SARUP shines in UWM Student Startup Challenge

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cat Pham (BSAS 2008) and Robert Zdanowski (BSAS 2012) were part of a team to win one of four awards in the UWM Student Startup Challenge.

Working with Bryan Cera, Kavi Laud and Dom Amato, they created Clever Blocks, a product that resembles Lego blocks, each of which contains a sensor that allows it to interface with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Clever Blocks, according to Zdanowski, is a “tangible, object-based toolset for creating robust 3D CAD models.” It allows for the rapid, intuitive, and sometimes improvisational design that is crucial during the concept generation phase of design, allowing the user to move from hand-made models to digital blueprints in one step, without the need for manual digitizing or 3D scanning. As the blocks are used to build, the CAD model is automatically and simultaneously executed. The result is a quick and easy collaborative building and modeling tool. The team will be exploring the product’s use as a teaching tool in schools and as a design tool.

Our congratulations to the team!

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