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Student Organization News: September 12, 2012


  1. Welcome Back Student Leaders!
  2. Student Organization Renewal Registration 2012 (Due September 21, 2012)
  3. Student Involvement Fair and Study Abroad Fair
  4. Guidance for Student Organizations re: Political Activities
  5. Reminder: UWM Chalking Policy
  6. UWM Bucket List: 56 Things to Do Before You Graduate!
  7. Student Involvement Guide/Workbook
  8. Service Opportunities
  9. AIDS Walk Wisconsin!

Welcome Back Student Leaders!

The Center for Student Involvement Staff is excited to have you back on campus. As you gear up for a year of events, activities, meetings, and doing good work, we are ready to assist you along the way. Over the summer, CSI was busy planning Fall Welcome, upgrading our social media presence onTwitter (@UWMCSI) and Facebook, putting the finishing touches on the newly released Student Involvement Guide, releasing the totally awesome UWM Bucket List, and gearing up for a whole lot more leadership and organizational training opportunities for you this coming year!

We hope you reach out to the CSI staff early and often. Let us know how we can support your efforts at being excellent at UWM. Stop into our office in Union 363 or connect with us online.

Here's to a great start to the year!


Eric Jessup-Anger
Director of Student Involvement

Student Organization Annual Renewal Registration 2012 - Must Complete by Friday, September 21st at Noon Organizations have until Friday, September 21 at noon to complete all components of the renewal process. Groups that fail to complete by this date will be deactivated, resulting in the loss of university resources, such as office space, use of meeting rooms, and SAC grant allocations.

Detailed information on the renewal process is available here.

Unsure how to proceed?

The staff in the Center for Student Involvement are happy to assist you in renewing your group. Contact us via e-mail (, phone (414-229-5572) or in person (Union 363) so we can help guide you through the process.

Student Involvement Fair and Study Abroad Fair - September 13, 2012

Looking for a way to get connected to a new student organization? Want to find the perfect study abroad experience? Still looking for volunteer opportunities or information on Recreational Sports and Facilities? The Student Involvement Fair and Study Abroad Fair are going on this Thursday. They are worth your time to attend. Check out the hundreds of involvement opportunities available at UWM. Take the risk and join something!

Student Involvement Fair: Union Ballrooms, 10 am - 2 pm

Study Abroad Fair: Union Concourse, 9 am - 2 pm

Guidance for UW Students and Recognized Student Groups Regarding Political Activities

1Q. As a university student or university-recognized student group, may I organize a political event to be hosted on my campus?

1A. Yes. Political events may be sponsored by either recognized or independent student organizations under certain circumstances. In fact, institutions and student groups are particularly encouraged to arrange non-partisan events such as campus tours for legislators and candidates, as well as to sponsor forums in which political figures or candidates may debate one another. Student groups wishing to organize such events should contact the appropriate facilities administrator to ensure compliance with UW System policies on use of university facilities (Wis. Admin. Code § UWS 21.03) and applicable institutional policies.

Please note, however, that state law strictly prohibits the use of state-owned buildings for political fundraising. In addition, student organizations that have federal tax-exempt status may be subject to additional restrictions on political activity.

2Q. Can student groups utilize segregated fees or university resources to contribute to a political campaign?
2A. No. In accordance with UW System Financial and Administrative Policies (F50) and consistent with campaign finance law, student groups may not use segregated fees to make direct gifts, contributions, or donations to political campaigns or candidates.

3Q. May segregated fees be used to fund the printing of posters, political advertisements, or t-shirts indicating our group’s support of a candidate or political party?
3A. As discussed above, student organizations may not use segregated fees in a manner which would constitute making a direct gift, contribution, or donation to a particular candidate or political party. Accordingly, if the funding of these materials constitutes a gift, contribution or donation to a candidate or party, it would not be permitted. Student organizations may, however, use segregated fees to support their own expressive activities and views on public policy issues and other interests.

Questions about appropriate uses of segregated fees should be referred to campus student affairs officers and/or legal counsel.

4Q. Can student organizations urge students to vote? What about voting for a particular party or for a particular candidate?
4A. Yes. Student organizations are encouraged to help educate and inform students about upcoming elections, including urging students to exercise their right to vote. Student organizations are also free to express their views about the parties and candidates, and to urge voting for particular parties or candidates, and--as noted above--to sponsor events for candidates so long as they comply with rules governing the use of university facilities.

5Q. As a university student, may I display a partisan political sign in my residence hall room?
5A. Yes. As long as you comply with university and residence hall policies governing the posting of signs in dormitory rooms, and any other applicable time, place, and manner restrictions, such activity would be permissible. (See, Wis. Admin. Code § 18.08(9).)

Reminder: UWM Chalking Policy

As student organizations begin to get creative with membership recruitment, CSI staff want to remind you of the chalking policy. Please read the below information before heading to Spaights Plaza or elsewhere on campus with your chalk.

Chalking messages and postings on walking surfaces with outdoor exposure are legal postings on University property. All other forms of chalking (i.e. walls, unexposed areas) are forms of graffiti and will be treated as an act of vandalism. Students caught chalking on surfaces other than outdoor exposed areas may be ticketed. Spray chalk must easily dissipate in the rain; some products require power washing to remove. Use of a product that requires power washing will be regarded as vandalism – read the product label carefully. (This suspends a portion of UWS Chapter 18.12[updated August 2009] for registered student organizations, approved 11-6-00)

UWM Bucket List: 56 Things To Do Before You Graduate!

We are very excited to introduce the UWM Bucket List: 56 Things To Do Before You Graduate! (Check it out: here)

Your UWM experience should be an adventure! Get out and explore all that UWM and Milwaukee have to offer, from campus life to local favorites. Students who finish the list and bring their photos to the Center for Student Involvement will receive a free "I completed the UWM BUcket List" t-shirt!

Why 56 Things? The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was created in 1956. The UWM Bucket List was developed in 2012, 56 years from UWM's founding date. 56 things seems appropriate, don't you think? What will you check off first? #uwmbucketlist

Student Involvement Guide and Workbook

Check out our newest publication, The Student Involvement Guide and Workbook! More than just a list of activities, the guide is intended to help you find and connect with activities that best meet your needs. It has a number of assessments to help you get to know yourself better, narrow down your interests, and determine which options might be a good fit for you. Pick up a paper copy from our office in Union 363 or browse the PDF online. And stay tuned for the upcoming online, interactive version.

Explore. Set Goals. Take risks. Have fun!

Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities from the Center for Volunteerism and Student Leadership:

America Reads Tutor Sign Up - September 19 at 7pm in the Union Ballroom Use your work study to help teach a child to read or do basic math, and get experience working at local schools and community agencies. Email to sign up!

Adopt a Grandparent Sign Up - September 26 at 7pm in Bolton 150

Be a friend to an older adult by providing friendship, relieving loneliness, and helping them lead more active lives. Email to sign up!

Help Hunger Task Force provide fresh Wisconsin produce to families in need!

Farm Volunteers plant and harvest fresh produce in the fields and orchards, last year totaling 350,000 pounds!

Regular volunteer Fred B. comments, "When you see the amount of produce that comes out of the field, it's a great feeling. It gives you joy in your heart and puts a smile on your face. Plus, it keeps me more active than my desk job!"

V olunteers are particularly needed to help with the harvest in August, September and October. If you’re interested in bringing a group to volunteer at the Farm, contact Development Director Matt King via email at

If you’re interested in volunteering as an individual, sign up here.

AIDS Walk Wisconsin!

Organizations can register for AIDS Walk as a team and raise funds for the fight against HIV/AIDS in Wisconsin. Its also a great opportunity for organizations to cumulate community service hours through volunteering. Below is a link to our website, as well as the list of volunteer opportunities for the day of the event (October 6th)

Sign Up: Here

Volunteer: Here