Spring 2014 SARUP Academic Honors and Awards

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Department of Architecture

AIA Henry Adams Medal and Certificate

Stephen Fenelon

AIA Certicate of Merit

Gerald Bauer

Dean’s Honors

Hillary Byrne
Aubree Park

High Honors in the Major

Hillary Byrne
Aaron Loomans
Aubree Park
Nathan Waddell

Honors in the Major

Jeremy Ciske
Christopher Doerner
Matthew Due
Karl Grehn
Travis Nissen
Shuyu Tan
Travis Tennessen
Maria Wenzel
James Wright

Department of Urban Planning

AICP Outstanding Student Award
Breanne McDonald

Departmental Honors

Martin Falk
Charles Grooms
Jacob Haupt
Katrina Maria Kurniati
David Lange
Breanne Mcdonald
Ciara O'Neill
Paula Priebe
Emily Purcell
Kimberly Sleider
Pa Phouala Vang
John Vogt