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Quick Reference Library

Learn how to effectively use the Quick Reference tools here (PDF).

The Quick Reference Library provides students with information on a large range of topics, such as: leadership development, organizational activities, and team-building programs. Curently there are 20 handouts that can be picked up in the CSI Office, room 363 Union Building, or downloaded in PDF format below:

  • Ice-Breakers
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Marketing Plan Implementation
  • Media Contacts
  • Meeting & Minutes
  • Member Rewards
  • Nonprofit Corporation
  • Officer Transition
  • Program Checklist
  • Program Planning
  • Tax Information
  • Drug Free Schools and Communities
  • Quick Reference Sheets Copy Right Information

    You are free to use, adapt and distribute any information contained in the Student Involvement's Quick Reference Sheets providing the following credit is cited:

    Student Involvement
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Please note some handouts use information from other copyrighted sources. Source information is listed on each handout, please cite other sources when appropriate.

    Leadership Library

    View the current listing of Leadership Library books.