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Center for Student Involvement - Union 350
Volume 10 - Issue 10

If your organization is planning on spending any money in June, please contact Cheryl Locher in the CSI Office, Union 350 or to make the necessary arrangements. All expenses or receipts must be submitted prior to June 1, 2006. Failure to meet university accounting deadline may result in extreme delays in your paperwork processing, also could result in your paperwork being rejected and the expense not being allowed. Please refer to the Segregated Fee Manual for more instructions on spending state funds:

The Center for Student Involvement is looking for students interested in working for the summer and next fall. Please contact Cheryl Locher for information and application packets in the CSI Office, Union 350 or

Are you interested in getting involved with your student government? The Student Association is currently accepting applications for those interested in officer positions for the 2006-2007 school year. Below is a list of the positions available, and a brief description of each. Applications are due by noon on Thursday, May 18th. Interviews with individual applicants will take place the following week. * Please note- these recommendations are subject to confirmation hearings by the Student Association Senate. Go to the following link for more information and applications:

The SA election results are posted at Congratulations to the new senators and officers of SA. They will be

gin their new roles June 1, 2006. The first Senate meeting will be June 4, 2006 at 3 pm. in the Union Building.

Check-off election votes are being counted and will not be posted for another month or so.

Donate any of your books, especially those that can't be bought back, during buy back week on Thursday 5/11 - Saturday 5/20 in the Union Bookstore. Sponsored by the Third World Action club.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated Iota Delta Chapter presents ... Ivy Evening of Soul Scholarship Ball, Friday, May 19, 2006, 8PM – 1 AM, Wisconsin Room, Semi - Formal event, Entertainment provided by D.J. Willie Shakes, $15 students - $20 general admissions. TICKETS ARE CURRENTLY ON SALE!! Tickets can be purchased from all chapter members. For more information contact

There were several groups that sent me information for the May Update, but my hectic schedule prevented me from putting it together until today. Since the date of those events has past, I did not include them below. I apologize to those groups for the not being able to include their announcements in this update.

Tom McGinnity

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Student Activities Business Office: Union 350, (414)229-5780
Center for Student Involvement Resource Center: Union WG85, (414)229-2699

Expenditure Type: Minimum Processing Time
Credit Card Purchase: 2-3 Days + Delivery
Checks for purchases under $1500.00: 21 Days
Checks for purchases over $1500.00: 27 Days
Entertainment Contract of paid performer or speaker: 32 Days
Entertainment Contract of non-paid performer or speaker: 14 Days
Payment to Individuals for service: 27 Days
Reimbursements: 27 Days
Driver Authorization: 5-7 Days
Enterprise Car Rental Service 3-5 Days

TRAVEL FUNDING: Meet with Cheryl Locher at 350 of the Union, at least 21 days prior to departure. You will need a copy of the conference brochure and a complete list of students that will be traveling.

PROGRAM/EVENT FUNDING: Meet with Tom McGinnity at the WG85 office of the Union, at least 6 weeks prior to the event date. Any person being paid for a service, performance, or to speak, must be paid by a contract which take 32 days to process. Students contacting the CSI to arrange an event inside this deadline will be told to change their event so the contract can be processed.

OPERATION BUDGET: Meet with Cheryl Locher at least 14 days prior to expenditure.

TECHNOLOGY FUNDING: Call Tom McGinnity at (414)229-5780 to order any equipment or computer components.

REIMBURSEMENTS: If you decide to purchase items or make your own travel arrangements, please notify the CSI prior to the expense in order to verify that no mandatory contracts or vendors are required. Not following the proper purchasing procedures could result in failure of a reimbursement. SAVE ALL RECIEPTS.