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Student Organization News: October 15, 2012


    1. The SAC Grant Process is under way!
    2. Student Organization Wellness Check
    3. Student Organization Custom Workshop Request Form
    4. “Response Ability” Workshop: Transforming Values into Action
    5. Student Organization Jump Start
    6. Get your club moving with Zipcar
    7. Guidance for UW Students and Recognized Student Groups Regarding Political Activities

    The SAC Grant Process is under way!

    SAC has added two additional grant training sessions.

    Wednesday, October 17th , 11am-1pm in Union Room 191

    Friday, October 19th , 1pm-3pm in Union Room 280

    These are the FINAL CHANCES for any student organization officers to attend so that their organizations will be eligible for funding. The grant application period began at 5pm on 10/08/2012 and will close at 5pm on 10/26/2012. Application is online via PantherSync.

    Officers of each organization that submits a grant will be notified of your grant hearing time slot by10/29/2012. Please show up to grant hearing at the beginning of your time slot. Grant hearing weekend is 11/02/2012 – 11/4/2012 (Friday - Sunday).

    Please contact SAC at 414-229-2930 or if you have any questions regarding application for grants.

    Student Organization Wellness Check

    CSI staff are offering a new tool that we have developed that we think will benefit you as a student leader, called the Student Organization Wellness Check. It is a short diagnostic tool, that will help us to identify some of your organization's strengths and areas for growth. We expect the survey to take about 10 minutes to complete. We will contact you within a week of your submission to discuss your results and recommendations.

    Check out the Wellness Check now.

    Student Organization Custom Workshop Request Form

    Did you know that we offer custom workshops for your organization? We are now offering training on a number of new topics. Schedule an appointment for one or more individuals from your organization to meet with the Student Organization Development Team in the Center for Student Involvement. Or we can come to you! We are happy to bring our resources and materials to your organization meeting or retreat. One of the members of our team will work with you to determine content and set up the necessary details. We will customize our time with you based on the areas of greatest need for the organization.

    Check out our offerings and request a workshop.

    "Response Ability” Workshop: Transforming Values into Action

    Wednesday, October 17, 2012, Noon

    Union 250

    We all face those moments when our gut tells us "Something isn't right here." But something keeps us from intervening and we remain bystanders to the incident. This interactive workshop will explore the Bystander Effect and teach strategies for how to overcome those barriers that might keep you from intervening. If you aren't being a bystander, then you have the opportunity to be a hero -- for an individual or group of people, for an organization, or for an issue. Join us for a conversation about real issues. Leave with new skills. RSVP now

    Sponsored by the Inclusive Excellence Center and the Center for Student Involvement as part of Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.

    Student Organization Jump Start - Friday, November 9, 2012

    The Center for Student Involvement will host Student Organization Jump Start on Friday, November 9, 2012 from 1 pm-6 pm. This day-long mini-conference is designed to assist you and your fellow student organization leaders in building leadership skills, connecting with campus resources, and developing action plans to help you prepare for a successful spring semester.

    Program sessions will assist you in assessing the current state of your student organization and you will leave with ideas, energy, and resources that will help you succeed in elevating your student organization.

    This would be an excellent resource for new or continuing officers, as well as general members who may be interested in running for leadership positions in the future.

    The program will include light refreshments, with time to network with fellow student organization leaders. Limited capacity, advanced sign up is required.

    To register, visit: 

    For more information, contact: Kirstin Leih, Assistant Director of Student Involvement, 414-229-5572,, or Danielle Croegaert, Student Coordinator in the Center for Student Involvement,

    Get your club moving with Zipcar

    Whether you dance, sing, play, or give, when you’re in a club on campus, you’re a real go-getter. Now you have a chance to go and get a piece of $37,500 in transportation grants through Zipcar’s Students With Drive grant program . Visit ZipcarU to enter your organization today . It’s free and easy, and each month, 15 finalists will get a chance to win big.

    Wanna check Zipcar out for yourself? Head over to to sign up for a personal account for only $25! Enter promo code STUDENTSWITHDRIVE on your application and you’ll get $40 in free driving credit* to use in your first month. * Offer applies to students, faculty and staff and expires11/15/2012

    Guidance for UW Students and Recognized Student Groups Regarding Political Activities

    1. As a university student or university-recognized student group, may I organize a political event to be hosted on my campus?

    Yes. Political events may be sponsored by either recognized or independent student organizations under certain circumstances. In fact, institutions and student groups are particularly encouraged to arrange non-partisan events such as campus tours for legislators and candidates, as well as to sponsor forums in which political figures or candidates may debate one another. Student groups wishing to organize such events should contact the appropriate facilities administrator to ensure compliance with UW System policies on use of university facilities (Wis. Admin. Code § UWS 21.03 ) and applicable institutional policies. Please note, however, that state law strictly prohibits the use of state-owned buildings for political fundraising. In addition, student organizations that have federal tax-exempt status may be subject to additional restrictions on political activity.

    2. Can student groups utilize segregated fees or university resources to contribute to a political campaign?

    No. In accordance with UW System Financial and Administrative Policies ( F50 ) and consistent with campaign finance law, student groups may not use segregated fees to make direct gifts, contributions, or donations to political campaigns or candidates.

    3. May segregated fees be used to fund the printing of posters, political advertisements, or t-shirts indicating our group’s support of a candidate or political party?

    As discussed above, student organizations may not use segregated fees in a manner which would constitute making a direct gift, contribution, or donation to a particular candidate or political party. Accordingly, if the funding of these materials constitutes a gift, contribution or donation to a candidate or party, it would not be permitted. Student organizations may, however, use segregated fees to support their own expressive activities and views on public policy issues and other interests. Questions about appropriate uses of segregated fees should be referred to campus student affairs officers and/or legal counsel.

    4. Can student organizations urge students to vote? What about voting for a particular party or for a particular candidate?

    Yes. Student organizations are encouraged to help educate and inform students about upcoming elections, including urging students to exercise their right to vote. Student organizations are also free to express their views about the parties and candidates, and to urge voting for particular parties or candidates, and--as noted above--to sponsor events for candidates so long as they comply with rules governing the use of university facilities.

    5. As a university student, may I display a partisan political sign in my residence hall room?

    Yes. So long as you comply with university and residence hall policies governing the posting of signs in dormitory rooms, and any other applicable time, place, and manner restrictions, such activity would be permissible. (See , Wis. Admin. Code § 18.08(9).)