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Student Organization News: January 24, 2013


1. New Year, New Organization!
2. New Members Want to Join Your Organization, right now
3. Call for Nominations: 11th Annual Achievement Awards
4. Nominate Your Advisor for being fantastic
5. LeaderShape, the best leadership development experience you’ll have in college
6. Update on our free Student Org Website Builder
7. Org Fundraisers @ Miller Park!
8. Explore MKE with friends, join us for the UWM Bucketlist Blitz
9. Ask the Panel: Event Planning 101 (Get ready for Fall SAC Grants)
10. Important Spring 2013 SAC grant Information
11. Officer Enrollment Reminder and Change of Officers
12. Reminder about Charging Organizational Dues
13. Get Involved with Shared Governance and University Committees at UWM

New Year, New Organization!
Does your organization have some New Year's resolutions of its own? Are you and your fellow members looking to revamp your org or take things to the next level?

Take the opportunity to complete the Student Org Wellness Check, or contact us for an organization consultation. We are here to help you grow and develop your organization!

For more information about workshop opportunities, click here or contact Kirstin Leih

Your new members are waiting!
Over 75 student organizations currently have “pending join requests” from potential new members! Don’t lose out on having those new organization members! Log into PantherSync and approve their request and begin getting them oriented to membership in your organization! Do you have some special membership criteria? Send them a message and let them know the requirements and how to apply. It’s just that easy. Really. To login in to PantherSync right now click here.

11th Annual Achievement Awards
Reminder: It’s that time of year again to nominate yourself, your organization, your faculty/staff adviser or an organizational member for one of the Student Achievement Awards. The deadline to turn in nominations is Friday, March 9, 2013 by 2:30 p.m. in the Center for Student Involvement Office, Union 363. 
The Award categories are:

  1. Adviser of the Year
  2. Outstanding Leadership Award
  3. Outstanding Student Organization Award
  4. Outstanding Program Award
  5. Student Organization Service Award
  6. Outstanding Volunteer Award

Nomination criteria and specific details can be found in PantherSync, click on files in left margin, click 11th Annual Student Achievement Awards, select award, complete information and print a copy for each category.
All winners will be recognized at the annual award ceremony on April 12, 2013.

Outstanding Faculty/Staff Advisor of the Month

Is your faculty/staff advisor someone who has gone beyond the call of duty to support and advise your organization during a particular month? Who without their assistance an activity, event or program would not have been successful? Now your organization can show their appreciation by nominating your advisor for the Outstanding Faculty/Staff Advisor of the Month. Nomination criteria and specific details can be found in PantherSync, click on files in left margin, click Outstanding Faculty/Staff Advisor of the month, and complete the nomination form.

Save the Date for LeaderShape Institute 2013
UWM will be sending a delegation to the 2013 LeaderShape Institute, July 28- August 2, 2013, in Champaign, IL. LeaderShape is a highly interactive, energizing, six-day leadership development experience designed to help participants learn to lead with integrity and to work towards a vision. Applications will be available at the beginning of February, and we will be hosting several information sessions to help you learn more about the experience. Stay tuned!

CSI is launching a new student organization website builder!
Easy to Maintain and Update: Update content without needing in-depth HTML experience or a dedicated Webmaster. Your public website synchronizes with PantherSync and any public content updated in your organization’s PantherSync portal will automatically show up on your website.

Free Hosting: Every organization receives a free public website from PantherSync that includes unlimited bandwidth, hosting, and storage. Upload as many images and files to customize the look and feel of your website.

Opportunities to learn more about building your website are coming soon, let us know you are interested in attending by filling out this quick form.

Looking for a Fundraiser? 
Hello from Milwaukee Sportservice, the exclusive Concessionaire for the Milwaukee Brewers.

For over 20 years we have invited Non-Profit Volunteer Groups to fundraise by selling concessions during Brewer games. You have no upfront cost, you can earn 8-15% each game, and we guarantee minimum earnings.

Our groups in 2012, earned between $400 and $1000 per event, and close to 1 million dollars was donated to Milwaukee area fundraising groups, just like yours, for working those games.

No more car washes, bake sales, or door to door sales of candy, popcorn, magazines or coupon books.

If this sounds fun, exciting, and profitable- please read the attached paperwork and share this information with any groups you may be involved with- such as schools, churches, music groups, sports teams, or service groups.

Contact Barb Boyle with any questions your group may have!

Go Brewers!
Barb Boyle
Non-Profit Group Coordinator
Milwaukee Sportservice
Phone: (414) 902-4725
Fax: (414) 902-4732

Bucket List Blitz: An Amazing Race-Style Adventure
Join us on January 26th to see new parts of campus and the city in this "Amazing Race"-style photo scavenger hunt. Bring your friends and form teams from 2-6 people. This is a great event to kick off the semester for your student organization!

Meet us in the Union Concourse, promptly at 1 pm to get your first clue! All subsequent clues will be given via Twitter, so make sure that at least one of your team members has a smart phone and Twitter account.

Prizes will be awarded to the team that finishes all of the photo tasks and makes it to the final location first! Want a sneak peak at some of the possible tasks and locations? Check out the UWM Bucket List!

What To Bring:

  • Your UWM student ID - you may need this to access some locations.
  • Your UPASS bus pass - sorry folks, no cars allowed! Don't have yours yet? Here's info on how to get one.
  • Weather-appropriate clothing - Weather-permitting, there will be some time spent outside.
  • At least one smart phone, with Twitter account and photo capabilities. All clues will be sent via Twitter.
  • Spending money (optional) - You may decide you want a snack while you are hopping around the city.

For more information or to pre-register your team, contact Kirstin Leih at Please note that students will be expected to sign a waiver to participate in this event.


Ask the Panel: Event Planning 101 
Come get a better understanding of how to plan a large scale event for your organization from our panel of experts

Ask questions, learn tips, tricks, and strategies of event planning. Learn everything from pre-planning, to booking spaces, to marketing, and much more!

This is a great way to prepare and plan ahead for upcoming Fall 2013 SAC Grant Proposals.

Important SAC grant Information
SAC Grant information can be accessed through your Panthersync Portal. Follow the simple steps below to view information regarding your SAC Grants.

1. Log in to PantherSync at
2. From the menu list on the left side select “Treasury” and then select “Budgets”
3. Your Grant information will be displayed. You can drill down for more specific information by double clicking on each grant.

As stated in the grant training sessions, usage of your SAC grant requires a mandatory meeting with CSI. Please call the CSI office at 229-5780 to set up that meeting at least 45 days in advance if you are planning an event, or at least 21 days in advance if you are planning to use a travel grant.

Please contact the CSI Business office at or the SAC Committee at if you have any other questions regarding your grant.

Officer Enrollment Reminder and Change of Officers
Enrollment verification of all current student organization officers will begin shortly after spring semester instruction begins.

University of Wisconsin System and UW-Milwaukee require that all registered student organizations:
• Must have at least four officers at all times.
• Officers must be UWM students currently enrolled in a degree granting program on a fee-paying basis (Segregated University Fees) for at least half-time. As used in this policy, "half-time" status means enrollment for a minimum of six credits as an undergraduate student, and enrollment for a minimum of four credits as a graduate student.

Any student organization that has had a change in the enrollment status of one or more of their officers (such as graduated, transferred, studying abroad for spring, etc.) must select replacements for officers who are no longer eligible to serve in this role. Registered student organizations must complete a Change of Officer process in PantherSync (click here for detailed instructions) to update their officers in order to maintain current registration status. Remember that new officers must have time to sign the revised Org Profile sheets after the update has been submitted electronically.

All updated Org Profiles with new officer signatures must be submitted to the Center for Student Involvement, Union 363 no later than noon on Friday, February 15, 2013.

Failure to replace ineligible officers will result in the organization becoming inactive and losing university privileges. University privileges include but are not limited to: loss of any allocated funds, loss of room reservations and access to university resources in general.

Student organizations are strongly encouraged to update their officer information as soon as possible with the Center for Student Involvement using PantherSync. If you have questions regarding this process please contact the Center for Student Involvement at 229-5780 or at

Membership Dues (Membership requirement)
Student organization leaders are reminded that if their charter/constitution document on file with CSI does not indicate that membership dues are required, then membership dues are not required. If the organization wishes to collect membership dues, the charter/constitution must be amended to reflect this new membership requirement. If the organization decides to have membership dues, collect a set amount of money on a regular basis (e.g. once per semester or once per year). Set a reasonable amount that corresponds to the benefits or services the member will obtain from the organization. Always issue receipts for dues paid. Make sure the rules regarding the collection of dues, penalties for late payment or nonpayment, and procedures for being exempt from dues is clearly written in the organization’s constitution and/or bylaws. For assistance in amending or updating organization charters/constitutions, contact the Center for Student Involvement at 229-5780 or

Get Involved with Shared Governance and University Committees at UWM
Interested in making a difference on campus? As a student of the UW-Milwaukee, I am sure you have had some issues, concerns, or input with situations that are relevant to you and/or your friends and fellow students. Committee service is an excellent way to have a direct voice in the way things are facilitated throughout campus. Committee service will benefit not only you but also the university as a whole!

  • Committee Service is a great way to discuss issues that are important to you so you may work to make a difference
  • You will be interacting with the faculty and administration directly
  • Committee service is great resume builder

These are just a few bullets regarding the benefits of committee service; with over 100 standing committees, we are sure you will find one to your liking.

For more information, please contact;

Alex Partee, Shared-Governance Director for the Student Association
Phone: 414-229-4366