Symposium: Being a Citzen Architect

Friday, March 7, 2014

Being a Citizen Architect
A Public Interest Design Symposium

When: 2:00 - 5:30 pm with reception to follow
Where: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, AUP 170
CES Credits: 2.50

2:00 pm Welcome Speech with Nathan Uibel & Dean Greenstreet
2:20 pm Panelist Thomas Dutton
3:00 pm Panelist Terry Chwarz
3:40 pm School of Architecture Rep Carolyn Esswein
3:50 pm Panelist Katherine Darnstadt
4:30 pm Panelist Bryan Bell
5:10 pm Panelist Discussion
5:40 pm Reception at School of Architecture

The Design Council of Milwaukee would like to cordially invite you to join us for a friday lecture at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning focusing around public interest design. With a cross section of professionals, students, and faculty at this symposium, it is sure to inspire our community.

The focus of this symposium is to heighten awareness about “public interest design” among the Milwaukee design community. The goal is to inspire individuals to use their design talent to empower solutions to the larger set of civic issues confronting Milwaukee. Featuring nationally recognized design and architecture activists in panel discussion, this symposium contributes to a “jump-start” of interest among students, professionals, and members of the community around involvement and investment in the physical space of our city.

Bryan Bell -
founded Design Corps in 1991 with the mission "to provide the benefits of architecture to those traditionally un-served by the profession."

Thomas Dutton -  
is the director of Miami University's Center for Community Engagement in Over-the-Rhine. He and his students design and rehabilitate housing for low and moderate-income individuals.

Katherine Darnstadt -  
is the founder and principal of Latent Design, a collaborative of individuals whose projects focus on social, economic and environmental impact beyond the building.

Terry Schwarz -  
is the director of Kent State University's Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative. She established Pop Up City, a temporary use initiative for vacant and underutilized sites in Cleveland.

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