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Volume 12 - Issue 8


SAC Large Grant Meeting
Don’t Spend It Yet (large grant money)
SAC Small Grant Meeting
Student Association Elections
Check-off Election Codes
UWM Printing Policy
Yearend Expenses
Coast Leader Program
Upcoming Events and Activities

Fall large grant - The Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC) has set the date for the April large grant meeting (requests for expenses greater than $700 and that occur after July 15, 2008 but before January 1, 2009).  The large grant meetings will take place the weekend of April 19 & 20, 2008.  Grant request forms will be due in the Student Association office, Union EG79, by April 4, 2008.  Grant forms and instructions for applying for funding are found the SAC website at:

Note: Student Association changed the SAC bylaws and student organization may only submit four (4) grant requests per semester.  Since the large grant meeting is for the fall, you can submit up to four requests for large grant funding.  Questions should be directed to the SAC Chair, Steve Krezminski, at

If SAC approves grant funding for your group at the large grant meeting – STOP AND WAIT.  First the funding must be approved by the Student Senate and then approved by the SA president.  These approvals can take two or three weeks to happen.  BUT WAIT YET AGAIN.  Even when the Senate and the President approves the funds, you can not spend the money.  The large grant meeting allocates fund for the next fiscal year and will not be available until after July 1, 2008.  Due to the account fiscal year change over, you typically can not expect to get at the funds until July 15th.  YOU WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED FOR ANY EXPENSE THAT OCCURS PRIOR TO JULY 1, 2008.  Please tell everyone in your group that may have turned in a grant request.  There are no exceptions to this rule. 

The next SAC small grant meeting (requests under $700) will be held April 8, 2008, at 7:30 pm in Union EG79.  Forms will be due to the Senate Appropriations Committee Office, Union EG79, by 5 pm on April 3rd.  Remember travel grants must be turned in at least six (6) weeks prior to the trip date and event grants must be turned in eight (8) weeks prior to the event date.  For more information please Contact SAC Chair, Steve Krezminski, at

The elections will be held Thursday, April 17th and Friday, April 18th.  Questions regarding the Student Association elections may be addressed to Daniel V. Bahr-Independent Election Commissioner.  The election office is on the third floor of the Union in room 363. You can the commissioner at

On April 17th & 18th as part of the Student Association elections, students may designate a portion of their segregated fees to the registered student organization of their choice. No student or organization may use any university resources for political activity, including promoting voting for your group in the check-off elections. This includes using your "" email account, computer labs, student organization office equipment, and etcetera. Using off-campus email accounts to mail such as or to mail to individuals’ account is acceptable. All student organizations registered by the Center for Student Involvement on April 1, 2008 will be included in the check-off elections. Organization codes and instructions can be found at:

UWM PRINTING POLICY (repeated from last month because students are still printing at the wrong vendors)
Student organizations that received SAC funding for printing may use IKON Printing in the Union for most of their copying needs.  Only the officers of student organizations can print at IKON and they must use an IKON Printing Form available from the Center for Student Involvement (You must have funding designated for printing to be able to do this). 

If you have a printing project that IKON is not able to do, you must make an appointment with a Student Activities staff member to make arrangements to use University Printing Services.  YOU CAN NOT JUST PRINT SOMEWHERE AND EXPECT TO GET REIMBURSED.  All printing using university (state) funds, whether done internally or externally, must be ordered through University Print Services.  If your group does not already have a printing account with the University, one will be set up (takes about a week to activate).  The quickest turn around will depend on the complexity of the project.  The University operates a quick print shop in Mitchell Hall that can complete most projects in 24-48 hours.  If the printing job can not be handled by Mitchell the University also has a larger printing shop which can complete more complex projects in 2-3 weeks.  Specialized printing projects that require equipment not owned by the university will be sent out to state contract vendors.  The timeline for these projects will be at least 3-4 weeks to complete.

In order to meet the University’s financial yearend deadline student organizations with funding must submit their financial paperwork to the Center for Student Involvement by May 30, 2008.  Failure to meet university accounting deadline may result in extreme delays in your paperwork processing, also could result in your paperwork being rejected and the expense not being allowed.  If your organization will need to spend any money in June, please contact the Center for Student Involvement in Union room 363 to make the appropriate arrangements.

COAST (Community Outreach and Assistance for Student Tenants) is looking for students with leadership potential.  A COAST Leader will focus on student relationships, communication, programming, and student conduct in select neighborhoods surrounding the university.  COAST Leaders will gain valuable experience in the areas of networking, conflict resolution and communication while role modeling great leadership skills and building their resume.  A COAST Leader receives a $1300 stipend per semester for 5-10 hours per week of service.  COAST Leaders are supported by the Neighborhood Housing Office, University Housing, and the Student Association.  They will be provided with a budget to support programs such as cook-outs, informational sessions, block parties, and clean-ups that will be required of them twice a semester for their neighborhood.  Additionally COAST Leaders will deliver newsletters to other students and long-term residents in their designated areas with information on things like garbage pick-up, neighborhood events and civic responsibility.  COAST Leaders will work closely with all neighborhood residents to create a community with good communication and quality of life.  COAST Leaders must also have a 2.5 cumulative GPA and be enrolled at UW-Milwaukee as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student.  They must be in good conduct standing with the University and living on or near an off-campus area designated as a COAST Leader area (this is flexible).  Training will be provided to those who are offered positions and satisfactory completion of that training is also required for position.  To be considered for a COAST Leader position, fill out an application packet which is available in the Neighborhood Housing Office in Union 363 or on the website at  APPLICATIONS ARE DUE APRIL 11.  If you any questions, please contact or (414) 229-6999. 



Center for Volunteerism and Student Leadership is taking registrations for the 2008 Hunger Clean Up, to be held on Saturday April 12th from 9am to noon.  The Hunger Clean Up is a day where hundreds of UWM students and staff do 3 hours of volunteer work at various agencies throughout Milwaukee, in an effort to raise awareness and alleviate the affects of poverty.  Projects include neighborhood clean-ups, assisting the elderly, participating in a neighborhood food drive pick-up, working in community gardens, and helping with spring cleaning at local co-ops.  Free taco buffet after the event and 250 participants will get a PeaceLoveService Baseball Cap! To register simply send the following information to Laurie,, name, cellphone, email, team name (if applicable), and do you have a car?

The Center for Volunteerism and Student Leadership office will be hiring a full-time Americorps*VISTA position, to begin working in July or August!  This position requires a Bachelors Degree, a history of campus involvement, and a willingness to help others in the Milwaukee community by engaging college students in volunteer programs such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, food pantries, the Hunger Clean Up, the RAK-athon, and many others.  The VISTA position is for 1-year, with the possibility of renewal for a second year.  The VISTA receives free housing in Kenilworth Square apartments, an $800 monthly living stipend, food assistance, and at the end of the year, a $4,500 educational award to pay-off student loans.  Also there is health insurance and other benefits.   If you are interested please send your resume to Laurie at

If you are a first-generation college student or eligible for Pell Grants, come in to the Center for Volunteerism and Student Leadership office and pick-up your M3C Fellow Scholarship application for the 2008-2009 school year!  M3C Fellows do 260 hours of community service (both paid and unpaid positions available), and take a leadership development course with a cohort of 40 other UWM students.  At the end of the year M3C Fellows receive a $1,000 scholarship.  If you have questions please contact Laurie at

Thursday, May 8, 2008, from 11:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M in the Union Wisconsin Room.  Meet with employers interested in hiring UWM students in all academic majors for full-time, part-time, and summer jobs and internships.  For the most up-to-date listing of employers and positions, visit:

30th Annual Latin American Film Series: “
Saturday, April 5, 2008, 7pm, UWM Union Theatre. - Qué Tan Lejos” (“How Much Further”)  Self-discovery journey of two girls in their mid-twenties while they travel along the Ecuadorian mountains and coasts. Esperanza (Hope) and Tristeza (Sadness) will not find postcard views or perfect love, but their journey will teach them there’s a world beyond that.
Wednesday, April 9, 2008, 7pm, UWM Union Theatre -“Eréndira, Ikikunari”, is a beautifully shot action film that recreates the 16th century legend of Eréndira, a young Purépecha woman who became an icon of bravery during the destruction of indigenous Mexico by the Spanish conquistadors. Eréndira refuses to allow her land to be destroyed and stands up to the social conventions prohibiting women to participate in battle. Along her amazing journey, she becomes a symbol of strength and resistance within her culture.
Sponsored by the UWM Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, UWM Union Programming, UWM Union Theatre, and the Department of Film. Co-presented by the UWM Women’s Resource Center and in collaboration with the Chicago Latino Film Festival. (Tania Hermida; Equador, 2006, 92 min; subtitled).  For more information, contact the UWM Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at 414-229-5986 or visit

Wednesday, April 16, 2008, 7pm, UWM Union Ballroom 
What is sexual empowerment? What does it mean to be sexually empowered? Tristan Taormino reveals the pleasures and pitfalls of her journey from law school reject to sex expert with stops along the way as editor, author, anal sex guru, Village Voice columnist, sex-positive event producer, and feminist pornographer. She'll explore the concept of erotic power, discuss why it is important, and share her unique recipe for how everyone can become sexually empowered. Sponsored by Union Programming, Sociocultural Programming, LGBT Resource Center, LINKS Peer Outreach & Mentoring Center, Multicultural Student Center, Norris Health Center, and the Women’s Resource Center.  For more information, contact Becca Grassl-UWM Union Programming at 414-229-3728.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008, 7:30pm, UWM Union Wisconsin Room 
Since receiving the Yale Younger Poets Award in 1951 at the age of 21, Adrienne Rich has not stopped writing in her distinct voice, with strength and conviction. Her eloquent and visionary writings have shaped the world of poetry as well as feminist and political thought. Author of more than 16 books of poetry and 5 books of non-fiction, Rich’s amazing ability to bring together the personal and the political has engaged readers for decades. UWM is honored to bring Adrienne Rich to Wisconsin for the first time in more than 20 years. Join us for an evening with one of America’s greatest poets. Sponsored by Union Programming, Union Sociocultural Programming, LGBT Resource Center, Center for 21st Century Studies, Center for Jewish Studies, Department of English, and the Women's Resource Center.  Advance Tickets (Tickets at the Door): Students $8 ($10); Alumni/Staff/Faculty $10 ($12); General Admission $12 ($14). Tickets may be purchased at the UWM Bookstore or by calling 414-229-4201 or 1-800-662-5668; $3 Discount Coupons Available at the UWM Women's Resource Center for UWM Student Advance Tickets ONLY For more information, contact UWM Union Programming at 414-229-3111.