The Leading Edge
Center for Student Involvement - Union 350
Volume 12 - Issue 1

There will be a lot of changes in Student Activities this year. The Assistant Director position was eliminated due to a funding cut. Therefore most of the duties association with this position including training outreach and program & event advising will be eliminated. Tom will be taking over processing event contracts and training new student organization officers. The office will be working with IM&T to develop more web-based training modules to make up for the lack staff and advising time.

The annual Party with the Panther event is changing names to Campus Expo. The event will now include campus jobs, services, mentors, and student organizations. It will be held Wednesday, September 5, 2007 in Spaights Plaza from 10 am to 2 pm. This is a great way to promote your organization and get more members. Organizations may sign up for a booth space by sending an email to (Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis). Open tables at 10:00 am on that day will be given to organizations on the waiting list.

Both UW-Milwaukee and UW-System have conducted segregated fee audits which will have an impact on how student organizations can spend money and how the Center for Student Involvement must oversee and approve expenditures. A second update email will be sent out later in August outlining many of the changes and new forms and procedures will be posted on the CSI website.

Do not just go out and buy something without talking to Tom in Student Activities. The campus has many, many, many, contracts and strict procedures on spending state dollars. These rules are constantly changing and what was okay one month is not okay the next. Most state contracts come from the Department of Administration, so the university often does not have a say in the development of these rules. The tip is plan ahead and don’t wait until the last minute to use your state money.

Sandburg is currently working on our move-in schedule, and although every single University Housing staff member is filling shifts, They still in need of some wonderful people willing to help us out August 29 – 31. If you advise/belong to a student organization, this can be a great opportunity to volunteer as a group! The schedule is still flexible, so I would likely be able to assign your group to the same area/task if you wish. You/your group can specify if you would like to work one of the following shifts: 7AM-11AM, 11AM-3PM, or 3PM-7PM. The numbers of volunteers I still need are listed below. If you are interested in volunteering, Liz Van Lysal,, no later than Friday, August 10 at noon. Thank you in advance for helping University Housing welcome 2800 students to Sandburg/Purin Halls this fall!

Wednesday, August 29 - 4-10 volunteers needed
Thursday, August 30 - 6-12 volunteers needed
Friday, August 31 – greatest need! - 17-21 volunteers needed


Renewal forms will be sent out the last week of August via campus mail. All student organizations must fill out, sign, and return their form prior to September 21st by Noon to remain active on campus. Groups failing to turn in their renewal forms will become inactive and lose all university privileges, such as: segregated fee funding, room reservations, office space, etc. The form is required, even if you turned in a change of officer form in the summer. We encourage people to get them in sooner, so that new students can be given more accurate information about clubs and groups on campus. Please check with all your officers to make sure someone turns in this form by the posted deadline.

UWM COLLEGE BIGS" PROGRAM (UWM Center for Volunteerism and Student Leadership)

The UWM Center for Volunteerism and Student Leadership hopes that you will help us to collect educational toys for our daily "UWM College Bigs" Program. During the school year over 100 UWM students volunteer once a week to mentor a local youth at an MPS school. One of the things that makes this experience more productive and meaningful for the UWM students and the kids that they mentor is having structured and educational activities that are fun and interactive. With this, we are holding an educational toy drive throughout campus for the next 60 days.

Please consider donating toys such as: flashcards, paints, paintbrushes, arts and crafts, botany sets, Sally Ride Science books, markers, model planes,

model cars, sewing kits. Also, the website has a number of items that are great for the program that vary in price from $5 - $30. If you go to this website, consider ordering any of the following: the GeoSphere, IZZI, the Fifth Chair, the Magnetic Mosiaics, Solar Racers, Trainmech, Young Architects,

Adventures in Science kits.

We hope that departments will get involved in this effort, either by holding a drive right in the office, or doing a money collection and then purchasing one or more of the toys online. If you are willing to hold a drive in your department, we can provide a bin and signage. Otherwise, individual donations can be dropped off at the Center for Volunteerism in the Union Room G28. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 229-3161.

THE STUDENT LEADERSHIP RETREAT -- SEPT 22 & 23 (UWM Center for Volunteerism and Student Leadership)
The Student Leadership Retreat is an annual trip to Camp Minikani for students at UWM that are interested in improving there leadership skills and making their campus and community a better place. This year the retreat is planned for September 22 & 23. The retreat is free to all students as a thank you for the important work that they do in providing UWM with direction, programming, and service. Students will stay overnight at the camp and participate in a number of different activities and workshops. Some of these activities may include a personality type exercise, a ROPES course, camp wide games, a movie about leadership, and a social bonfire. This weekend is a great way to meet other leaders around campus, learn new skills and make new friends! The retreat is free to UWM students and transportation and meals are provided. For more information about the leadership retreat, email Laurie Marks at:

Milwaukee LGBT Film Festival will be held September 6-16, 2007. Opening night (9/6/07) at the Oriental Theater whereas the majority of screenings will be held in the UWM Union Theater. For more details visit:


CONTRACTING TIMELINE (paying a person for something, whether entertainment, speaking, or sewing, must be done on a contract)
Please be advised that all contracts need to be received by the Center for Student Involvement at least 32 days prior to the event/program. This includes paid and non-paid contracts both on and off campus. Students, faculty, and staff may NOT sign the “Accepted By” block on the contract form. This may only be completed by a designee appointed on behalf of the Board of Regents. Failure to submit contracts within the 32 day deadline will result in event cancellations and/or denial of reimbursement for not following university policy and procedures. (Should contract protocol not be followed, the individual and/or student organization will be held responsible for any and all financial and legal commitments.) Please contact the CSI at (414) 229-5780 for assistance in contracts.

Student organizations are not authorized to enter into verbal commitments or contracts. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN TALKING TO A BUSINESS, MAKE SURE THEY UNDERSTAND YOU ARE NOT MAKING A COMMITMENT, JUST GETTING A PRICE QUOTE. The university is not liable for commitments you make with vendors. If proper procedures are not followed, you could be held responsible for the cost out of your own pocket.


  • Checks for purchases less greater than $1500.00 - 32 days
  • Checks for purchases less than $1500.00 - 21 days
  • Credit Card Purchases - 3-5 days, plus vendors’ delivery time.
  • Driver Authorization -14 Days
  • Enterprise Car Rental Service - 5 Days
  • Entertainment Contract non-paid performer or speaker - 32 days
  • Entertainment Contract paid performer or speaker - 32 days
  • Payment to Individuals for services - 28 days
  • Reimbursements - 28 days