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Student Organization News: September 23, 2011


The Center for Student Involvement Fall Semester Office Hours

Monday – Thursday     8:00am – 5:00pm
Friday                              8:00am – 3:30pm
As always, if you wish to meet with a specific staff member we welcome appointments and can be flexible with your schedule. You can also access information and forms 24 hours a day on our website at and via PantherSync.
Renew Your Organization by Friday (Sept 23rd) by Noon!

Renewal registration ends TOMORROW! Student organizations that do not complete the renewal process by the due date will be moved to an inactive status and forfeit any University resources that were available to them. This includes room reservations, allocated office space and grant funding, among others.

All organization renewals must be completed no later than Friday, September 23 at 12:00pm. Submit your renewal as early as possible to ensure you have time to address any issues with the renewal materials.

Commons issues include:

No extensions of the September 23 deadline will be approved for these types of issues.

Don’t wait! Complete your organization’s renewal registration NOW!

For details on the renewal process visit and click on “Org Registration info: RSO Renewal Registration 2011” in “Latest News” (right side of the page).

For a current listing of student organizations who have completed renewal visit and click on “Check your Student Org Renew Status here!” in “Latest News” (right side of the page).

Contact the Center for Student Involvement (formerly Student Activities Office) at (414) 229-5780 or by email at

Senate Appropriations Committee Announces Dates for Mandatory Grant Training and Fall Grant Weekend Information

In order to be eligible to apply for grants, at least 1 officer must attend a grant training session. The officer in attendance MUST be registered as an officer for that organization in PantherSync BEFORE attending the training. Although SAC only requires 1 officer per organization to attend a training, we encourage anyone that will be filling out a grant to attend the training session. Please contact Brent Green (SAC Chair) or Rachel Falk (SAC Vice Chair) at with any questions.

Grant Training Dates:

Sept. 28 12-2 Union Rm 191
Sept. 29 10-12 Union Rm 191
Sept. 29 2-4 Union Rm 280
Oct. 3 11:30-1:30 Union Rm 191
Oct. 3 3:30-5:30 Union Rm 191
Oct. 6 3:45-5:45 Union Rm 280

Senate Appropriations Committee Grant Weekend will be November 4-6.

Campus Chalking Policy Reminder for All Student Organizations


Chalking messages and postings on walking surfaces with outdoor exposure are legal postings on University property. All other forms of chalking (i.e. walls, unexposed areas) are forms of graffiti and will be treated as an act of vandalism. Students caught chalking on surfaces other than outdoor exposed areas may be ticketed. Spray chalk must easily dissipate in the rain; some products require power washing to remove. Use of a product that requires power washing will be regarded as vandalism – read the product label carefully.

(This suspends a portion of UWS Chapter 18.06 for registered student organizations, approved 11-6-00)

Campus Connect Suicide Gatekeeper Training Program

In response to campus needs identified by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Mental Health Task Force, Norris Health Center and the Department of Psychology recently secured grant funding from the Charles E. Kubly Foundation to initiate the Campus Connect suicide gatekeeper training program at UWM.  The Campus Connect training is designed specifically for university communities with the goal of developing a network of individuals within the community to assist in identifying and supporting students in crisis and referring them to appropriate mental health resources.  

The curriculum has been shown to improve participants’ suicide intervention skills and is featured in the Suicide Prevention Resource Center’s Best Practices Registry.  More information regarding the Campus Connect program can be found here:

UWM has established two sessions that are intended specifically for student leaders. Interested individuals can contact Sarah Belstock to sign up ( or 414-229-4675).

• October 20, 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm, Union 260
• November 4, 9:30 am - 12:00 pm, Union 250

Student Organization Training Upon Request
The Center for Student Involvement now offers student organization training upon request. Student organization consultants are ready to attend your organization's meetings to provide training on a variety of topics. Specifically, organizations are encourage to request PantherSync training for both officers and members. Training request should be made at least two weeks prior the training date desired. This allows time to manage staff schedules and assign a trainer for your meeting. To make a training request, visit and click on Organization Training can complete the Training Request for Registered Student Organization form. You can also access this form in PantherSync through the "Forms" tool. Trainings may also be requested by emailing

Marketing student organization events at no cost
The Center for Student Involvement will assist in marketing student organization events if the events are added to the PantherSync calendar with a request to publish the event to the public (all calendars in the system). The text and details of the event can also be included in the Center for Student Involvement ads in the UWM Post. Submissions must be made at least two weeks prior to the event date. To create an event in PantherSync, visit your organization portal and click on the "events" menu button on the left side of the page. Officers of the organization will have access to the "events" tool.

Brewer Fan, We Have Some Good News!
Are you free Monday Evening? The Center for Student Involvement has been given 200 FREE Brewer Tickets to distribute. Look for more information soon on when they will be available for pick up.  These will be distributed one per student and will be first come, first served.