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CSI Moved to Union 363
New Forms
Student Organization Manual
Student Organization Fair
Student Organization Registration Renewal
Union Computers – Yacouba Leaving
Driver Authorization Forms
Student Organization Inventory
Political Activity on Campus
Campaigning in University Housing Buildings
B.O.S.S. Drivers Needed
Fall Programs From CVSL
Activities and Events Around Campus


There several changes in office locations in the Union Building this summer, one of which was the Center for Student Involvement (CSI).  The new location for CSI is in the 3rd floor student organization wing, Union 363.  All the phone numbers and email addresses stayed the same.  The office hours remain unchanged also:  8:30  am – 5:00 pm Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday; Tuesday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm; and Friday 8:30 am – 3:00 pm.  All meeting notifications will now be posted outside our 363 office as the display cases outside of Union 350 will now belong to Norris Health Education department.  All forms and Ready Reference Handouts have been moved to outside the 363 location also.

The Center for Student Involvement has been updating many of it forms to meet policy changes that have occurred.   If you have old change of officers, additional contacts, travel set-up, or expenditure forms – please recycle them as they are no  longer useable.  New forms are available outside our office, Union 363 or at: (for Financial forms) and (for organizational forms).

Student Organization Manual is currently being revised to update all the policy changes that have occurred in the past year.  A new draft should be available by Mid-September.  We will email the link once it is online.  There were several changes made by the Board of Regents and the State that affects student organizations: 1) student organization registration procedures mentioned below; 2) payments for off-campus facilities leases have been restricted, and 3) all online travel reservations must be made through the State’s Travelport website.  We are currently working on updating the Segregated Fee Manual to reflect all the financial changes also and expect to have it online by October.  Until then, for financial procedures please contact the Center for Student Involvement prior to spending any money or you may not be reimbursed.

The annual student organization fair or  Campus Expo will be held on Thursday, September 4, 2008, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, Spaights Plaza (In the case of rain the fair will be moved to the Wisconsin Room).  The event will includes campus jobs, services, and student organizations. This is a great way to promote your organization and get more members. Open tables at 10:00 am on that day will be given to organizations on the waiting list. Instructions and table assignments can be found at:  There are still a few tables left and they will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.  Organizations may sign up for a booth space by sending an email to

Registration renewal forms were sent via campus mail to student organizations mailboxes on Friday, August 29, 2008. The registration forms this year have been updated to include new registration rule changes for student organizations adopted by the Board of Regents.  In addition to the student organizations registration policies listed in the Student Organization Manual, student groups must: Identify at least four UWM students enrolled for at least half-time (6 credits for undergraduates and 4 Credits for graduate students) to be listed as contacts;   have a membership consisting of at least 3/4 (three-quarters) students enrolled for a minimum of one semester hour of credit at UWM; and identify a faculty or staff advisor employed by UWM.   Individuals only auditing classes cannot be listed as officers or contacts.

Student  Organizations will have to the end of the fall semester (prior to the start of classes in January 2009) to find a faculty/staff advisor.  The Student Activities staff will be putting together advisor recruitment and training programs in the fall to assist groups finding an advisor.  When the dates are set for these programs, they will be emailed to the officers of the groups on campus.

All student organizations must fill out, sign, and RETURN THE RENEWAL FORM PRIOR TO FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26TH TO THE CENTER FOR STUDENT INVOLVEMENT BY NOON TO REMAIN ACTIVE ON CAMPUS. Groups failing to turn in their renewal forms by this date will become inactive and lose all university privileges, such as: segregated fee funding, room reservations, office space, etc. THE FORM IS REQUIRED, EVEN IF YOU RECENTLY TURNED IN A CHANGE OF OFFICER FORM. Although the forms are due 9/26, we encourage people to get them in sooner, so that new students can be given more accurate information about clubs and groups on campus. Please check with all your officers to make sure someone turns in this form by the posted deadline.

Thursday, August 28, 2008, was Yacouba Traore’s last day as the IT person for the Center for Student Involvement.  He found a job closer to home at UW-Madison Medical School which will save him several hours of driving from Madison to Milwaukee and back every day.  Although it is sad to see him go, we all understand and wish him well.  Until a replacement is found, the response time for computer problems will be impacted greatly.  The CSI Staff will try to cover this vacancy the best we can, but we please ask for your patience during the transition.  We will be working with UITS and the Union to see if either can provide some support until we are fully staffed.  We created a new email contact for computer help that you can use to report problems,

Anyone who was not registered for fall classes as of August 4, 2008 or their driver’s authorization was more than 12 months old was removed from the approved driver list by Risk Management.  If you plan on traveling in the fall where you need to use a rental vehicle or be reimbursed for travel expenses, you need to be on the approved drivers prior to your trip.  Driver authorization forms are available from CSI, outside of Union 363 or at:  If you have question please contact

Items allocated to student organizations by the Senate Appropriation Committee (SAC) or purchased by a student group using a segregated fee account are University property and may only be used for purposes allowed by State and University regulations.  CSI maintains records of all student organization inventory items and must know where these items are being stored.  Inventory will be taken by an CSI staff member at least once a year.  Groups with inventory will have an a Group Inventory Report sent to the mailbox with the fall registration renewal forms.  The inventory report is due back with the registration renewal forms on Friday, September 26th at noon in the Center for Student Involvement.

If, at any time during the year, your organization wants to get rid of the equipment, an officer needs to let CSI know in writing, and CSI will ensure that it is disposed of in accordance with University and State guidelines.  You cannot simply dump it, turn it in to SAC, or take it home.  Student organizations allocated equipment may be held responsible for the equipment’s loss, damage, or theft.  Equipment, including computers and phones, may only be used for your student organization's activities.

Items purchased by segregated fees may not be used for academic, personal, political, commercial gain, or other purposes not authorized by the University and UW-System policy. 

No person or organization may use any university resources or state funds, which includes segregated fees for political activity associated with these elections.  This includes using segregated fees to make flyers, union banners, or any cost associated with getting a person or party elected.  This also includes your "" email account, computer labs, student organization office equipment, and etcetera.  Using off-campus email accounts to mail such as or to mail to individuals’ account is acceptable.  However the university regards the sending unsolicited emails to a large number of email accounts as spam and the university may choose to block these messages and possibly take disciplinary action against students that do not follow the University computer policies.  (see for information about UWM computer and use of technology policies).
The UW System offers a helpful online document *Guidance on Political Campaign Activities at UW System Institutions* at:

Anyone desiring to campaign as a candidate or on behalf of a candidate for a UWM student political office must proceed according to the following policy when campaigning in University Housing buildings.

  • One-sheet flyers may be placed in residential mailboxes by University Housing staff on the weekend before the election for University Housing-affiliated organization elections only.  Candidates must submit one copy per mailbox (contact the University Housing main desk for the current resident population) to the Main Desk Supervisor no later than 12:00PM on the Wednesday prior to the election.
  • Flyers may be posted on tower bulletin boards by University Housing staff only.  Please see the “Posting Flyers” section on this policy for more information.
  • Candidates or their representatives may speak to residents in meeting rooms or house lounges by invitation only and at the times specified in the invitation.  Room reservation charges may apply (see the University Housing Facility Reservation Policy for information on room rates).
  • Candidates or their representatives may contact the Program Services Center in University Housing to reserve a table in the cafeteria (please see the “Univerrsity Housing Cafeteria Tables” section of this policy for procedures and restrictions).
  • Candidates or their representatives may post a banner in commons areas (see the “Posting Banners” section of this policy for more information).
  • For Students Association and Student Housing Administrative Council elections, candidates may participate in a SHAC-sponsored debate held in a University Housing building.  This will serve as an opportunity for candidates to meet with University Housing residents face-to-face.  Consequently, other face-to-face campaigning not already covered in this section (i.e., handing out flyers in building lobbies, etc) is not permitted.

B.O.S.S. seeks students to immediately fill open driver positions!  Applicants must be current UWM students, must possess a valid driver’s license, must pass a driver’s authorization check, and must pass a criminal background check.  For more details, call 229-6469 or apply in person at the B.O.S.S. office, located next the Union Info booth on the Ground Level of the UWM Union!


Would you like to receive a $1,000 scholarship for doing volunteer work in the next school year?  If you are a first-generation or Pell Grant eligible student then we have a scholarship for you! Contact Laurie at for more info.

Do you want to be a mentor to a local Milwaukee kid?  You can do so by volunteering only an hour and a half each week through the UWM College Bigs Program.  Info and sign up sessions will be on Sept 4th at 6:30pm and again on Sept 10th at 6:30pm.  To register for one of these sessions fill out the info below and send to  Also, there is free pizza at these sessions!

This year's student leadership retreat is going to be held on the weekend of Sept 20-21 at Camp Minikani.  At this retreat we do a teambuilding exercises, a ROPES course, boating, hold a social bonfire, and much much more!  We are limiting registration to 200 students, and slots are already filling up fast, so if you want to participate, fill out the info below and email it to

The Center for Volunteerism & Student Leadership (CVSL) is hoping you will participate in a book drive for the Hope House, a service provider to homeless and low-income individuals on Milwaukee’s near southside. The CVSL has a strong partnership with the Hope House, as each Thursday members of our campus community volunteer at the food pantry for the afternoon, and each semester we participate in neighborhood clean-ups in the Hope House service area. Hope House is in need of new or gently used, fiction or non-fiction books that have characters or themes that reflect the diversity of the population they serve. Further they hope to collect books for babies, kids, pre-teens, teens as well as for adults. They would also appreciate gift cards to bookstores. This will allow them to buy books directly relating to the subject matter they decide to cover with the youth (for example, right now the kids are learning about planting, gardening and growing).

There will be a Hope House book drop box located in the Center for Volunteerism & Student Leadership office (Union G28) until Sept 5th. If need be, email for a pick-up if you are unable to stop by the union with your donation.



Make Good Decisions is a program designed for students by students through a grant provided by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.  Training will be no more than one hour and will focus on:  Safe drinking practices, how to compute one’s BAC, how to identify one’s “optimum BAC”, ways to set and stick with one’s limit, ways to drink safely and have a great time, how to get the most positives and least negatives from alcohol, how and why the sexes react differently to alcohol and what this means for a Friday night, avoiding alcohol poisoning, how to avoid becoming a victim and other safety information.  There are three different dates and times the program is offered:

  • Monday, September 8, 2008 from 3:30-4:30pm in the Union Ballroom West
  • Wednesday, September 10, 2008 from 11am-12pm in the Union Ballroom West
  • Tuesday, September 16, 2008 from 11am-12pm in the Wisconsin Room West

If you attend these training sessions you will receive giveaways and helpful information to assist you in actively or passively programming for making good decisions about alcohol.  The training was designed for students, by students.  The request that this training be provided to student groups was made by students themselves. They felt that trained students could be the best sources for their peers of accurate information that could decrease alcohol related problems.  Those attending the program will learn how one becomes a safe and “skillful drinker.” Students who choose to will be able to pass on important and personally relevant drinking information to friends and other students. If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself, Keri L. Duce, at 229-6999, or Paul DuPont at 229-2927,

Norris Health Center has a part-time job for a student Tobacco-Free Environment Advocate, starting at the beginning of the fall semester. The student in this position works as a team with two other Tobacco-Free Environment Advocates to educate the UWM community about second-hand smoke and corporate tobacco targeting of college students, as well as advocating on the state, local and national level for smoke-free air policies. Each student works about 10 hours a week, and the positions are funded by grants from the Milwaukee County Tobacco Coalition and the American Lung Association.  For more information and an application, please contact Laura Anne Stuart at or 414-229-2919.

Are you a member of a service-oriented student organization?  If so, the Jenzabar Foundation wants YOU to apply for its 2008 Student Leadership Award.  Seven $5,000 grants will be awarded this fall and nominations are now being accepted.  For more information please go to and click on the 2008 Student Leadership Awards link.  Deadline is September 12, 2008.