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Volume 9 - Issue 10

The end of the semester is nearing! Final exams are around the corner! Can you feel the pressure? We can! To help combat that end of the year stress, we are hosting Stress Relief Night. Join us Tuesday, May 3rd from 4:00pm – 8:00pm in the Wisconsin Room, Union 2nd Floor for FREE MASSAGES, guided meditations, tea and cookies! Sponsored by: The Peer Mentoring Center, Bolton 192,, The Women’s Resource Center, Union WG93,, Student Association

Due to the student court case challenging the election results the ballots have been locked up for security reasons, until the case is over – therefore the check-off votes will not be tabulated until later this month.

May 20th is the Rock the Block Event on North Ave. CatchPenny, Litmus Vinyl will be playing with other entertainment. There are two ways to get involved:

1). Fund raising opportunity for all student organizations Friday, May 20, 2005. The UWM Alumni Relations Office needs some volunteers to fill shifts from 3pm until 12 midnight. To sign up your organization, e-mail Emily Bahler at

2). Promote your organization by performing during this event. Contact Colleen Fauerbach at 414 906-4666 or e-mail her at If you have questions about this event call Nicholas Lemus at 229-6760.

September 7, 2005 will be the Organization Fair (Party with the Panther in Spaights Plaza with a carnival). This is a way to promote your organization and get more members. To reserve a table contact Nicholas Lemus at 414 229-6760, stop by his office in Union 350, or e-mail him at He will need a contact name (spelling), number (with area code) and a good e-mail address during the summer. The deadline to respond is before your last final Spring 2005. The contact person will have to confirm two weeks before September 7th, 2005 otherwise the table will be released to groups on the waiting list. A reminder email will be sent out over the summer.

Editor's Notes
The Leading Edge is filled with information, tips, and ideas to assist student organization officers, members & advisors in the management of their organizations. The Leading Edge is a monthly on-line newsletter published from September to April by the Center for Student Involvement.
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