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CSI Closed on November 28, 2008
Travel Contract Update – Additional Fees for Airlines
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The Student Association (SA) recently upgraded their website  The new website provides information on all three branches and some of its committees, including SAC.  Take a look and see what SA is all about.

The Center for Student Involvement will be closed for normal business on Friday, November 28th due to the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend.

There may be extra charges not listed with some discount airline tickets but unfortunately CSI will not  know what they are until after the ticket is charged.  Currently the state contract for travel using Travelport there  is $7 plus a $2 for a total of  $9 of fees per ticket.  However if a Fox World Reservations Assistant needs to address issues with the ticket, they charge an additional $11 so the total fees added to the ticket can be $20.  There are certain carriers that sometimes require agent assistance (Airtran, Jet Blue and Southwest) due to how their reservation systems interact with Travelport.  This does not happen every time and there is no way to know a is going to have the extra charge prior to purchase.  Because Airtran is normally the cheapest airline out of Milwaukee, this additional $11 fee could be added to student tickets more often.  We have only had this happen a couple of times, but wants groups to know that the price of a ticket may increase after we order it due to the $11 fee be added to complete the reservation.  The other travel fees remain the same.  If tickets are purchased through a Fox World agency, the total fee is $32.  If the ticket will be for international travel the total  fee will be $41.

Adobe Acrobat has a new version of its reader program (version 10) and many computers are getting an error message to download the upgrade.  The computers will still work on version 9 and this should not affect anything you do.  Since we have over 100 computers in the Union, it would be time consuming to go around and upgrade every machine manually.  We will be working with UITS to see if they will be developing an upgrade package we can push to all the machines over the network.   Until then you can just close the error message and continue using your computer normally.

November 10, Noon, Student Union room 250 and a repeat session on November 11, Noon, Student Union room 250
The Center for Student Involvement will be hosting two training sessions (repeating content) for faculty/staff advisors to student organization on November 10 and 11, 2008 at noon.  A change in the UW Board of Regents policies now requires all registered student organizations to have at least one faculty/staff advisor. The training session will address resources available to support student organization advisors and an overview of related UWS and UWM policies and applicable State and Federal laws. New, continuing and perspective advisors for student organizations are welcome to attend.  Advisor planning to attend should RSVP no later than Monday, November 10 at 10:00am by calling 229-5780 or emailing

November 18, Noon, Student Union 342
November 19, 5:00pm, Student Union 343
As a result of a new UW Board of Regents policy all registered student organizations must have an advisor who is employed at UW-Milwaukee. (Student Employees, Teaching, Research, or Graduate Assistants do not qualify).  This requirement signifies a major change in the student organization culture at UWM. This training is focused on student organization members and officers and will provide information on how to gain the most for your organization by establishing a strong working relationship with the faculty/staff advisor. 


The LGBT Resource Center at UWM along with co-sponsors &supporters invite you to join us November 10th – 14th for Trans Awareness Week!  For detailed descriptions visit the LGBT Resource Center web calendar:
Lee Harrington, Author/Educator/Artist/Shaman:  >From Tits to Tats: Traversing Sex Politics in the First Person
Monday, November 10th, 3:30-4:30pm Union Room 191 (Free & Open to the Public – UWM Passport Event)
Your average boy next door, Lee Harrington was born Bridgett Louise Ashlee Jauregui Harrington - a clever girl who won awards for academic work and eventually ended up working simultaneously as an adult film actor and a database administrator for a Christian faith organization.  In this first person tale of coming to grips with gender as a cosmopolitan human, Lee will share his tale of moving through being a girl, being a boy, being forced by the therapeutic institution back into being a girl, going into sex work to try to learn to love his body, a happy marriage as a two-spirited human, hardcore porn, spiritual adventures, near death experiences, and eventually to an identity as a femme man in America.  Join Lee as he journeys, backwards, forwards, and eventually works towards the hard questions - what is gender, what is identity, and how do we look at ourselves in the mirror.

Lee Harrington, Author/Educator/Artist/Shaman:  Fleshing It Out: Sacred and Profane Body Modifications
Monday, November 10th, 7:30pm in Union Fireside Lounge (Free & Open to the Public – UWM Passport Event)
The world over, body modification is used as a way to express identity, whether that is self identity, cultural (or sub-cultural) affiliation or milestones, political views, spiritual connections, or other roads of identity.  Are you aware of the modifications you have already made to live the life you currently have, such as having a specific hair style to blend in with your peer circle, or living at a specific weight?  What does having a tattoo mean nowadays?  What did it used to mean?  How does the act of jewelry wearing change (such as a wedding band) when we must consciously put it on each day?  We will look at the wide variety of body modifications available today (from henna/mehndi to hook hangs, stage makeup to genital reconstruction surgery, temporary piercing to flesh removal), and discuss the energy inherent in each type of modification, an overview of their history, and social implications today.

Good Asian Drivers: Queer Asians – Doin’ It for Themselves
Wednesday, November 12th 3:30-4:45pm in the Multicultural Student Lounge (UWM Passport Event)
The Good Asian Drivers will present a workshop in which they address their personal stories in the navigation of queer and trans identities within the family structure, performance communities, and the mainstream. They will speak about their Do It Yourself road tour through 30 states and Canada, and also will show videos clips of blogs, music videos, and spoofs and how they market themselves and connect with fans and friends across the nation.

Lyrical Sanctuary with Kit Yan
Wednesday, November 12th  8pm in the Wisconsin Room (Free & Open to the Public – UWM Passport Event)
Lyrical Sanctuary is an open mic series that welcomes poets, singers, rappers, visual artists and other performers to express themselves before a captive audience. Feature Champion Slam-poet Kit Yan will perform. He has won numerous slams including the Individual World Poetry Slam.

Good Asian Drivers perform for Gasthaus Entertainment Series
Thursday, November 13th, 9:00pm @ Gasthaus (Free & Open to the Public – UWM Passport Event)
Kit Yan performs with folk singer-songwriter Melissa Li. This social mission, along with an undeniably entertaining performance and a reputation for being personable and approachable, makes the Good Asian Drivers a duo that must be placed on everyone’s radar. A Q & A will follow the performance.

Observance Demonstration for Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR)
Wednesday, November 19th  6pm - 7:30pm; for additional details contact Warren: or 229.4116. 
 LGBTQA Bowling (FREE): 7:30pm – 9pm in the Rec Center; immediately following Observance of TDOR; you won’t want to miss it – food & bowling.

Sexpo: An Informal Discussion: Race, Sexuality & Identity 
Tuesday, November 11th, 12:00pm – 1:00pm in the Multicultural Student Lounge
This workshop is designed to be a preview to the performance of "Miscegenations" by Lea Robinson and Elizabeth Whitney on November 18. What does "miscegenation" mean, and why should you care? We will discuss identity, sexuality and privilege and the ways in which these intersecting categories affect all of us.

Lea Robinson and Elizabeth Whitney, Artists/scholars, present "Miscegenations
Tuesday, November 18th (Free & Open to the Public) Miscegenations @ 7pm
"a new media/performance project inspired by their experiences living and a queer, interracial couple. Robinson and Whitney will facilitate a dialogue about intersections of cultural identity, with a specific focus on race, sexuality, and gender identity. 



Eating Disorders Support Group
Wednesdays, October 1 through December 10, 2008, 12:30pm-2pm, Confidential location on UWM campus
Are you preoccupied with food, weight, or body image? You may be struggling with an eating disorder. Eating disorders can cause extreme emotions, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding weight and food issues that start to control your life, and can have life-threatening consequences. Dave Drajkowski, an experienced eating disorders therapist facilitates this ongoing support group for UWM women students.  Students are able to join anytime. Sponsored by the UWM Women's Resource Center.   Free Group; Pre-Registration Required - For more information or to participate, contact Sue McCarthy-UWM Women’s Resource Center at 414-229-2852 or

Seven Financial Habits of Happy and Healthy Women
Wednesday, November 5, 2008, 12:30pm, UWM Union 280
For the majority of Americans, especially women, money is a leading cause of stress and we're losing precious sleep over stress - an average of 21 hours each month. ("Stress in America," Sept. 2007, American Psychological Association, Have you ever wondered if your physical health could be tied to your finances?  Can a balanced bank account be just as important as a treadmill for your well-being?  Meridee Maynard, Senior Vice President at Northwestern Mutual, will host an interactive, thought-provoking workshop on the Seven Financial Habits of Happy and Healthy People.  Find out what simple steps you can take to help improve your health and happiness. Sponsored by the UWM Women's Resource Center. Free Event - For more information, contact the UWM Women’s Resource Center at 414-229-2852.

The Boycott, a One-Woman Play by Kathryn Blume
Thursday, November 13 through Saturday, November 15, 2008, UWM Union Wisconsin Room
Packed to the rafters with moxie and magic, The Boycott tells the story of the First Lady of the United States launching a nationwide sex strike to fight global warming and save the world.  Come for a raucous tour of Oval Office affairs, psychedelic absinthe trips, enchanted frogs, movie star cameos, and land in a heap of unabashed hope.  Sponsored by UWM Union Programming and the UWM Women’s Resource Center.  Ticket prices: Free for UWM Students, but due to space limitations comp tickets are required; comp tickets can be picked up at the UWM Women’s Resource Center (Union WG93)/ $5 for Campus Community, UWM Alumni, Non-UWM Students/ $8 for General Public - For more information, contact Linda Corbin-Pardee - UWM Union Programming at 414-229-3111.

The Veil: Visible and Invisible Spaces - Art Exhibit
Thursday, November 13 through Wednesday, December 12, 2008, Mon-Wed & Fri-Sat 12-5pm, Thurs 12-7pm; Opening Reception: November 13, 5-8pm; UWM Union Art Gallery
The Veil: Visible and Invisible Spaces is an exhibition of the work of twenty-nine artists including videographers, filmmakers and new media artists, as well as painters, sculptors, performance and installation artists. Each considers and re-visions the veil in its many manifestations and interpretations and puts veils and veiling into context. The exhibit intends to engage received wisdom – particularly current clichés and stereotypes about Islamic practices – and to reflect on the great ubiquity, importance and profundity of the veil throughout human history and imagination. Curated by Jennifer Heath, this exhibition is a visual companion to Heath’s edited volume The Veil: Women Writers on Its History, Lore, and Politics. Funded in part by the Boulder Arts Commission, Puffin Foundation, Ltd., Firyal Alsalabi, and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, this exhibit is sponsored by the UWM Union Art Gallery and the UWM Women’s Resource Center.  Free Event - For more information, contact the UWM Union Art Gallery at 414-229-6310 or

The Veil Gallery Talk with Curator Jennifer Heath
Friday, November 14, 2008, 4pm, UWM Union Art Gallery
Jennifer Health, curator of The Veil: Visible and Invisible Spaces will discuss the context, culture and politics of the veil and veiling practices worldwide, and the evolution and content of the art exhibition and its accompanying anthology, The Veil:Women Writers on Its History, Lore, and Politics. Followed by a panel discussion. Sponsored by the UWM Union Art Gallery, UWM Women’s Resource Center, UWM Center for Women's Studies, and UWM Cultures and Communities Program.  Free Event - For more information, contact the UWM Union Art Gallery at 414-229-6310 or

Interpretations of ‘Invisible Communities’ Community Art Project
Art-Making Event: Tuesday, November 18, 2008, 9am-5pm, UWM Union Concourse
Art Exhibit: Sunday, November 23- through Friday, December 13, 2008, all day, UWM Union Atrium
Participate in a Community Art Project visually displaying opinions about topics related to communities that have been veiled in stereotypes, traditionally oppressed or 'invisible' voices in our society.  Artwork submitted by, or created at the November 18th event will be displayed in front of the UWM Bookstore.  Materials for creating veil art will be provided at the art-making event, and participants are also encouraged to bring additional materials to express themselves creatively on this subject.  This project is occurring in conjunction with the UWM Union Art Gallery Exhibit of Veil: Visible and Invisible Spaces.  Sponsored by the UWM Union Art Gallery, UWM Union Studio Arts & Crafts Centre and the UWM Women's Resource Center.  Free Event - For more information or to submit art work prior to 11/18/08, contact the UWM Union Art Gallery at 414-229-6310 or

Sexpo Presents: Miscegenations
Tuesday, November 18, 7pm, UWM Wisconsin Room
Mis-ceg-e-na-tion, noun, 1. The interbreeding of different races or of persons of different racial backgrounds. 2. Cohabitation, sexual relations, or marriage involving persons of different races. Artist/Scholars Lea Robinson and Elizabeth Whitney present Miscegenations, a new media/performance project inspired by their lived experiences as a queer, interracial couple.  Robinson and Whitney will facilitate dialogue about intersections of cultural identity, with specific focus on race, sexuality, and gender identity.  Sponsored by the UWM Norris Health Center, UWM Women's Resource Center, UWM LGBT Resource Center, UWM Union Programming, UWM Sociocultural Programming, and the UWM Multicultural Student Center.  Free Event - For more information, contact Laura Anne Stuart, 414-229-2919.

Adaptations of Beauty presents: A Symposium on Beauty Standard in Asian/Asian American Culture
November 19, 2008, 7pm, UWM Union Fireside Lounge
Join us as we discuss various beauty standards and their implications within the lives of Asian and Asian American women.  Bring your questions and comments and let’s get ready to talk.  Sponsored by UWM Union Sociocultural Programming, Hmong Student Association, Asian Student Union, and the UWM Women’s Resource Center.  Free Event - For more information call UWM Union Sociocultural Programming at 414-229-3894 or go to



Join 250 fellow UWM students, faculty, and staff for a morning of service helping neighborhood elderly people winterize their homes! This includes raking, putting up storm windows, moving lawn furniture in for the season, sweeping, and other tasks.  This is a great, fun event, where you can sign up with a group of friends as a team or as an individual.  You will be assigned 4 people to a home and given a list of tasks. Then you go to the older adult’s home and complete the volunteer work.  Transportation is provided!  To register please provide the info below to Laurie Marks at   For group sign-ups, please stop by the CVSL for a team registration form or just send all the required info for each team member!
TEAM (if applicable):

Would an environmental project be more to your liking on Nov 8th instead of the RAK-athon?  Please join Friends of Hart Park, on Saturday, November 8thfrom 9:00 a.m. until noon to remove the buckthorn. Volunteers will assemble at the Muellner Building located in Hart Park, at 7300 Chestnut Street in Wauwatosa. Please dress for the weather and bring a pair of working gloves to protect your hands. For more information contact Nicole at

Donate blood or volunteer at the campus wide blood drive on Nov 19 in the Union Ballroom, and help us to reach our goal of collecting 1,000 pints of blood on the UWM campus each year.  Simply provide the information below to Laurie Marks at