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Driver Authorization Changes
Office Supply Vendor changing
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SAC Training Announcement
Office Supply Vendor Change

All registered student organizations must have an advisor who is employed at UW-Milwaukee. (Student Employees, Teaching, Research, or Graduate Assistants do not qualify).  Advisors are educators outside the classroom setting and a resource person for the organization.  Advisors have a variety of roles with an organization including a mentor, teacher, leader and follower.  Ideally, the advisor assists the organization members and officers in staying in compliance with their charter, constitution and bylaws and applicable Student Association, UW-Milwaukee and UW System policies as well as local, state and federal laws and ordinances.  Advisors should also assist student leaders in developing critical thinking skills in the areas of event planning, risk management, organization management, group processes and ethical decision making among other areas for personal development.  For more information on Advisors, see the Quick Reference Sheet on Advisors at:

One of the duties of the Student Activities Advisor was to advise and help coordinate the activities of the Council of Student Organizations.  When the funding for the Student Activities Advisor was cut COSO along with other training activities had to be discontinued.  Now the Tom Dake has been hired to as the Student Activities Advisor, the Center for Student Involvement will be looking to reestablish COSO and some ongoing training activities for student organizations.  

The purpose of COSO before it was discontinued was to serve as a means for communication between student organizations to foster their growth and development, dissemination of important information to student organizations, and assessing the needs of student organizations and leaders to enhance the services and resources available to them.  Tom will be researching how best to revive COSO or a similar group to best meet the needs of current student organizations. 

As is will take some time to put the training programs together, if you are a new officer and need help learning how to operate on campus Tom Dake will be providing new officer training by appointment.  Contact the Center for Student Involvement 229-5780 to be put on Tom’s schedule.  Be sure to mention it is for new officer training.  If a huge demand for training occurs, then Tom McGinnity may also do some of the training.

The  State has broadened its definition of political activities ( to include referendums and political partisan issues, no state funds can be used toward such activities.  If outside money is deposited into a state account, that money is treated the same as state funds.

“Political campaign activity includes not only solicitation of campaign contributions, service in furtherance of candidates, political parties and political action committees, and advocating a particular position on a referendum, BUT ALSO PROMOTING ACTION ON ISSUES WHICH HAVE BECOME HIGHLY IDENTIFIED AS DIVIDING ISSUES BETWEEN THE CANDIDATES [emphasis added].”  Although Student organizations are free to express their views and positions on campus, you may not use segregated  fees or state resources to do so.

The complete policy will be emailed to all officers in a separate email.

(Meetings will be held in Union EG79)
Tuesday October 21st @ 7 pm         forms due 10/15 by 5 pm in Union EG79
Tuesday November 4th @ 7 pm      forms due 10/29 by 5 pm in Union EG79
Tuesday November 25th @ 7 pm    forms due 11/19 by 5 pm in Union EG79
Tuesday December 9th @ 7 pm       forms due 12/3 by 5 pm in Union EG79

Friday November 14th – Sunday November 16th 2008.  Times and locations to be announced later.
Grant Requests are due Friday October 31st by 5 pm in Union EG79.

For more information or if you have questions on SAC funding, please contact Emily Grotz, SAC Chairperson,, 229-1750, or visit Union 351.

The State of Wisconsin has changed the rules for non-Wisconsin driver’s license holders to be authorized drive.  For Out-of-State and Canadian license holders to be approved to drive for their student organization, individuals are now required to submit an official copy of their driving record from their State (or Provincial) Department of Motor Vehicles along with a completed UWM Driver Authorization application. Out-of-State or Canadian license holders will also need to submit a copy of their official driving record annually unless they have obtained a Wisconsin License.

With the exception of Canadian drivers, all international student drivers are required to obtain a Wisconsin driver's license in order to be approved to drive for their student organization.   Student organizations may want to select members with Wisconsin driver’s licenses to be drivers due to the time and potential cost this procedures may have on members who do not have one.

The state has issued and awarded a new contract for office supplies and new toner to Corporate Express.  The transition will be complete on or about November 1st.  We will continue to use Office Depot until the transition is complete.  Once we have more information on the new vendor, it will be emails out.

Students are highly encouraged to go to to register to vote. This is a simple and fast way to register to vote from the comfort of your home. If any student organization would like a deputy to come to their weekly meeting or event to register people to vote please contact WISPIRG at or come to union 360. The registration deadline is October 15th  so act fast! This is an important election, and we must insure that our voices are heard. Let’s get out the vote!

The LGBT Resource Center at UWM along with co-sponsors and its supporters kick off the Celebration of National Coming Out Week (October 8-October 15, 2008), for detailed descriptions visit the LGBT Resource Center web calendar:     Note: All of the festivities are Free & Open to the Public!

Robyn Ochs, nationally known Bisexual speaker/teacher/writer/activist 
Wednesday, October 8th, 7:00pm in Union Ballroom West
Bisexuality 101: Myths and Realities

Girlyman performs for Gasthaus Entertainment Series
Thursday, October 9th, 9:00pm at the Gasthaus

S. Bear Bergman presents twice:
Clearly Marked, Monday, October 13th, 12:00pm in the Union Theatre and
Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Gender, Monday, October 13th, 7:30pm in the Union Fireside Lounge

Laramie Inside Out,  Documentary Film Screening 
Wednesday, October 15th, 7:00pm in the Union Theatre

Every year Glamour magazine searches the country for 10 top college women to honor. The 2009 competition is open to students who are full-time college juniors at four-year colleges or universities in the U.S. and Canada during the 2008-09 academic year. We look for students with excellent academic records, leadership experience and inspiring goals.  The winners each receive a $3,000 cash prize, recognition in an issue of the magazine and a trip to New York for a gala awards luncheon. Check out the 2008 winners on  The deadline for entries is December 1, 2008. If you have any questions, please email us at



The Rak-athon (random acts of kindness) - Nov 8th from 9am – 1pm
Join 250 fellow UWM students, faculty, and staff for a morning of service helping neighborhood elderly people winterize their homes! This includes raking, putting up storm windows, moving lawn furniture in for the season, sweeping, and other tasks.  This is a great, fun event, where you can sign up with a group of friends as a team or as an individual.  You will be assigned 4 people to a home and given a list of tasks. Then you go to the older adult’s home and complete the volunteer work.  Transportation is provided!  To register please email  your Name, Cell phone, Email, Team (If applicable) to  For group sign-ups, please stop by the Center for Volunteerism & Student Leadership for a team registration form or just send all the required info for each team member.

Need a work-study job and want to help the community too?  Be an America reads tutor!
If you receive work study as part of your federal financial aid package then you are eligible to be a tutor at a local school helping kids learn to read, write, and do math. The pay is $7.75 per hour, your schedule is flexible based on your needs, and transportation time is included in your work hours!  To be a tutor please come to the sign-up meeting at 7:30pm in the Union Ballroom West on Thursday, October 23rd.  You must bring your class schedule, a copy of your driver’s license, and either your social security card, birth certificate, or US passport.  Also bring a pen, and be sure to check to that you get work study – it’s the only way we will put you on the payroll!  To register for the America Reads meeting, please stop by the Center for Volunteerism & Student Leadership  or email  your Name, Cell phone, Email, Did you check to be sure you get work study? (yes or no)to

Donate blood on Wednesday October 8th!
Please consider being a donor at our campus-wide blood drive this week Wednesday, Oct 8th from 9:00am to 3:00pm!  Each year we try and collect 1,000 pints of blood on campus, and we need your help to reach this goal.  The drive is held in the Union Ballroom, snacks are provided, and the entire donation process takes less than one hour!  To Schedule Your Appt: Call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE or log onto or contact Amanda at . Walk-ins Welcome! This drive is sponsored by the Center for Volunteerism & Student Leadership and the Student Association.

Get recognized for volunteering – sign up for the student service record (SSR) program!
Through the Student Service Record program (SSR), students can track their volunteer work through the Center for Volunteerism & Student Leadership website and then after you complete a minimum of 75 volunteer hours, you will receive a certificate highlighting your service. This is a great way to stand out when looking for a job; you can use your service record as accompaniment piece to your resume! There is a great selection of agencies to choose from and once you choose one all you have to do is volunteer and record your hours.  For more information contact Jessica Biba at

Campus Clean-Ups Scheduled – October 25th is the next one!
Help us to keep the UWM grounds looking clean, free of cigarette butts, wrappers and other debris.  On  Saturday, Oct 25th, and Saturday, Nov 22nd, there will be organized campus clean ups from 10:00am to noon.  To participate you can simply pick up gloves, bags, and other supplies in the Sandburg Hall Commons.  For more information contact Kate Nelson at

MILWAUKEE, Wis., October 7, 2008 – Milwaukee is teaming with leaders – business leaders, political leaders, thought leaders. We read and hear about better-known leaders every day.  But what about “Fearless Leaders” – those people who have rolled up their sleeves and are making a difference in the community, even though they don’t receive routine praise or recognition along the way – and sometimes take great risks to accomplish their work.

VITAL Source magazine is looking to celebrate these unsung heroes.  According to Jon Anne Willow, publisher and co-founder of VITAL Source, “We are looking for those leaders who have made a positive change in the community. Perhaps they work for social change, or they might run a business that makes a neighborhood better.  A Fearless Leader could be an incredible teacher, or even a family member who makes a difference in the lives of those around him every day.  Fearless Leaders come in all types—no effort is too big or too small.”

To nominate or vote for a Fearless Leader of Milwaukee, please visit and click the Fearless Leaders button.  Nominations will be accepted through Friday, October 31, 2008.  On November 3, VITAL Source will unveil the nominees on its website and invite Milwaukee to cast their votes.

Career Development Center’s All Majors Career Day is FREE and open to UWM students, UWM alumni, and students of other UW schools. It will be held on October 16, 2008, 9:00-2:00 PM in the Wisconsin room.  This is a great opportunity for students to get first hand information, begin networking and make contacts for internships and full-time opportunities.  Students can learn about these organizations and opportunities from the Career Development Website:


Are you planning of submitting a SAC large grant?  Is this the first time you've filled out a grant form?  Have you been denied funding in the past for improper justification?  Come to the Senate Appropriations Committee Grant Form Training Seminar on Thursday October 23rd at 7pm in Union 181.  At this training session you will be taught how to properly fill out a grant form and learn what constitutes as proper justification to ensure the maximum amount is received.

If you have any questions please contact SAC Chair Emily Grotz at or 414-229-1750.

I hope to see you on the 23rd!

Emily Grotz
SAC Chair

The last CSI update said the office supply vendor would change in November.  To our surprise, we just received notice that the vendor change will occur Monday, October 13, 2008.  The new vendor, Corporate Express, does not have retail stores – SO FROM NOW ON ALL OFFICE SUPPLY PURCHASES MUST BE MADE THROUGH THE CENTER FOR STUDENT INVOLVEMENT.  We are currently looking into whether there are any exceptions to this contract – but at this point it does not look like it.  Therefore, purchases from other stores will not be reimbursed.  There will be training next week on the new contract, so there may be more information in the next update.

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