and manner restrictions, such activity would be permissible. (See, Wis. Admin. Code § 18.08(9).)