The Leading Edge
Center for Student Involvement - Union 363
Volume 13 - Issue 9b


You are receiving this update because you are listed as a contact or advisor for a registered student organization or you work in the Office of Student Life. Updates are produced by the Center for Student Involvement at UW-Milwaukee and are an electronic replacement for the Leading Edge Newsletter and paper flyers. Some items below contain links to web pages which provide more detailed information.  Archived updates can be found at:


Student Organization Survey – last day open
Student Association Elections
Check-off Election
Political Activity
Union Office Assignments
Fall Large Grants Approved
Speaker and Performer Payments
Constant Changing For Travel Setup
Financial Processing Timelines
Yearend Deadlines
Purge Of Driver Authorizations
Do Not Use UWM’s Name on Facebook, Websites, or Other Sources
Transition To New Leaders/Officers
Call For Student Organization Photographs


As an officer in one or more student organizations at UW-Milwaukee, you recently received an email requesting your participation in a survey on training and development for organizations. If you have completed the survey, we thank you for your assistance. If you have not yet completed the survey, we would like to urge you to do so as soon as possible. The weblink to the survey appears in a reminder email sent to you on April 14. Your opinion matters to us!  PLEAS ANSWER THE LAST THREE QUESTIONS

The Student Association Elections will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, April 29th & 30th, 9:00am - 6:00pm.  Polling locations will be in EMS, Union, Sandburg, and Riverview.  The Student Association (SA) election is approaching and this is your opportunity to select your representatives in SA and determine where your money for student organizations gets allocated (see Check-off information below). For information on the elections see the Student Association Website:

All students may directly allocate the student organization portion of their segregated fee ($19.00) to as many as four organizations.  Student organization codes and instructions can be found at the poll sites or online at:

No student or organization may use any university resources for political activity associated with these elections that includes your "" email account, PantherList functions, computer labs, student organization office equipment, and etcetera.  Using off-campus email accounts to mail such as or to mail to individuals’ account is acceptable.  The  State defines political activities  as “solicitation of campaign contributions, service in furtherance of candidates, political parties and political action committees, and advocating a particular position on a referendum, but also promoting action on issues which have become highly identified as dividing issues between the candidates.”  If outside money is deposited into a state account, that money is treated the same as state funds and cannot be used toward political activities.  For a complete version of the state rules on political activity on campus, see

The Union Policy Board has made its FINAL office assignments for 2009-2010 school year.  The list of assignments can be found posted outside of Union 331, 363, EG79, and by the 3rd floor mailboxes.  Groups that received an office will receive lease information shortly.  Groups currently occupying an office that was not assigned a space for next year will need to remove all their belongings by May 31, 2009.  Office assignment questions should be directed to the Office Allocation Committee Chair, Kyle Duerstein,

The CSI office received signed legislation for those organizations which were approved for large grants for the fall semester.  THE MONEY WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL JULY 2009.  You cannot spend any of the funds prior to July 2009.  We cannot pay vendors or process reimbursements for expenses that occurred prior to July 1, 2009.  CSI office will be sending on confirmation letters with funding amounts approved by the Student Association and instructions for how to spend them.  If you will not be an officer next year, please make sure this letter gets passed onto the new officers.

Paying speaker performers that work for UWM or another UW institution is very difficult.  Due to state regulations we cannot pay them by check, since they are employees.  They must be paid on the payroll system which means taxes will be taken out of their check.  If the speaker works for a different campus, in order to pay them on payroll we will need to have them sign an I-9 form.  The paperwork to pay a speaker from another campus requires several signatures from both campuses and could take 30 to 60 days to process.  So when working with speakers or performers

Travel has become a very large headache for the Center for Student Involvement lately due to poor planning and last minute changes from student organization officers.  We are not staffed to serve as a Drop in center for travel requests like a travel agency would be.  Considering there are 300 student organizations and 10-20 can be using our office for travel arrangements each week – it gets really messy when a group comes in several days prior to a trip or decides to change their itinerary several times.  Airline reservations should be made 30 days out to get the best rates – so don’t wait until the very last moment to apply for funds then be in a crunch to get everything done in time.  When several groups do come in at the last minute, it puts the office in chaos, since we have to stop handling paperwork from groups that did plan ahead to handle the emergency caused by the groups that did not. 

General request minimum processing time line in days:
Checks for purchases less greater than $1500.00 - 32 days
Checks for purchases less than $1500.00 - 21 days
Credit Card Purchases - 3-5 days, plus vendors’ delivery time.
Driver Authorization - 14 Days
Enterprise Car Rental Service - 5 Days
Travel set-up - 14 days (30 days to get airfare at a reasonable price)
Non-paid performer or speaker Contract - 14 days
Paid performer or speaker Contract - 30 days
Payment to Individuals for services - 30 days
Reimbursements - 30-60 days

(Incomplete forms will not be considered submitted by the deadline)
June 1   Last day to submit an order which requires a check to be cut.
June 5   Last day to submit a reimbursement request.
June 8   Last day to submit an order which can be paid for by Visa.
June 8   Last day to submit an office supply order.

Risk management is going to purge the list of authorized drivers at the end of the semester.  If your group is planning on any travel in the summer, you will need to resubmit driver authorization forms for the summer and fall.  Please allow at least two weeks for processing.  You can get forms from CSI in Union 363 or from:

We have received notice from the University that several student organizations are illegally using UWM in their website names and other web communications.  University regulations state:  “Student groups may only identify themselves with the University by using the following format in the organization name: “Club XYZ at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.” The name must not infer University endorsement of the organization’s purpose or activities, or imply that the organization is speaking on behalf of the University or any of its divisions or departments.”

Student organization use of use of any of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee logos marks or symbols is prohibited.  These logo marks include the acronym UWM, the two wavy lines, the registered trademark sign, the logo signature, and the Athletic Panther Logo.  Therefore is not an appropriate name for a website.  A Facebook group entitled UWM XYZ Club is also inappropriate.  Cease and desist letters will be going out shortly to several groups which are using UWM inappropriately in their website names.  Failure to comply could jeopardize a groups registration status with the university.

Training for new organization leaders/officers is available from the Center for Student Involvement, or 229-5780.  All student organizations must complete a Change of Contacts form when the leaders/officers of the organization change. The form is available online at:

New leaders are reminded that all student organizations will need to renew their registration with the University early in the fall semester. For more information on student organization policies, procedures and resources visit the Center for Student Involvement website at or visit the office in Union 363.

The Center for Student Involvement is requesting picture submissions from student organizations! Pictures will be used for marketing/promotional purposes and may appear on the CSI website at For appropriate photographic subject matter, please see the Student Activities website and the current photos displayed there. When submitting a photo, make sure the file has as much detail (resolution, large file size) as possible. Photos may be cropped or otherwise edited for use. Images that are used will included a caption/label noting the organization pictured and/or the event the picture was taken at, and photographer credit if provided. The names of individuals in an image will not appear with the image. A photo release signed by the organization’s primary office will be required for each submission. Photos submitted will be considered for immediate posting! Send your organization photos and/or questions to: Tom Dake, Student Activities Advisor,