Exploring Architecture Course (Arch 100)

UW-Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning invites you to the nation’s first on-line Architecture course for high school students and future transfer students. Arch 100 aims at laying a foundation for a general understanding of architecture. By learning fundamental principles, the student will encounter the vocabulary and conceptual processes of the field, through lectures, reading, interactive digital video, examinations, and projects.

The Course:
Incorporates a drawing activity during each class session Involves skill and creative imagination. Introduces the history, theory, and practice of architecture.

Who should take this course:
Students who wish to explore architecture as an educational path. Future transfer students looking to complete some of the required course work prior to attending.

High School Students: College Credits earned in High School https://www4.uwm.edu/future_students/new_freshmen/collegecredits.cfm
Please contact the Youth Options Program Coordinator in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by calling 414-229-2222 for more information.

Transfer Students looking to take this course may contact Tammy Taylor, Undergraduate Academic Advisor at ttaylor@uwm.edu or 414-229-4015 for more information.