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Student Organization News: August, 2010


  1. Center for Student Involvement – Open House!
  2. Student Organization Annual Renewal Information
  3. Information on PantherSync [New Online Student Organization Portal]
  4. Fall Semester SAC Grants
  5. Call for RSO Officers to Join SAC         
  6. Updates from the Senate Appropriations Committee
  7. Student Organization Travel Updates
  8. Campus Expo (Student Organization Fair) Sign-Up Information – A Few Spots Remain!
  9. Information on Reserving Engelman Gym
  10. Opportunity to Model Panther Gear for the UWM Bookstore
  11. Blood Drive Information for 2010-2011
  12. Volunteer Opportunities
  13. Leadership Opportunities
  14. Speed Meet 2010 (Student Networking Event)


CSI Open House – Friday, September 3 from 11-1pm – 363 Union

Tom, Jenny, Christopher, Eric and our soon to be name newest member of the Student Activities staff, will be available to introduce ourselves and the office to new students, welcome back returning students, and answer any questions about getting involved in organizations and leadership opportunities at UWM. If you can’t make our open house, be sure to visit us online at to see all the changes taking place this summer as we move to increasing our online services with the launch of PantherSync!


Student Organization Annual Renewal 2010

Each year in fall, student organizations are required to complete a renewal registration process. For 2010, many changes have been made in this process and student organization officers and faculty/staff advisors are strongly encouraged to review the process and requirements for this year. Changes include: Organization profile renewal in PantherSync (no longer a form), renewal training, OrgSync training and Registration Contract for each officer and advisor (submitted online and one signed copy submitted in person). A to-do list for renewal is posted in PantherSync and can be found using the tool bar on the left of the page by choosing “Tools” and “To-do list.” For more details visit the “PantherSync Renewal 2010” page.


PantherSync has Launched!

The new online environment for student organizations is now available! PantherSync, powered by OrgSync, is now available for all currently registered student organizations at UWM. To join your organization’s portal or to just browse the system, you will need to login and create a profile. To login go to and select “Custom Login” and choose “University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.” You will enter the system using your ePanther ID. Annual renewal of student organizations will require the use of PantherSync. For more details visit the “PantherSync Renewal 2010” page.

PantherSync/OrgSync Information for Student Organization Advisors

Student organizations now have a new set of tools and resources available to them through the OrgSync online organizational management system. This new resource will provide organization members, officers and advisors with new tools for communication, membership management, event planning and calendaring, information sharing and leadership transitions. To prepare student leaders and advisors for this transition we have a number of training opportunities planned.

In-Depth Training with OrgSync Staff (Advisors are strongly encouraged to attend one of these trainings.)

A representative from OrgSync will be on campus to conduct a series of trainings on September 13 and 14. Times and locations will be announced soon and will be available here on our website. These sessions will provide a walk-through of the programs and utilities available in OrgSync and how to use them effectively. Please feel free to bring a laptop computer to this training session.

Exploring PantherSync/OrgSync Online

If you cannot attend a training sessions, you are also welcome to visit the OrgSync website at where there are walkthrough videos available to show the various features in the system.

Be on the lookout for more information on PantherSync/OrgSync and Changes to the Organizational Renewal Process.

The introduction of this new online organizational management system will bring other changes as well. If you would like more information or have questions regarding these items, please contact Tom Dake, Student Activities Advisor, at (414) 229-5780 or by email at


Fall Semester SAC Grants
Those student organizations who received SAC grants for fall semester had the grants posted in their budgets.  The budgets were emailed out to officers of the student organizations noting that funding is effective July 1, 2010.  It is important that an officer from your organization meet with an advisor in the Center for Student Involvement prior to any expenditures take place.  If your organization did not receive a notification, please contact the Center for Student Involvement (


SAC Seeking Student Organization Officers to Sit as Members

Student Organization Officers,

Do you want to be involved in the SAC funding process?
The composition of the Senate Appropriations Committee is 5 senators, the SA Secretary and Treasurer, and 3 non-senator RSO officers. These are important positions and must be filled soon.

  • Go to Union room EG79 (Student Association Office)
  • Fill out a Committee Application
  • Turn the application in to Mike Ludwig, Shared Governance Director

Feel free to contact me for more information,

Nicholas Kadulski
UWM Student Association
Senate Appropriations Committee Chair
Office: 414-229-2930
Cell: 906-396-5136


SAC Updates and Changes for 2010-11

Student Organization Officers,
Anthony M. DeWees is no longer SAC chair. Nicholas Kadulski has been confirmed as the next SAC chair by Student Senate.
In July 2010 the Senate Appropriations Committee made several changes to the bylaws that will most likely affect you.  A few of the changes include, but are not limited to:

1. (Article IV, Section A)
‘SAC shall be composed of the Student Association Treasurer, five members of the SA Senate, elected by the Senate at the June meeting, three RSO officers who are not senators appointed through the Shared Governance process and the SA Secretary…’
RSO officers interested in joining the committee should apply through the Shared Governance director in union room EG79.

2. (Article V, Section B, 11)
‘The Sac Chair is the approving authority for all computer requested outside of the Union. The SAC Chair is responsible to create an application process for computer requests outside of the Union.’
Computers are now being allocated to RSO offices in the union and not to specific RSOs. A memo will be issued regarding the process for computer requests for out-of-union RSO offices.

3. (Article VI, Section B, 1)
The Technology Grant no longer exists. Future requests for technology should be done through the Operations Grant.

4. (Article VI, Section B, 3)
Major Event Grants support large campus activities open to all students. This grant type supports the same types of events as an event grant, but on a larger scale. Major events must be held on campus. The event shall be open to all students and admission for students must be free.’

This grant will fully fund large events that are put on by RSOs. SAC would like to encourage all RSOs to consider applying for a major event. This grant will allow you to bring in well-known speakers or performers that were previously too expensive to put on or an event/conference that was previously too expensive for the organization.

These grants should be very well planned and the RSO should be prepared to provide great detail and assurance that the event will occur as planned. There will be several meetings and trainings to assist RSOs with this grant. SAC will put out a memo on Major Event grants to clarify this further.

If you are interested in planning such event, please email me to set up a meeting.

5. (Article VI, Section B, 5)
Grant Transfers are given to RSOs that want to transfer money between grants. RSOs may not use money for any purposes that SAC does not authorize through the original grant or a grant transfer. Grant Transfer request forms are available from the SAC office, SAC website, or CSI.

a. RSOs may only transfer money between grants of the same type (event grants to event grants, operations to operations).

b. RSOs may only transfer to grants of lesser or equal value from the grant they are transferring out of. Transfers will not zero fund any grant that has been approved by SAC.’

RSOs cannot pool together grants of any type or use grants of another type to increase the amount of another grant. However, RSOs can more easily change Event, Travel, or Operations grants as necessary.

In addition to the bylaw changes there are a few things that all student organizations should be aware of:

1. A memo was issued on July 27, 2010 clarifying which RSOs are eligible for an emergency grant.

‘Effective immediately, any RSO who did not submit a grant during the Spring 2010 large grant process will be eligible for a Fall 2010 emergency grant for up to $700.’

2. SAC will be moving to an online grant process.
For the Fall 2010 Large Grant Process, all grants and justification will be submitted online. SAC and CSI are currently working together to create the new forms and procedures. SAC will issue a memo when the new process is finalized.

This new process will also be described in detail during the mandatory grant trainings (which will also be announced soon).

Nicholas Kadulski
UWM Student Association
Senate Appropriations Committee Chair
Office: 414-229-2930
Cell: 906-396-5136


Vehicle Rentals

Vehicle rental contracts have changed.  Student organizations will be paying for the rental vehicle on their own and seeking reimbursement after the trip has taken place.  In order to receive reimbursement, student organizations will have needed to have approved driver authorizations forms on file with the Center for Student Involvement prior to the trip and follow the proper contacting procedures.  If your student organization plans on renting a vehicle fall semester, please set up an appointment with the Center for Student Involvement ( to discuss your options.


Air Travel Updates

The Center for Student Involvement has negotiated some changes with the purchase of airfare for student organization trips.  If your organization is planning on flying to your destination for a particular conference or tournament, please set up an appointment with the Center for Student Involvement ( to discuss how to purchase airfare for your student organization trips.


Driver Authorizations

Risk Management purged the driver authorization form database earlier this summer.  Student organizations will need to submit new driver authorization forms if driving on student organization business for the fall/spring semesters. You can get forms from CSI in Union 363 or from the CSI Website.



September 8, 2010, 10am-2pm, Spaights Plaza

The Campus Expo: Jobs, Organization & Service Fair is an informational fair where over 70 organizations and 30 campus department representatives provide students with information on campus jobs, services, mentors, and student organizations. This is a great way to promote your organization and get more members.  Organizations may sign up for a booth space by sending an email to (Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis). Open tables at 10:00 am on that day will be given to organizations on the waiting list. NOTE: Campus departments will register with the Career Development Center and they should be contacting departments later in the summer.


Meeting for Engelmann Gym Reservations for Student Organizations and Club Sports

Wednesday, September 8, 7pm    Klotsche Center Room 122

UWM student organizations and club sports are invited to reserve times in the Engelmann gym.  Times are limited (generally late Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays) and are assigned on an impartial basis.  Space is available to student organizations in 11/2 hr increments and club sports (competitive) on a 2-hour increment.  Representatives of the organization may request a one-time space only on the first day of registration.  If a second time slot is desired (and available), the organization MUST return after all the first round of reservation are confirmed.

During the meeting we will randomly pick numbers for the order of registration and space time in Engelmann gym, one number per group. Numbers will not be given out earlier then the meeting at 7 pm on Wed Sept 8th.

At least one current officer of the organization must be present to sign the contract.

For additional information, contact M.A. Kelling at 229-3777.


Interested in modeling the newest Panther Gear for the UWM Bookstore?

Hello all!

Union Marketing is helping the Bookstore plan a runway show for their new clothes coming this fall.  It's going to be Tuesday, September 7th at Noon, during Campus KickOff week. We're planning to recruit upwards of 20 people, so I promise any volunteers won't feel awkward.  If anyone is interested, just pop into Union Marketing to sign up!

UWM Union Marketing Services Staff

Union WG50
414 229-5538;


UMW Blood Drive Information for the 2010-11 Academic Year

Interested in giving back to your community and working with the BloodCenter of Wisconsin??

My name is Melissa Schulteis and I am the Student Ambassador for BloodCenter of Wisconsin.   My role is to work with UWM Campus organizations who want to sponsor and coordinate blood drives.  I also work with organizations that wish to promote existing drives that are already a part of campus life or start new drives to enhance it.

If you or your organization is interested in working with BloodCenter of Wisconsin to sponsor a blood drive, Please contact me.

I can be reached in the following ways: or

Phone Number (414) 940-0495 

I look forward to working with you and your organization.


Volunteer Opportunities

We need your help to cure cancer!  Please sign-up to volunteer for the Light The Night Walk, the annual evening fundraising walk to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and to raise funds for the ongoing work of the Society’s mission: cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and to improve the quality of life of patients and their families.” All volunteers will receive a free t-shirt and dinner provided by Cousins’ Subs.

Please contact Laura McDowell, Campaign Manager of Light The Night, for more information at or 262.785.4227. 


Food Pantry Thursdays - Sign up for any Thursday you can make it, transportation provided!

Each Thursday the Ctr for Volunteerism & Student Leadership (CVSL) staffs the food pantry at the Hope House on the near southside.  We leave the CVSL Office at noon and are back on campus by 2:30pm.  Sign up for any Thursday you are available and willing to help out by sending back the following info:

Leadership Opportunities

Need a class to round out your fall schedule? Sign up for Group Leadership - Administrative Leadership 507 (3crt)!

This class will teach students the different styles and theories of group leadership.  Students will explore leader development and identity, cross-cultural leadership issues, and practical skills in group leadership that can be used in the workplace, as a student activist / leader, or in the community.  For more information contact Laurie Marks at

Student Leadership Retreat, September 18-19. Register today!

Sign up for this year's Student Leadership Retreat on Sept 18-19.  This annual event attracts nearly 200 students, where you will do ROPES courses, play cultural intelligence games, network with other students, participate in team-building activities and socialize!  To sign up please provide the information below:


2010 Speed Meet (Thursday, Sept 10)

The 2010 Speed Meet is quickly approaching, and we would like your student organization to help us make this happen! Speed Meet is an annual event at UWM which allows participants to have individual conversations with other students and quickly make connections on campus.  It is a great opportunity to network with a diverse group of students, and a chance to meet new first year students looking to participate on campus. Be a part of this awesome event on Thursday, September 9th at 6:30PM in the Union Concourse.  All are encouraged to attend, but please send 2-3 names of participants from your organization to Lolita Wolle at  We hope to see you there!