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Student Organization News: May 15, 2012


  1. Congrats to all the graduates!
  2. Student Organization Renewal Registration 2012
  3. Student Involvement Fair (Sign Up Now, Get a Table, Recruit Students, Have a Great Year!)
  4. End-of-Year Deadlines for Spend SAC Funds
  5. Recruit New Students This Summer: Update Your PantherSync Portal Now!
  6. CSI is Beginning to Review Student Organization Charter – More Info Here
  7. Milwaukee Brewers – Student Ticket Specials!
  8. Job & Service Opportunities
    1. Norris Health Center
    2. COAST Leaders
    3. Panther Pals
    4. Red Cross Blood Drives

Congratulations to All the Graduates!

The Center for Student Involvement salutes you, the newest edition to the UWM Alumni Family! Congratulations to each of you on your accomplishments and all that you have contributed to the UWM community. During your time on campus UWM has forged a bright future and with your help we will continue to thrive. Please come back and visit and we wish you all our best in all your future endeavors.

~ The CSI Staff

Student Organization Annual Renewal Registration 2012

Each year in September, registered student organizations are required to complete a renewal registration process. Failure to complete the renewal process on time will result in the forfeit of University resources for the student organization (reservations, space, funding,etc.) It is vital that student organization officer information in PantherSync be current and accurate no later than July 1 to ensure that renewal registration announcements are sent to the current leadership of the organization. There will be changes in the renewal process for 2012 so it is critical that organization officers read and follow all renewal instructions.

Additional details on the renewal registration process will be published in early July, 2012.

Student Involvement Fair (formerly Campus Expo) September 13, 2012 (Pre Sign-up Required)

The annual student organization fair held on Spaights Plaza in fall has changed its name from Campus Expo to the Student Involvement Fair. Student organizations are encouraged to sign up for this tabling and recruitment event using the form at this link:

Confirmations and details will be sent out in August.

Update student org info now!

Update your student organization portal and contact information for summer NOW! New students attending orientation this summer will be in PantherSync and looking for current contact information! You may also wish to add a new portal image and welcome message for potential new members who visit your portal. It is also a good time to clean up the membership roster (under the "People" tab) by removing non-members, change status to "Alumni" for some individuals, updating members to officers and general accuracy updates. Other important information that will be sent out over the summer includes: Opportunities to participate in UWM Welcome events, Campus Expo sign up, annual renewal registration and details for using SAC/SA Grants for fall.

For assistance on updating portal information, use this link: or contact the Center for Student Involvement, 229-5780,

Year End Financial Deadlines for Student Organization Grants

June 11 – Last day to submit a reimbursement request.

June 11 – Last day to submit an order, invoice, or any other expenditure that requires a check to be cut.

June 22 – Last day to submit an office supply order through MDS/Staples.

June 22 – Last day to submit an order that can be paid by Visa credit card.

***Please note, incomplete forms will not be considered submitted by the deadline.

Any funds not used by the student organization will be returned to SAC for reallocation in the next semester.

Please call or email Poawit Yang, CSI Business Manager, if you have any questions. 414-229-7102,

Organization Charter/Constitution Review

The Center for Student Involvement will be starting an on-going review of student organization charters to ensure that they are up to date with current requirements and that the student organization is making use of this document as it goes about its business (following the election procedures, allow new members to join, etc. as indicated on the charter).

To see your organization's current charter, enter your organization's PantherSync portal and select "Files" from the left side menu. A folder in the files section will be entitled "Charter, Constitution, Operating documents." The most current approved charter will be in this folder. Operating documents that have not been submitted to CSI for review and approval are not official operating documents until they have this approval.

If current officers and members cannot see the charter in the file folder, please contact CSI at or 229-5780. For more information visit:

Milwaukee Brewers Student Nights

College and high school students SAVE 50% on Terrace Reserved tickets for this Friday's home game against the Minnesota Twins, courtesy of Time Warner Cable. For tickets, show your student ID at the Miller Park Box Office, call (414) 902-4000 or visit Plus, the first 250 students to purchase tickets in Time Warner Cable Student Night Section 233 will receive a free t-shirt!

Volunteer & Job Opportunities

Norris Health

The Norris Health Center Office of Health Promotion and Wellness is hiring Peer Health Educators for the 2012-2013 school year!

The Peer Health Educators are a group of students who function as team members in the development and implementation of health promotion initiatives throughout the campus community. The Peer Health Educators are employees of Norris Health Center Office of Health Promotion and Wellness and represent the Norris Health Center by serving as liaisons to residence life, student organizations, and other departments on campus.

All interested applicants must:

Application materials are available at the Norris Health Center Office of Health Promotion and Wellness in Union 350. Completed application materials are due by 4:30pm on Friday, April 13, 2012. Late or incomplete application materials will not be considered. Interviews will be conducted beginning April 23.

All questions regarding the position and/or the application process can be directed to Brian Stahlkopf, Supervisor of the Peer Health Educators, at 414-229-2919 or

The Neighborhood Housing Office is seeking applicants for COAST Leader positions.

The Community Outreach and Assistance for Student Tenants (COAST) program provides UWM students living off-campus with information about resources available to them and helps them improve communication between students and long term residents. A detailed position description and application are attached to this e-mail for your reference. More information about the Neighborhood Housing Office and COAST Program can be found at

Please apply if you are seeking employment, especially if currently living off campus or planning to do so for the upcoming academic year. This is an excellent fit for someone who enjoys helping fellow students, building community in creative ways, and using their skills in a new way. We are especially interested in students planning to live near our campus in the upcoming year.

Jesica A. Berndt, M.Ed.

Director, Neighborhood Housing Office

Community Outreach and Assistance for Student Tenants (COAST)

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Office: (414) 229-6999

Interesting in Lending a Hand to New Students at UWM? Be a Panther Pal. Be a Hero.

The Residence Life Department is looking for student volunteers to help with Fall 2012 opening by serving as Panther Pals. A Panther Pals is:

• An integral part to Residence Life having a successful opening
• A helping hand to new students and parents when moving in
• One of the first faces new students see when they arrive to campus
• A student that creates the welcoming environment parents and students hope for

The benefits of being a Panther Pal are:

• Earning 15-20 hours of community service in less than a week
• Receiving $75-$100 in Gold Points
• The chance to get together with your whole student group and promote your organization

In order to be a Panther Pal, students cannot have any other commitments on campus from August 27th thru August 31st, and be able to work 3-4 four hour shifts during these days. Applications can be found at: and at the Sandburg and Cambridge Residence Life Offices. Please contact Coleen Loding at for more information.

The Red Cross Needs Volunteers – Help at a UWM Blood Drive Next Year!

Would you like to partner with a national non profit organization and help save lives? The Red Cross is looking for student volunteers and student organizations to help with the UWM Campus wide blood drive on:

October 18th, 2012 and March 8th, 2013
9 am to 3 pm
UWM Student Union

Hosting a blood drive is a great way to utilize leadership skills while potentially saving hundreds of lives.

Please contact Meredith Londo at 262.923.0255 or email at: