Daily Tours

The School of Architecture and Urban Planning offers tours to prospective students, giving them the opportunity to visit the entire School including design studios, student resource centers such as the wood shop, media center and resource center, and the gallery.

High school students and families:
On most Fridays, at 12:00PM, a meeting with the Undergraduate Recruiting Advisor, Erica Chappelear, provides an overview of the curriculum, admissions requirements, and the School.

Transfer/undergraduate students:
Please contact Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Tammy Taylor,for a personal meeting.

Graduate student:
Please contact Graduate Academic Advisor, Joan Simuncak, for a personal meeting.

To schedule a tour of SARUP, please call 414.229.4015.

This tour can be linked to a UWM campus tour which can be scheduled at uwm.edu/visit or by calling 414.229.2222.