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Volume 12 - Issue 7b


SAVE ENERGY – Please turn off your computers and other office equipment before you leave for spring break.

Correction:  Political Campaigning In Sandburg
Correction:  SA Election Timeline
Check-Off Elections
Election complaints
Political Activity and State Funds
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Women’s History Month Events

Anyone desiring to campaign as a candidate or on behalf of a candidate for a UWM student political office must proceed according to the following policy when campaigning in University Housing buildings.

  • One-sheet flyers may be placed in residential mailboxes by University Housing staff on the weekend before the election for University Housing-affiliated organization elections only.  Candidates must submit one copy per mailbox (contact the University Housing main desk for the current resident population) to the Main Desk Supervisor no later than 12:00PM on the Wednesday prior to the election.
  • Flyers may be posted on tower bulletin boards by University Housing staff only.  Please see the “Posting Flyers” section on this policy for more information.
  • Candidates or their representatives may speak to residents in meeting rooms or house lounges by invitation only and at the times specified in the invitation.  Room reservation charges may apply (see the University Housing Facility Reservation Policy for information on room rates).
  • Candidates or their representatives may contact the Program Services Center in Sandburg Halls to reserve a table in the cafeteria (please see the “Sandburg Halls Cafeteria Tables” section of this policy for procedures and restrictions).
  • Candidates or their representatives may post a banner in commons areas (see the “Posting Banners” section of this policy for more information).
  • For Students Association and Sandburg Hall Administrative Council elections, candidates may participate in a SHAC-sponsored debate held in a University Housing building.  This will serve as an opportunity for candidates to meet with University Housing residents face-to-face.  Consequently, other face-to-face campaigning not already covered in this section (i.e., handing out flyers in building lobbies, etc) is not permitted.


The IEC sent out an all student email listing the campaign period starting April 3rd and this was included in the last CSI email.  The date was wrong, CAMPAIGNING MAY NOT BEGIN UNTIL APRIL 9TH.  Questions regarding the Student Association elections may be addressed to Daniel V. Bahr-Independent Election Commissioner.  The election office is on the third floor of the Union in room 363. You can the commissioner at  The correct timeline is listed below:

Nomination Signature Forms are due Thursday (March 13th) due in Union 363 by 4:00 p.m. 

APRIL 9, 2008 - Official “Statements of Candidacy” must be e-mailed as an electronic attachment to by noon.

APRIL 9, 2008, TO APRIL 16, 2008 – Official campaigning period.  No campaigning is allowed outside of these dates or on the two days of the election. However, Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts will be permitted – only if these efforts do not endorse any particular candidate or political party.


As part of the Student Association elections, students may designate a portion of their segregated fees to the registered student organization of their choice. No student or organization may use any university resources for political activity, including promoting voting for your group in the check-off elections. This includes using your "" email account, computer labs, student organization office equipment, and etcetera. Using off-campus email accounts to mail such as or to mail to individuals’ account is acceptable. All student organizations approved by the Center for Student Involvement prior to April 1, 2007 will be included in the check-off elections. Organization codes and instructions will be posted on the CSI web site closer to the election.

The Center for Student Involvement must remain impartial in all election activities.  We will listen to complaints, but can only advise students in order to help them understand rules and regulations of the election process.  Students with concerns, questions, or complaints should contact the IEC Commission, Daniel V. Bahr ( directly for assistance.  If you have a complaint the Commissioner is unable to resolve you can contact the University Student Court to determine if you have any other recourse.  All election forms and policies from the IEC are on a display rack outside of the Center for Student Involvement, Union 350.  If the copies are gone, please contact the IEC to let them know.


Items purchased by segregated fees may not be used for academic, personal, political, commercial gain, or other purposes not authorized by University and UW-System policy.  Student Organization funds managed by the Center for Student Involvement can not be used for political activities, and items purchased with segregated fee funds can not be used for political activities.  “Political activity” is any activity in which an individual or group attempts to influence another individual or group to vote for a person or party in an election. 

No person or organization may use any university resources or state funds, which includes segregated fees for political activity associated with these elections.  This includes using segregated fees to make flyers, union banners, or any cost associated with getting a person or party elected.  This also includes your "" email account, computer labs, student organization office equipment, and etcetera.  Using off-campus email accounts to mail such as or to mail to individuals’ account is acceptable.  However the university regards the sending unsolicited emails to a large number of email accounts as spam and the university may choose to block these messages and possibly take disciplinary action against students that do not follow the University computer policies.  (see for information about UWM computer and use of technology policies).


Student organizations that received SAC funding for printing may use IKON Printing in the Union for most of their copying needs.  Only the officers of student organizations can print at IKON and they must use an IKON Printing Form available from the Center for Student Involvement (You must have funding designated for printing to be able to do this). 

If you have a printing project that IKON is not able to do, you must make an appointment with a Student Activities staff member to make arrangements to use University Printing Services.  YOU CAN NOT JUST PRINT SOMEWHERE AND EXPECT TO GET REIMBURSED.  All printing using university (state) funds, whether done internally or externally, must be ordered through University Print Services.  If your group does not already have a printing account with the University, one will be set up (takes about a week to activate).  The quickest turn around will depend on the complexity of the project.  The University operates a quick print shop in Mitchell Hall that can complete most projects in 24-48 hours.  If the printing job can not be handled by Mitchell the University also has a larger printing shop which can complete more complex projects in 2-3 weeks.  Specialized printing projects that require equipment not owned by the university will be sent out to state contract vendors.  The timeline for these projects will be at least 3-4 weeks to complete.


Fall large grant - The Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC) has set the date for the April large grant meeting (requests for expenses greater than $700 and that occur after July 15, 2008 but before January 1, 2009).  The large grant meetings will take place the weekend of April 19 & 20, 2008.  Grant request forms will be due in the Student Association office, Union EG79, by April 4, 2008.  Grant forms and instructions for applying for funding are found the SAC website at:


The university is transitioning to the Madison Materials Distribution (MDS) Services E-Procurement Storefront for all purchases for the above vendors on April 1st.  All campus direct-order accounts with Office Depot will be closed after the transition.  All orders after that date must be placed through Madison MDS.  Deliveries to UWM will now occur once or twice a week instead of daily.  Which means student groups will have to plan farther ahead due to the additional 3-5 days it may take to get an order delivered.  CSI is currently working with MDS in Madison and UWM Purchasing to transition our office onto the new system. 


COAST (Community Outreach and Assistance for Student Tenants) is looking for students with leadership potential.  A COAST Leader will focus on student relationships, communication, programming, and student conduct in select neighborhoods surrounding the university.  COAST Leaders will gain valuable experience in the areas of networking, conflict resolution and communication while role modeling great leadership skills and building their resume.  A COAST Leader receives a $1300 stipend per semester for 5-10 hours per week of service.  COAST Leaders are supported by the Neighborhood Housing Office, University Housing, and the Student Association.  They will be provided with a budget to support programs such as cook-outs, informational sessions, block parties, and clean-ups that will be required of them twice a semester for their neighborhood.  Additionally COAST Leaders will deliver newsletters to other students and long-term residents in their designated areas with information on things like garbage pick-up, neighborhood events and civic responsibility.  COAST Leaders will work closely with all neighborhood residents to create a community with good communication and quality of life.  COAST Leaders must also have a 2.5 cumulative GPA and be enrolled at UW-Milwaukee as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student.  They must be in good conduct standing with the University and living on or near an off-campus area designated as a COAST Leader area (this is flexible).  Training will be provided to those who are offered positions and satisfactory completion of that training is also required for position.  To be considered for a COAST Leader position, fill out an application packet which is available in the Neighborhood Housing Office in Union 363 or on the website at  Applications are due April 11.  If you any questions, please contact or (414) 229-6999. 




Each week the UWM community sends volunteers to the Hope House Food Pantry to stock shelves, clean, organize, and do inventory.  We need you to sign up for any Thursday!  We leave the CVSL office at 11:30am and arrive back on campus by 2:30pm.  You can sign up for as many or as few Thursdays as you wish!  Fill out the following information (Name, Email, Phone, and the Thursday you want to volunteer).  Sponsored by Center for Volunteerism & Student Leadership


On May 1, 2008 the term of Thomas Shields, the non-traditional student member of the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System will expire.  The Board is soliciting your recommendations for a replacement.  The 18-member Board, includes one non-traditional student of the University of Wisconsin System appointed for a 2-year term.  The student must be at least 24 years of age and a state resident who is enrolled at least half-time in an undergraduate program.  The student must be in good academic standing and represent the views of nontraditional students, such as those who are employed or are parents.  The student must be enrolled for the full 2-year term.  Students interested in applying for the position, please have them submit a cover letter outlining their vision for the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents and fill out the online application at the Governor’s Boards and Commissions website at  Please send this information to The Office of Governor Jim Doyle, Attn:  Appointments Department, PO Box 7863, Madison, Wisconsin  53707-7863.  The deadline for submitting application materials is March 14, 2008.


The Care Development Center invites qualified applicants to apply for a ten week summer program for in Environmental Public Health at the National Center for Environmental Health /Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (NCEH/ATSDR) in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a 10 week paid summer internship for undergraduate students passionate about the environment, about health, and about the link between the two-this opportunity is for students majoring in Environmental Sciences, Environmental Studies, or related fields. This is a full time summer opportunity for rising collegiate juniors and seniors to get real-world experience in Environmental Public Health activities at the federal level. Students will assist with projects and be paired with mentors to gain experience in the fascinating field of Environmental Public Health. Students that are majoring in Environmental Sciences/Studies or related fields are encouraged to visit our website at http://www.cdc. gov/nceh/ cleh.  Deadline for application: March 4, 2008.  Program dates: June 4 -August 8, 2008.  For questions concerning this announcement, please contact Cory Moore at



In celebration of Women’s History Month the UWM Women's Resource Center announces the following (co-)sponsored events.  For more information please contact the UWM Women's Resource Center at 414-229-2852, visit the WRC, Union WG93,, or download the full calendar of events in PDF:

Women Without Borders Film Series
Tuesday, March 11 through Saturday, March 15, 2008 (see individual dates for film descriptions), 7pm film screenings, On campus: UWM Union Theatre.  Features new works by and about women that explore the experiences, challenges, triumphs and questions that affect the lives of women everywhere.  For a list of films and dates see  For more information, contact Annie Melchior-UWM Film Department at 414-229-6015 or

Artists Now! Guest Lecture Series: Adelheid Mers
Wednesday, March 26, 2008, 7pm, UWM Arts Center Lecture Hall.  Chicago-based artist Adelheid Mers unveils her diagram of the UWM Peck School of the Arts made for Indexical Frontiers at Inova/Kenilworth and talks about her work as an artist who maps her readings of ideas, metaphors, organizations and other systems she encounters. Sponsored by UWM Peck School of the Arts Department of Visual Art.  For more info:

“Daughters of the Dust”
Monday, March 31, 7pm, UWM Union Theatre.  Set in the legendary sea islands of the South at the turn of the century, “DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST” follows a Gullah family on the eve of its migration to the North. Led by a remarkable group of African American women, carriers of ancient African traditions and beliefs, the extended family readies itself to leave behind friends, loved ones and an entire insulated way of life. Can these women hold fast to their ancient religious beliefs, or will they be swept away into the race toward an era of science and industry? This richly costumed drama, structured in tableaux to mirror the art and icons of its ancient African past, is a testimony to the secret celebrations and packed-away sorrows of African American women. Sponsored by the Community Media Project and the UWM Department of Film. (Julie Dash, 1991, 112 min; USA/UK) For more info: 414-229-2931 or

UWM Women’s Studies Student Awards Ceremony
March 31, 7 p.m., UWM Hefter Conference Center, 3271 N. Lake Drive, Milwaukee
Celebrate the end of Women’s History Month with winners of the UWM Center for Women’s Studies’ annual student paper and project contests. Middle-school and high school students from Milwaukee Public Schools submitted entries to the Center’s “Wisconsin Women Making History” essay contest, and UWM undergraduate and graduate students submitted papers and projects on issues concerning women, gender, sexuality, feminism, or feminist thinking. Sponsor: UWM Center for Women’s Studies, 414-229-5918.