High School Course

UW-Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning invites you to the nation’s first on-line Architecture course for high school students. Arch 100-203 aims at laying a foundation for a general understanding of architecture. By learning fundamental principles, the student will encounter the vocabulary and conceptual processes of the field, through lectures, reading, interactive digital video, examinations, and projects.

The Course:
Incorporates a drawing activity during each class session

Involves skill and creative imagination to produce architectural artifacts and designed objects which stress strength and beauty as well as utility.

Introduces the history, theory, and practice of architecture, supplemented by digital video files and a course website.

This course satisfies criteria for the Arts by:

  • requiring students to interpret a work of art
  • requiring students to evaluate, identify, and analyze artistic expression according to its medium, cultural and historical relevance
  • requiring students to demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics and essential qualities, techniques, and processes of Visual Art media and disciplines. These criteria are met through class lectures, required readings and online interactive discussions.
  • The terminal course project will require the creation of an art work, specifically, a chair.
  • Course projects will involve students in the practice of specific art media – traditional modeling and digital modeling using Google SketchUp.

Contact Professor Keane keane@uwm.edu with questions about course content.

Youth Options Program
A student in high school who wishes to pursue studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee that will count toward meeting high school graduation requirements as well as earning college credit while completing high school studies may pursue this program. The school board of the student’s district pays the actual cost of tuition, fees and other necessary materials directly related to the course(s).

Youth Options Admissions Requirements

  • The student must be entering their junior or senior year in high school.
  • The student must rank in the upper 10% of their high school class OR rank in the upper 11-25% of their high school class and have a 3.5 GPA in the area of desired study.
  • The student must have completed (or be on target to complete) the academic pattern required of new freshmen. This consists of: English (4 credits): At least three years literature and composition recommended. Up to one year may be from approved speech, communication, or journalism courses. Mathematics (3 credits): College prep courses at or above algebra level. Natural Science (3 credits): Including one-year lab science. History/Social Science (3 credits) Specific college prep electives (2 credits): Chosen from above areas, foreign language, speech/communication, or other academic areas. Other electives (2 credits): Chosen from above areas, computer science, fine arts (performance courses acceptable), or other appropriate courses.

Youth Options Application Procedure

An undergraduate application (On-line at: http://apply.wisconsin.edu)

An official high school transcript with rank in class through the last completed semester

A list of courses enrolled for the current academic year

Any ACT/SAT/PSAT scores (if available)

An approved Department of Public Instruction “Youth Options Plan & Report.” (This form may be obtained through the school’s guidance counselor)

Application materials should be sent to :

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Department of Enrollment Services—Admissions
P.O. Box 749
Milwaukee, WI 53201
Attn: Jennifer Elsner