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Student Organization News: August, 2010


  1. Student Organization Annual Renewal Information
  2. Information on PantherSync [New Online Student Organization Portal
    1. Information for Student Organization Advisors
    2. PantherSync Sneak-Peek – Wednesday, August 18 @ 3:00pm in Union 280
    3. In-Depth PantherSync Training
    4. Exploring PantherSync Online
  3. Fall Semester SAC Grants
  4. Student Organization Travel Updates
    1. Vehicle Rentals
    2. Air Travel
    3. Driver Authorization Purged Over Summer

Student Organization Annual Renewal 2010
Each year in fall, student organizations are required to complete a renewal registration process. For 2010, many changes have been made in this process and student organization officers and faculty/staff advisors are strongly encouraged to review the process and requirements for this year. Changes include: Organization profile renewal in PantherSync (no longer a form), renewal training, OrgSync training and Registration Contract for each officer and advisor (submitted online and one signed copy submitted in person). A to-do list for renewal is posted in PantherSync and can be found using the tool bar on the left of the page by choosing “Tools” and “To-do list.” For more details, select “Get Involved” and submenu “Renewal/Inactive”. Click on the link for “PantherSync Renewal 2010.”


PantherSync has Launched!
The new online environment for student organizations is now available! PantherSync, powered by OrgSync, is now available for all currently registered student organizations at UWM. To join your organization’s portal or to just browse the system, you will need to login and create a profile. To login go towww.panthersync.uwm.eduand select “Custom Login” and choose “University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.” You will enter the system using your ePanther ID. Annual renewal of student organizations will require the use of PantherSync. For more details, select “Get Involved” and submenu “Renewal/Inactive”. Click on the link for “PantherSync Renewal 2010.”

PantherSync Information for Student Organization Advisors
Student organizations now have a new set of tools and resources available to them through the OrgSync online organizational management system. This new resource will provide organization members, officers and advisors with new tools for communication, membership management, event planning and calendaring, information sharing and leadership transitions. To prepare student leaders and advisors for this transition we have a number of training opportunities planned.

PantherSync/OrgSync Overview Sessions
Two overview sessions were offered in July and due to a positive response, one August session is being offered. This session will provide you with an understanding of the features of the new software and how the organizations can benefit from them. This is a “sneak peak” for faculty, staff, and students wanting to get a jump start on putting the software to work.
Wednesday, August 18, 3:00pm, Union 280

In-Depth Training with OrgSync Staff (We strongly encourage advisors to attend one of these trainings.)
A representative from OrgSync will be on campus to conduct a series of trainings on September 13 and 14. Times and locations will be announced soon and will be available These sessions will provide a walk-through of the programs and utilities available in OrgSync and how to use them effectively. Please feel free to bring a laptop computer to this training session.

Exploring OrgSync Online
If you cannot attend a training sessions, you are also welcome to visit the OrgSync website atwww.orgsync.comwhere there are walkthrough videos available to show the various features in the system.
Be on the lookout for more information on PantherSync/OrgSync and Changes to the Organizational Renewal Process (now available at
The introduction of this new online organizational management system will bring other changes as well. If you would like more information or have questions regarding these items, please contact Tom Dake, Student Activities Advisor, at (414) 229-5780 or by email

Fall Semester SAC Grants
Those student organizations who received SAC grants for fall semester had the grants posted in their budgets. The budgets were emailed out to officers of the student organizations noting that funding is effectiveJuly 1, 2010. It is important that an officer from your organization meet with an advisor in the Center for Student Involvement prior to any expenditures take place. If your organization did not receive a notification, please contact the Center for Student Involvement (

Vehicle Rentals
Vehicle rental contracts have changed. Student organizations will be paying for the rental vehicle on their own and seeking reimbursement after the trip has taken place. In order to receive reimbursement, student organizations will have needed to have approved driver authorizations forms on file with the Center for Student Involvement prior to the trip and follow the proper contacting procedures. If your student organization plans on renting a vehicle fall semester, please set up an appointment with the Center for Student Involvement ( to discuss your options.

Air Travel Updates
The Center for Student Involvement has negotiated some changes with the purchase of airfare for student organization trips. If your organization is planning on flying to your destination for a particular conference or tournament, please set up an appointment with the Center for Student Involvement ( to discuss how to purchase airfare for your student organization trips.

Driver Authorizations
Risk Management purged the driver authorization form database earlier this summer. Student organizations will need to submit new driver authorization forms if driving on student organization business for the fall/spring semesters.You can get forms from CSI in Union 363 or from: