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Center for Student Involvement - Union 350
Volume 12 - Issue 5



The CSI staff hopes everyone had a happy and safe winter break.  There are a lot of important changes listed in this email, so please make sure everyone in your organization has a chance to read and understand the changes.

SAC Funding Rule Changes
Next SAC Meeting
University Accounting System Down From February 8 - 22
Union Office Access List
Union Office Applications
Segregated University Fees Policy Changes
Paying a Person with Segregated Fees
Revenue Generated When Segregated Fees Are Being Used
Segregated Fees – Academic Use Policy
Travel & Driver Authorizations
Enterprise Changes
Engelmann Gym Reservations for spring 2008
Upcoming Events and Activities

Attention student organizations:  The Senate Appropriations Committee changed its bylaws, which were passed by the SA senate, now stipulated that each student organization will only be allocated funds for a maximum of four (4) requests each semester.  Student organizations will only be eligible to receive monies for a total of four requests between small and large grants.  Please adjust your plans accordingly.  Also the bylaws state this in reference to Small (Emergency) Grants:  Emergency Grants are given to RSOs that are either newly formed, or were unable to participate in the fall or spring semester funding meetings.  For more information on SAC funding, please contact SAC Chair, Tyler Draheim, at

Wed, Jan 23, 8:30pm – 10:00pm, SA office, Union EG79.

Due to software upgrades the university accounting system will be unavailable beginning at noon on Friday, February 8, 2008.  The exact amount of down time is not yet known, but the best estimate is about 10 business days.   NO CHECKS WILL BE CUT during that period.  Meaning reimbursements, student association and legal clinic payroll, contracts, or vendors requiring payment by check will not be processed during the shutdown period.  This means any paperwork CSI processes during that period of time will be held in accounting until after the software upgrade takes place.  Paper work must be turned into accounting to by January 31st in order to assure processing and payment prior to February 8th.  This shut down affects all of campus, so there may be a delay in getting items through accounting after the shut down due to the backlog of paperwork from all over campus.

For groups with Union Offices, you must at review & update your Office Access List prior to January 31st.  In addition, any time the four contacts/officers are changed, the list should be reviewed by the new primary contact.  You can get a copy of the Access List form from the Center for Student Involvement or from the web at:

Deadline for Applications for Union Office Requests for next year (June 1st, 2008 to May 31st, 2009) is Friday February 15th at 4:30 PM to Union 331.   Forms are available online at:

Deadline to apply for vacant offices for spring 2008 semester is Friday February 22nd. Current vacant student organization spots in the Union are listed below.  Forms are available online at:
    1 spot in 377                        1 spot in 391
    1 spot in 394                        1 spot in 355
    1 spot in 395B                      1 spot in 362
    1 spot in 381B                      3 spots in 360/398 (shared computer lab, not an actual office)

The UW Board of Regents passed a new Segregated University Fees Policy ( which changes how segregated fees are to be used.  There are several dramatic changes that affect the recognition of student organizations.  UWM will need to change its process of recognition to meet the new criteria.  Student organizations must meet the following minimum requirements to obtain official recognition:
(a)  Prepare and file with the Office of the Dean of Students, or other designated institutional office, a constitution and bylaws for the organization;
(b)  Consist of at least four members, at least 3/4 (three-quarters) of whom are students enrolled for a minimum of one semester hour of credit at the UW institution for which the organization is seeking official recognition;
(c)    Require that all leadership positions in the organization be held by students enrolled on a fee-paying basis for at least half-time; as used in this policy, "half-time" status means enrollment for a minimum of six credits as an undergraduate student, and enrollment for a minimum of four credits as a graduate student, and
(d)  Obtain an advisor, or the assistance of an advising service, employed by the UW institution where the organization is seeking recognition.

There are additional requirements that UWM is already in compliance with, you can use the above link to view them if you are interested.  Since we are in the middle of an academic year, CSI is currently putting together an implementation plan for how UWM will meet these new requirements. It is our hope to have new recognition procedures in place by August 2008. 

In addition to the student organization recognition changes, there has been several rule changes on spending Segregated University Fees.  CSI is in the process of trying to update all its manuals to include theses changes.  A large change that may affect several organizations is concerning doing events off-campus.  BEFORE YOU PLAN ANY OFF-CAMPUS EVENT OR WANT TO PAY A BILL FOR AN OFF-CAMPUS ORGANZIATION – CONTACT CSI.  The new policy restricts paying leases, rental, or other operational costs for off-campus space.  We need to get approval for and justify the reason for any rental of space prior to it being used.  Failure to do so may result in the rental fee not being paid.

Paying a person for something, whether entertaining, speaking, or sewing, etc. MUST BE DONE ON A CONTRACT.  All contracts need to be received by the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) at least 32 days prior to the event/program.  Last semester several organizations tried to plan activities inside this deadline and created huge problems for themselves and CSI.  CSI can not retroactively process contracts, meaning if the event or program has already happened – then there is absolutely nothing that can be done to pay a person for that event or program.  In addition several groups turned in contracts and then changed the date of their performance or canceled their event without notifying CSI.  The university will cut a check using the information on the contract, if the event date is changed or you are going to cancel an event – you must notify CSI as soon as possible.

When you plan an event or program with segregated fees and the part or all of the activity includes fundraising, ticket sales, merchandise sales, or any revenue activity – THE EVENT MUST BE AUDITED BY CSI PRIOR TO ANY FINANCIAL TRANSACTION TAKE PLACE.  It does not matter if the segregated fees were only a small part of the event expense – once State dollars are used for an event – the event is considered a State event.  All proceeds from a State event must be deposited into a State Account.  Money raised at Segregated Fee event will be deposited as revenue into the sponsoring student organization’s State account after all university charges are deducted.  Revenue in a student organization’s account is available to the organization through the CSI office and can be spent like check-off funds.  Revenue belongs to the student organization and will carry forward from year to year until it is spent, unless the student organization goes inactive then in that case the funds will be given to SAC at the end of the fiscal year.

Students can not use items purchased with segregated fees for activities that are academic credit producing.  Segregated fees may not be used as financial aid or supplement the cost of classroom activities.  Conferences or workshops that result in academic credit may not be paid for by segregated fees.  Due to a recent situation where items purchased for a student organization were used as part of an independent study class.  To avoid further violations of this type, CSI will now be requiring students to sign an inventory agreement form for all items purchased with segregated fees.  The agreement form makes it clear that segregated fees can not be used for academic, political or religious activities. 

If you plan on using segregated fees for travel and traveling by automobile (even if it is your own car), you must have a Drivers Authorization Form on file with CSI, you can download from:  It is much easier and more efficient if you come into the CSI office 30-21 days prior to your trip to arrange your travel (most airline price breaks are at 30 and 21 days, large conferences tend to sell out their hotel rooms a month or so prior to the date, meaning the longer you wait the more money it will be).  If come into CSI in a timely manner you do not have to worry about whether or not you will be reimbursed.  Failure to follow State travel guidelines will result in reimbursements being denied, reduced, or delayed.

CSI has been informed of a couple of incidents where students have changed the type of vehicle reserved for them by CSI when picking up the vehicle.  Students must go through CSI to qualify for State contract pricing and must follow State guidelines for vehicle selection.  If a student changes a vehicle he or she may become personally responsible for the vehicle rental and or any damage that occurs to it.  CSI will not approve 15- passenger van or large SUV rentals (8-9 passengers) for student organization use.  All vehicle types used by student organizations must meet state travel guidelines.  There is never a reason for a student organization to rent a luxury vehicle.  Vehicle assignments are typically 1-2 persons a compact car, 3-4 persons a mid-size car, and 5-7 people a minivan.  Alterations to these typical assignments must be justified to the university prior to the rental.  Failure to follow State travel guidelines will result in reimbursements being denied, reduced, or delayed.

UWM student organizations and club sports are invited to reserve times in the Engelmann gym.  Times are limited (generally late Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays) and are assigned on an impartial basis.  Space is available to student organizations in 11/2 hr increments and club sports (competitive) on a 2-hour increment.  Representatives of the organization may request a one-time space only on the first day of registration.  If a second time slot is desired (and available), the organization MUST return on the second time available for registration.  During the meeting we will randomly pick numbers for the order of registration.  Numbers will not be given out earlier then the meeting at 7:30 pm on Wed. Jan. 23rd. 

Engelmann Registration Dates & Times:
First day of registration:  Wednesday, January 23, 2008, 7:30pm-9pm              Registration location:  Klotsche Room 124
Second day of registration:  Wednesday February 6, 2008, 11am-2pm             Registration location:  Klotsche Room 326
***At least one current officer of the organization must sign the contract.

More information:  M.A. Kelling at 229-3777



A one-day conference on racism and white privilege, Friday, January 18, 2008, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., UWM Union Ballroom, $10 by January 15, $15 after January 15.  Explore perspectives on racism and privilege in the greater Milwaukee region.  Conference attendees will be encouraged to acknowledge their commonalities and understand their responsibilities in creating an inclusive greater Milwaukee community.  To Register: Email registration information to  Phone: 414-276-9050 Fax: 414-276-8442, Website:

On Saturday, February 16, UW-Madison will be hosting an All-Campus Leadership Conference.  This year's conference features a keynote address by Rodger Campbell and Frank Kitchen, a duo entitled the Bad Bad Apples.  Check them out at their website,  There also will be a leadership training track specifically for Greek Students with sessions focused on a number of different issues, possibly including Values Congruence, Hazing, Public Relations, Recruitment, Scholarship, Alumni Relations and much more.  Any non-UW-Madison students are welcome to attend for only a $25 registration fee.  More information can be found at

February 17th, 4 PM @ U.S. Cellular Arena. This is the first chance to see your professional indoor football team, led by Head Coach Gilbert Brown. Enjoy free giveaways, live music, activities for the kids, an intra-squad scrimmage, and on field autographs after the game. For Tickets, call the U.S. Cellular Box Office at 276-4545, or Tickets will go on sale January 15th, seats are $17.50. Visit the website,, for more details.

My name is Brian Peterson and I am a part of a nation-wide student organization called Students Today Leaders Forever (STLF). Each year STLF’s main program is a community service based spring break trip known as the Pay it Forward Tour. The tour is a 9 day service trip in which participants are able to visit 5-6 cities on the way to Washington D.C. It gives students a unique opportunity to travel across the country, affecting communities on the way and all the while making strong relationships and lasting friendships.  Buses leave from multiple campuses including the University of Minnesota but also are leaving from most other states in the Midwest. Students are invited to join the trip on any campus. We would love to have students from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee participate in the Pay it Forward Tour this year.  For more information or questions, refer to