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Student Organization News: November 13, 2012


  1. CSI closed Thursday & Friday for Thanksgiving Holiday
  2. Updates on SAC Spring Grant Allocations
  3. Workshop: Student Organizations and Social Media #bethere
  4. Student Organization Wellness Check
  5. Student Organization Custom Workshop Request Form
  6. Have you checked out the Leadership Resource Library?
  7. Want some help managing risk? Let us help!
  8. Quick Tip: Working with your Faculty/Staff Advisor
  9. CSI wants to hear your thoughts
  10. IT staff are here to help your technology run smoothly
  11. Your org wants a free website? We have you covered!
  12. Zipcar + Turkey = Check Out an Option for Getting Home for the Holiday

Note: The Center for Student Involvement will be closed on Thursday, November 22nd and Friday, November 23rd in Observation of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Spring 2013 SAC Grant Update

Congratulations to all student organizations that completed a SAC grant application and were given a preliminary grant allocation on Grant weekend (November 2nd through 4th).

The SAC committee is now reviewing the preliminary allocations and will forward the grant information to the Student Association for review on November 18th. The CSI office expects to hear back from the Student Association regarding final grant amounts by the first or second week of December.

We will forward final grant amounts to student organization officers along with other pertinent grant information via email. Please remember that the preliminary grant allocation you received during grant weekend is subject to change and that the grant funds are actually not available for use until January 1, 2013.

Please contact the CSI Business Office at 229-7102 or the SAC committee at if you have any questions regarding your grants.

Workshop: Student Organizations and Social Media #bethere

Learn how to use Facebook and Twitter to help your organization with marketing, recruitment, networking and more! Join us on Monday Dec. 3rd at 12:00 PM in the Union room 240 OR on ThursdayDec 6th at 4:00 PM in the Union room 344. This is a great way to understand the benefits of social media and how it can help improve your organization. Feel free to bring your phone, laptop, or iPad to the workshop to follow along and live tweet during the workshop! Help social media help you #UWMstuorg

Student Organization Wellness Check

CSI staff are offering a new tool that we have developed that we think will benefit you as a student leader, called the Student Organization Wellness Check. It is a short diagnostic tool, that will help us to identify some of your organization's strengths and areas for growth. We expect the survey to take about 10 minutes to complete. We will contact you within a week of your submission to discuss your results and recommendations. Check it out!

Student Organization Custom Workshop Request Form

Did you know that we offer custom workshops for your organization? We are offering training on a number of new topics. Schedule an appointment for one or more individuals from your organization to meet with the Student Organization Development Team in the Center for Student Involvement. Or we can come to you! We are happy to bring our resources and materials to your organization meeting or retreat. One of the members of our team will work with you to determine content and set up the necessary details. We will customize our time with you based on the areas of greatest need for the organization. Check out our offerings and request a workshop here: 9090

Have You Checked Out CSI Leadership Resource Library?

Have you heard about the CSI Leadership Resource Library? Our collection covers books on various topics for student leaders. Do you need some icebreakers? Not sure on how to make your meetings more engaging? Would you like to redefine your role and responsibilities? You will find answers to these questions and many more interesting guidelines and resources in our Leadership Library.

More information can be found here.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to find short summaries of our 73 books in the Leadership Library. Books can be borrowed for up to two weeks.

Risk Management Matrix pilot program

What is risk? Risk is defined as "the threat or possibility that an action or event will adversely or beneficially affect an organization’s ability to achieve its objectives"? This definition links risk to achieving the organization and/or University objectives and also identifies that risk management is not just about recognizing and mitigating a negative risk but also enables the identification of risk-taking opportunities that may lead to positive benefits.

The Center for Student Involvement has developed a Risk Management Program for event planning. During the spring of 2013, CSI would like to have student organizations volunteer to serve in a pilot group to review the program, use and tweak the form and provide feedback as we develop a user-friendly program. If you or your organization is interested in being a part of the pilot group, please contact Rick Clark, Assistant Director of Student Involvement, at This Risk Management program is scheduled to be active the fall 2013.

Working with your faculty/staff advisor

All student organizations are required to have a faculty/staff advisor. The executive officers should keep in touch with the advisor regularly. CSI recommend your advisor attend organization meetings, and, whenever possible, organization run events/activities, and service projects. We hope that your advisor takes charge of keeping informed, but it is the organization's charge to keep them informed either way. Email, stop by their office, or call them with new information and updates. Your advisor is not meant to lead the organization, its meetings, or its events; they are meant to assist the organization’s members as a respected professional on campus with experience.

CSI wants to hear your thoughts! Participation needed for a feedback/input group

The Center for Student Involvement is seeking officers of student organizations to participate in input/feedback sessions. Example discussion items include: revisions to student organization categories (honor society, recreational, service, etc.), establishing standards for the PantherSync use (required rosters, when are inactive portals deleted from system, etc.). There will also be opportunities for students to recommend topics for input, feedback and exploration. If your organization is interested in participating, send an email to Tom Dake at with the subject line “RSO input feedback.”

How to Contact CSI-IT

Please feel free to contact the CSI IT Service Desk at x6027 (or for your technology needs. Our goal is to be much more than the tech support called once something breaks or needs to be connected. We would like to be a fully-vested partner in the technological needs of your student organization. This will allow for us to have a mutually beneficial relationship where we are fully engaged and can provide the best solutions.

Your Personal Computing Security

CSI is launching a new student organization website builder!

Easy to Maintain and Update: Update content without needing in-depth HTML experience or a dedicated Webmaster. Your public website synchronizes with PantherSync and any public content updated in your organization’s PantherSync portal will automatically show up on your website.

Free Hosting: Every organization receives a free public website from PantherSync that includes unlimited bandwidth, hosting, and storage. Upload as many images and files to customize the look and feel of your website. Opportunities to learn more about building your website are coming soon. Let us know you are interested in attending by filling out this quick form.

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