Refund from Revenue.

Student organizations sponsoring events that generate revenue may be able to request a check, made out to the organization, from the revenues remaining after all event obligations have been met. The request must be made between the event date and 90 days after the event; if the refund request is not made during this time period, the funds will remain in the student organization Segregated University Fee account for the organizations use but will be subject to all policies and procedures that apply to all funds held in the State Treasury. In addition to event expenses, any Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC) funding that was used for the event must be re-paid. If the student organization is showing a deficit, remaining revenues will be used to pay off this deficit. Revenue remaining after all these expenses/obligations have been addressed may be available for a refund from revenue check. For additional information contact the Center for Student Involvement at 229-5780 or at


Q: If my organization has revenue and we used an SAC grant, how much to we have to repay before we can request a refund?

A: Student organizations must repay the amount they used from an SAC grants if the event generated revenue. If the organization only used 50% of the amount of the grant, only the dollar amount used must be repaid (not 100% of the grant amount).

Q: How can I estimate the amount of revenue that may be available for a refund request?

A: Use this formula:

Revenue Refund Table
Gross Revenue: $______
- Event costs (Union REPS charges, Union Marketing charges, etc.) $______
Subtotal #1: (Gross revenue minus Event costs): $______
- Amount of SAC grant funding used for event: $______
Subtotal #2: (Subtotal #1 minus SAC grant funding used): $______
- Other student organization debt: $______
Total net revenue: (Subtotal #2 minus other debt): $______









Total net revenue is the estimated amount that will be available for refund after all obligations.