The Leading Edge
Center for Student Involvement - Union 350
Volume 10 - Issue 3c

The Student Association has scheduled a neighborhood clean-up for Saturday, October 22. We will meet at 12pm in Spaights Plaza. From Spaights, we will distribute gloves, bags, and neighborhood maps. Those in attendance will be split into groups and assigned a certain area of the neighborhood. We hope you will consider joining us in our efforts to keep the neighborhood clean and have good relations with the neighbors. We also ask that you forward this message to the members of your organization. For more information contact Stacy Van Kleef at

UW-Madison has informed area schools that there are NO organized events being planned for this Halloween weekend in Madison. In an effort to reduce the size of the Halloween crowds and the amount of damage to their facilities, Residence Life is implementing a plan which will not allow any residents in residence halls to host guests during the weekend of October 28, 29 and 30. For 2005, the Madison Police Department will have additional officers present for Halloween. The police will also be more vigilant about keeping the flow of people moving on State Street and will aggressively address unruly behaviors such as body slamming or body passing. Fines have also been increased to their maximums for the weekend. More information about Halloween in Madison can be found at:

The Center for Student Involvement collects student officer emails as part of the student organization registration process. We do not release the student organization officer reflector to anyone, not even other campus departments. We make every attempt to limit our Monthly Update Emails to 1 or 2 per month.. Email is the only method we have, with current budget restraints, to notify student officers of important details regarding funding, office allocations, and other services of which groups may be interested. We have recently received complaints about mass emails being sent to students which have NOT been sanctioned by the university. The Center for Student Involvement is not aware of these emails and had nothing to do with them. The Information Media and Technology (IM&T) office is tracking down the individuals on campus who have sent out these mass emails and will be contacting these students to cease and desist. Sending unsolicited emails to large groups of people is called SPAM. Students caught abusing the emails system may lose their computer privileges on campus. Please do not collect emails from the white pages or other campus publications and assume it is alright to mass mail to them - it is a violation of UWM's computer policy If you wish to create a reflector or list of student emails, then collect them from each person individual either through sign up sheets at a union lobby table, your meetings, or events etcetera.

Student organizations with Union Boxes 121-228 will need to make sure they remove all their mail and other items in their mailboxes by October 19th. New mailboxes will be installed on October 20th. Mailboxes 121-228 will be unavailable October 20-24th. Any mail delivered during that period will be held and put in your box on October 25th. Those groups will keep their same box number but will get a new combination number. Any group with box numbers 1-120 will not be affected and will receive normal mail delivery during these four days. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause, but due to the rapid increase in the number of organizations on campus this expansion project is necessary.

Due to a restructuring of booth space for the University Open House there will not be any booths for Student Organizations. Instead the Center for Student Involvement will be setting up a general Student Activities Booth on the Union First Floor which will include information about clubs and organizations on campus. If you would like to include information about your group at this booth, please fill out the Open House Form and submit to This is a Microsoft word template file. When you open it a new untitled word document will appear. We will be making all the organization sheet layouts the same, so please do not alter the top portion of the form, just type in your organization's name, email, and phone. You can add your organizations information below the line. You can use columns, graphics, or what ever you want in this section of the sheet. Please check your information to one page. You can download the form from PLEASE SEND BY OCTOBER 26TH.

The Senate Appropriations Committee has set the date for spring grant requests (expenditures between January 1 and June 30 that will be over $700). Forms are due in the Center for Student Involvement, Union 350, no later than11:00 a.m. on Friday, 11/4/05. The funding meeting will be held Saturday, 11/19/05, in Union 280 starting at 11:00 a.m. If you miss this deadline your organization will only be qualified for emergency grant funding for the spring semester (under $700). Forms and instructions can be found at: