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Center for Student Involvement - Union 350
Volume 12 - Issue 4


Kudos go out to the men’s Soccer Club who qualified recently qualified for National Soccer Championships. Six club teams made it to the national championships: Indiana University, Universityof Illinois, University of Michigan, Ohio State University, AND UW-MILWAUKEE. The Milwaukee Panther Soccer Club at UWM will be traveling to Florida to compete with the other five teams next week. Please wish them well and let them know we are proud of them. (If any other group has won some accolades recently please let us know at so we can praise your accomplishments too).

November 8th 5:30-7pm In The SA Office EG79
The Student Association is holding an open house for the entire student body! It is for the benefit of ALL Student Organizations to come and meet your Representatives. This is the chance for the student body to meet with the President, Directors and SAC Chair and discuss important issues on campus! You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the Senate, Funding, Seg Fees, Legislative Affairs, Academic Affairs, Shared Governance, and MUCH MUCH MORE! Come join the Student Association for a night of Q&A! For questions Contact: Nicole Morales, Director of Inclusion of the Student Association, Fall Hours: Wed-Friday 1-5pm, Office: EG79J,

The groups that went through the large grant process this past weekend have a few more steps to go through before any of the funds allocated can be released. First the Senate must review all allocations and voteby a 2/3 majority to approve. The Senate may pull out allocations for further analysis, which could delay the approval process. Once the Senate approves the allocations, they are sent to the President to sign into law or veto. The President will have seven days from that point to take action. If the President does not take action in seven days, the allocations will become law automatically. Once approved, the Center for Student Involvement will be notified and the funds will be available to student groups after January 1, 2008. According to the SAC Bylaws, the November Large Grant funds can only be spent during January 1 through June 30th so even if approval occurs prior to Janaury 1st, groups have to wait until after that date to start spending the funds. Due to the fiscal yearend closing on June 30th, all operation expenditure requests for funds must be received in the Center for Student Involvement by June 1st, in order to have the paperwork processed before the end of the fiscal year.

SAC Bylaws prohibit them for allocating money on food, therefore the only money that may be availble to groups for food is funds received through the checkoff election or deposited into their account as revenue.

**Meetings: Food expenses are allowable for meetings if one of the following criteria is met: (1) Facilities are not available within the building or immediate area of the meeting where attendees could obtain and consume food items (since most student organization meetings are on campus, then this would not be the case); (2) Having the attendees leave the meeting room would have an adverse effect on the continuity of the meeting, therefore having food eaten while the program continues is required. (Meetings that are expected to last very long, 4-5 hours, could be considered for this criteria); and (3) The majority of attendees are not UWM students or campus employees. (Since it is expected that most student organziaitons are made up of students, this criteria would not applly). In order to be approved for food, PRIOR APPROVAL needs to be granted before any food expenditures are made. However, most student organization meetings DO NOT QUALIFY FOR FOOD EXPENSES.

**Events: Meals associated with conferences or UWM sponsored events may be reimbursed for actual and necessary costs incurred in connection with the conference if: (1) Specifically authorized by statute or contractual agreements; (2) Determined by the Dean or their designee that the costs are essential to a program and the benefit received is greater than the extra costs. APPROVAL AND JUSTIFICATION BY THE DEAN OR DESIGNEE IS REQUIRED. Approval must be received before the event otherwise the State of Wisconsin maximum for meals will be paid. Any remaining amount must be paid by non-university funds and could be the responsibility of the person who contracted the conference or event.

**Receptions: Receptions are a gathering of individuals associated with a UW-sponsored event that provides the opportunity for interaction in a setting that is not purely social in nature. Unlike a business meeting, a reception may not have a specific agenda or time frame. Like a business meeting, the purpose must be related to or promote the mission of the hosting department. EXPENSES ARE NOT ALLOWABLE FOR RECEPTIONS THAT ARE SOLELY FOR SOCIAL OR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES, except as provided in other UW System policies. Refer to UWS Financial Policy & Procedure Papers #6 , #20 and #26.

Please see for complete information on food and meeting expenses.

We can’t post this message enough, since people are still buying things incorrectly and losing their money. Before funds are spent, meet with an advisor in the Center for Student Involvement to make sure contract vendors are used and to avoid denial of reimbursement due to state procedures not being followed. It is actually better and sometimes cheaper to let the Studetn Activities Staff purchase items for you. In someinstances, it is required due to contract language. So check with us before you make that purchase.


Twenty students will be named to the All-USA College Academic First Team. They'll be featured in a two page color presentation in the nation's newspaper in February 2008. Each will receive a trophy and a $2,500 cash award. Forty more students will be recognized in the newspaper as Second and Third Teams. Beginning this year, students must register electronically and be screened for eligibility. They will be directed to a PDF of the nomination form on the Web. The completed nomination file must be mailed to USA TODAY by Nov. 30, 2007. Winning students will be notified in late January and be announced in USA TODAY in February. To register, students should go to and use the All-USA drop-down menu to go to the Cyear college program. Students must be full-time undergraduates of at least junior standing at a four-year institution in the United States or its territories. U.S. citizenship is not required. More information about the program, including bios of former winners, FAQs for nominees and advice for nominators, is also available on the site. Please call Carol Skalski at 7031854-5890 or e-mail if you have any questions.

Glamour Magazine is searching for the Top 10 College Women in the United States and Canada. The winning women will be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine, and each will receive $3,000 and a trip to New York City, where they will have an opportunity to meet with women in their fields. It's an honor for the student as well as for her college or university. We are looking for college juniors with excellent academic records, leadership experience and inspiring goals. Among our past winners are women who went on to become are doctors, environmentalists, professors, lawyers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, authors, engineers, humanitarians and scientists. Read about this year's winners and download the application at All applications must be received by November 30, 2007.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007, 7-9pm, UWM Union Fireside Lounge, Free Event
Learn the basic information about sex toys: how to use them, how to choose them, and how to make them a part of sexual activity, alone or with a partner. Play with samples of different toys and get free safer sex supplies. This workshop may contain language and discussions that some individuals may find uncomfortable. Sponsored by UWM LGBT Resource Center, UWM LINKS Peer Outreach & Mentoring Center, UWM Multicultural Student Center, UWM Norris Health Center, UWM Union Sociocultural Programming, UWM Union Programming, UWM Women's Resource Center, and The Tool Shed Sex Toy Shop. For more information, contact Jennifer Murray-LGBT Resource Center at 414-229-4226.

Thursday, November 8, 2007, 9-11pm, UWM Union Gasthaus, Free Event
She was so popular last year that we've invited her, and you back! Come hear Ellis in concert at the Gasthaus! Voted five time winner of the reader’s choice award of "Best Musician in the Twin Cities" (Lavender Magazine) and "Best Musical Artist" (Minnesota Women's Press), Ellis’ music has been described as joyful, unpretentious acoustic rock with influences of folk and a slight hint of country flavor. After moving from Texas to Minnesota at age 16, Ellis founded her own record label and has recorded five solo albums, selling tens of thousands of copies to date. Sponsored by UWM Union Programming, UWM LGBT Resource Center, UWM Women's Resource Center, UWM Restaurant Operations, and Burger King. For more information, contact Rebecca Grassl-UWM Union Programming at 414-229-3728.