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Volume 13 - Issue 10


Congratulations Graduates
SAO is not interchangeable with SA or SAC
Change of officers before summer?
Achievement Awards Winners 2009
Student organization Facebook group
Fall Large Grants And Check off Totals
Campus Kick-Off (Student Organization Fair)
Call for Student Organization Photographs

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If you are graduating this semester, we congratulate you on your achievement and wish you the best as you plan out your future. We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer. For those leaving the Milwaukee area for the summer we will see you in the fall. The Student Activities will be closed on Memorial Day, May 25th.

Students are confusing the Center for Student Involvement (SAO) functions with those of the Student Association (SA) and Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC). In an effort to have clearer communication, we are going to lessen the use of the acronym “SAO” so this confusion can be reduced or eliminated. Below is an explanation of the three acronyms everyone seems to get confused.

The Center for Student Involvement (SAO) is a campus department and part of the Office of Student Life, reporting to the Dean of Students. The Center for Student Involvement administers and oversees student organizations’ University registration, adherence to campus policies and procedures, university segregated fee expenditures, and provides them with guidance, support and training resources. The Center for Student Involvement does NOT allocate funds or approve grant applications for student organizations, that is a function of the Student Association. The Center for Student Involvement does NOT appoint students to committees, that is also a function of the Student Association.

The Student Association (SA) is a student organization that is the official student government for UW-Milwaukee. The SA serves as the voice for students and participates in the shared-governance of the University. As defined by State Statute §36.09(05) and procedures outlined in UW-System Financial Policy 50, the Student Association is responsible for allocating University segregated fees (in consultation with the chancellor and subject to the final confirmation by the Board of Regents). The Student Association determines student organization funding eligibility as part of the University’s registration process. The Student Association determines it own procedures for appointing students to committees. Information about SA and how it is organized can be found on their website:

The Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC) is a sub-committee of the Student Association Senate. Once the Student Association (SA) approves the University Segregated Fee Allocations for the campus each fiscal year and they are subsequently approved by the Chancellor and Board of Regents, SAC receives the portion of segregated fees designated for student organizations. SAC creates bylaws (that must be approved by the SA Senate and President) which determines how these funds are dispersed. All SAC allocations must be approved by the Student Association (the SA president approves all amount less than $700 and both the Senate and SA President must approve amounts greater than $700). Once approved, the Center for Student Involvement oversees the segregated fee expenditures to ensure State and University procedures are followed. Information about SAC funding can be found on their website:

Update your student organization contact information before you leave for summer. To change your officer information turn in an updated “Change of Contact.” If your officers have not changed recently, then keep in mind all student organizations must complete the registration renewal process in September. Renewal forms will be available in August and the deadline for renewal is Friday, September 25, 2009. Make sure your organization does not miss this important requirement to continue as a recognized student organization by updating your contact information as soon as it changes. “Change of Contact” forms are available outside the Center for Student Involvement, Union 363 and online at under Forms, Organizational.

The Center for Student Involvement is pleased to announce the 2009 winners of the Student Achievement Awards for Student Organizations.

Outstanding Student Organization Award - Mortar Board (Senior Honor Society)

Outstanding Program of the Year - Mortar Board (Senior Honor Society) for Turkey Day

Advisor of the Year - Chad Sorce, Advisor, Bowling Club at UWM

Outstanding Leadership Award - Jean Steinman Heyden of the Nonprofit Leadership Student Association

Student Service Award
1st Place-Engineers Without Borders for “Sustainable water supply project for the village of Quejchip in Guatemela;”
2nd place Mortar Board for “Turkey for a Day benefit for reading is leading campaign;” and
3rd Place Black Cat Ultimate for “Cleaning day at Habitat for Humanity Warehouse in Baton Rouge, LA.”

A new Facebook group has been established for members, officers, advisors and other individuals interested in student organizations at UWM. The group name is "Student organizations at UWM" and can be found at this URL: Please encourage new officers, members or other individuals to check out this new Facebook group.

Student Organization Check Off votes have been tallied and the list of Check Off totals have been posted to the web at: Please note that the MONEY WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL JULY 1, 2009. You cannot spend any of the funds prior to July 1, 2009. For those organizations which were appropriated funds for the fall semester, those funds are not available until July 1, 2009 either. We cannot pay vendors or process reimbursements for expenses that occurred prior to July 1, 2009. CSI office has sent out Check Off confirmation letters with instructions and will be sending on confirmation letters with funding amounts for fall grants soon. If you will not be an officer next year, please make sure this letter gets passed onto the new officers.

Hold This Date: September 9, 2009, 10 am – 2 pm.
Planning for the 2009 Campus Kick-off is beginning (Welcome Week). The Campus Expo: Jobs, Organization & Service Fair will be held in Spaights Plaza for Wednesday, September 4, 2009 from 10 am to 2 pm. This is an information fair where over 70 organizations and 30 campus departments representatives provide students with information on their services and programs. Student organizations often use the fair as a recruitment opportunity for new members. Details for signing up for a booth space will be available later this summer.

The Center for Student Involvement is requesting picture submissions from student organizations! Pictures will be used for marketing/promotional purposes and may appear on the CSI website at For appropriate photographic subject matter, please see the Student Activities website and the current photos displayed there. When submitting a photo, make sure the file has as much detail (resolution, large file size) as possible. Photos may be cropped or otherwise edited for use. Images that are used will included a caption/label noting the organization pictured and/or the event the picture was taken at, and photographer credit if provided. The names of individuals in an image will not appear with the image. A photo release signed by the organization’s primary office will be required for each submission. Photos submitted will be considered for immediate posting! Send your organization photos and/or questions to: Tom Dake, Student Activities Advisor,