The Leading Edge
Volume 9 - Issue 11

After weeks of debate and arguing, the United Students Voice party claims the Student Association presidency. While the University disagrees with the Student Court’s actions in overturning the Independent Election Commission's sanctions against the United Students Voice Party, the administration will respect the students' rights to self-governance under Wisconsin Statute 39.06(5) and not intervene in the Student Court proceedings. Complete results for the election may be found here:

Although not intervening, the administration strongly recommends that the new Student Association members review how it and its related bodies will conduct business in the coming year given the amount of antagonism and flagrant abuse of its own procedures, as well as fundamental principles of fairness and ethics, during the past school year. Unprofessional and/or unethical conduct by Student Association members reflects poorly not only on the Student Association but also on the entire University. The University hopes that in the coming year, the Student Association members can come together to work toward the common good of all UWM students.

Center for Student Involvement [formerly Student Organization Advising and Resources (SOAR) Office] will be completing its name change this summer. All publications are in the process of being revised, we are seeking to expand the office space in the Union, the staff will be looking at current roles and duties to determine how better to serve students, undergraduate and graduate intern positions will be created this fall, and the office's new web site ( will be complete. Check out the new web site now and send us your comments. If you have ideas or suggestion of how the office can better meet students' needs, please forward them to

Due to all the election turmoil the check-off funding portion of the ballots have not been tabulated. The Student Activities Staff expects to have the ballots counted and the check-off totals posted in a week or two. All student organizations with check-off funding will be sent a letter signifying how much and the procedures for spending the money. Check-off funds will not be available to student organizations until mid-July.

Since there has been a delay in getting a new Student Government, the Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC)h as not been appointed yet. Due to the time it takes to train SAC members, there will not be a SAC meeting in June. Another update will be sent out to announce a summer meeting schedule for the committee.

The Center for Student Involvement is collecting articles, pictures and poems next Collegiate Magazine issue. If you had a great trip to Italy, an experience on campus you want to share, or a poem you wrote about Victor E. SEND IT! The magazine is looking for stories about UW-Milwaukee student organization leaders. The Collegiate Magazine is specifically designed for the UW-Milwaukee campus and will be distributed next fall in the Union and Sandburg Residence Halls. Here is your chance to be famous and appear in print. Send ideas or stories to Nicholas Lemuse at

September 7, 2005 will be the Organization Fair (Party with the Panther in Spaights Plaza with a carnival). This is a way to promote your organization and get more members. To reserve a table contact Nicholas Lemus at 414 229-6760 or e-mail him at He will need a contact name (spelling), number (with area code) and a good e-mail address during the summer. The contact person will have to confirm two weeks before September 7th, 2005 otherwise the table will be released to groups on the waiting list.

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